Wednesday, August 18, 2021

BREAKING Mattel Pixar Toy News— "Pixar Featured Favorites" Action Figures & More!

Breaking news! Check out this brand new series, as part of Mattel’s Pixar 7” scale action figure collection, called PIXAR FEATURED FAVORITES—coming soon! These are everything I’ve been hoping for from Mattel: Ratatouille, Up, and Finding Nemo figures plus more (Inside Out, Monsters, Inc., A Bug's Life, etc.)... and then they went ahead and took things to the next level by making them part of a more premium assortment and added all sorts of cool accessories and features! These are seriously a dream come true. It seems as though this series, quality-wise, falls somewhere in between the standard 7" figures and Mattel's Spotlight Series as each set will retail for $19.99. I also included some new/upcoming Mattel Pixar plush down below as well, so enjoy! 
Be sure to check out both of my YouTube videos below for my full thoughts on these and the other Mattel reveals I shared earlier in the week. Who else would you like to get featured as a favorite?! 

Pixar Featured Favorites

Pixar Plush


Saturday, August 14, 2021

Toy Story 3 Stretch—Mattel 7" Scale Pixar Action Figure Collection

Hey everyone—hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! Today I’m finally getting around to reviewing the brand new 2021 Toy Story inspired Stretch figure here on the blog—once again as part of Mattel’s continuously expanding Pixar/Toy Story 7” scale action figure collection. Stretch of course is from Toy Story 3 and is the octopus toy at Sunnyside Daycare who ends up being one of Lotso’s main Henchmen.

Mattel did release a similar figure of her back in 2010 when the film hit theaters, but this one here is an entirely new sculpt with a happier facial expression and is overall [slightly] larger in scale. Of course this Stretch figure is still not a movie accurate size (it’s still way too small), but it was created to be in scale with the rest of Mattel’s 7” action figures and was never intended to be a full scale replica. Stretch is one of those characters though that we still haven’t gotten in full scale after all these years for whatever reason, so this was kind of a tease for us collectors. It is technically the biggest Stretch officially released though, so if you’re a full scale collector, this might be your best option to fill the gap in your collection while we still wait patiently crossing our fingers (you can see my comparison of this Stretch with the full scale Thinkway Toys Sunnyside characters in my video review below). 

So all in all here, let me tell you, this figure looks OUSTANDING if you couldn't already tell. Mattel completely crushed it here, no question. I love that she's a translucent plastic just like in the film (which is like a softer more rubbery material) and has all that sparkly movie accurate glitter embedded. 

As far as articulation, she doesn’t really have any (I know the head does look like it can be rotated, but it actually doesn’t turn at all). There IS however a bit of posablity in the tentacles though since four out of the eight tentacles actually have wires in them so that you can bend them in different positions. This is a fun feature for play, display or even toy photography/stop motion video if you’re into that. The other four tentacles, so every other one, can’t be posed at all—they have no wiring—so they just flop downward when you bend them.

When standing normally, Stretch is about 6.5” tall, but when you position her tentacles to be completely upright she’s closer to around 7.5” tall. If you compare her to the rest of Mattel’s 7” action figure collection though, she’s in perfect scale. Speaking of, Mattel is also releasing a 7” scale Chunk action figure later this year, so look for that in the coming months in addition to another really exciting 7” scale release, Mr. Pricklepants.

Well everyone that’s all I have for you today, this toy gets a 10/10 from me. You can find Stretch right now at Target here in the US for $9.99 even though she is a bit harder to find currently. You can pick this figure up on eBay as well if you're not having any luck. Be sure to let me know all your thoughts down in the comments and I will catch you again right here soon in my next blog post! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Disney·Pixar Luca— Now on Blu-Ray, 4K & DVD!

Hey everyone! Sorry things have been a bit quiet here on the blog. I've been putting all my efforts into growing my YouTube channel and other social media platforms, so that means I've had to cut back here a little bit. Don't worry, all the items in my latest video reviews will also get a traditional blog post right here as well (I have many drafts saved), it's just that there aren't enough hours in the day! Stay tuned though, I have not stopped blogging and things will hopefully be back to more regular posts here again soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out my Instagram and YouTube channel for all the latest items in my collection. 

Tonight I just wanted to post a quick reminder (if you missed it) that Luca is now on Blu-Ray/DVD/4K and Digital as of last Tuesday (August 3rd)! I won't be doing a full review this time due to time restraints, but I definitely wanted to let you know it's available to purchase and document it here as part of my Pixar collection. I know it's a little anticlimactic (since it's been available on Disney+ for months now), but I always get Pixar film hard copies—I'm traditional like that! Plus I can't pass up all the bonus content that comes with the discs that isn't included on Disney+. Who else is the same way?

Let me know your comments down below and I'll see you right here again real soon!