Saturday, September 30, 2017

Toy Story: Trixie, Sheriff Woody & Blue Flame Jetpack Buzz Figures

Here we have the latest wave of Mattel's 4"-5" Toy Story basic figure collection—featuring Trixie, Sheriff Woody and Blue Flame Jetpack Buzz! This line of figures has been going for years now (dating back to around the Toy Story 3 time frame) with many packaging updates, multi-packs and re-releases. There have been many figures released under this line, however these three are brand new for 2017!

In years past, I wasn't quite as interested in keeping up with this collection of figures; but lately I've been more into it and getting the new ones (and re-releases) that stand out to me. I can't say I've come even close to getting them all, but below are links to the ones I do have if you want to check those out as well:

I thought it was really cool that a Trixie figure was released in this wave, since a classic looking version of this character hasn't been released by Mattel in action figure form since THIS collectible 2-pack years ago. Yes, there was the Toy Story That Time Forgot version in 2014, but that one was all decked out in Battlesaur armor.

This Trixie figure looks really good and has some fantastic detailing! Still, I wish a full sized, movie accurate version of this character would finally get a release.

Trixie Classic
toy story trixie mattel figure
toy story trixie mattel figure
toy story trixie mattel figure

I thought the "Sheriff Woody" figure looked really neat as well, so I had to go for him (even though he's a very basic design). I like the new pose they gave him and he ultimately looks great on display!

Sheriff Woody
toy story sheriff woody figure mattel
toy story sheriff woody figure mattel
toy story sheriff woody figure mattel

The Blue Flame Jackpack Buzz is super cool and is most definitely inspired by Toy Story 2's exciting opening scene (one of my favorite Toy Story moments). My only thought here is I wish his facial expression looked a little less happy and more determined (if we are going off of that opening scene), but that's a small nitpick. It's a pretty awesome figure overall and one that's never been released! 

 Blue Flame Jetpack Buzz
toy story blue flame buzz figure
toy story blue flame buzz figure
toy story blue flame buzz figure

This line of figures is almost exclusively found at Toys R Us these days, so head to yours if you're looking to track any of these three down. I found them back in July while visiting CA, but have seen them here in my home state of CT several times since (most recently just a week or back). They're also currently available online on the Toys R Us website: HERE for Trixie, HERE for Woody and HERE for Buzz. Retail is $9.99 each.

Or if Amazon is more your speed, I included some direct links below. Happy collecting!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Toy Story: Pizza Planet Wooden Wall Art (by BoxLunch Gifts)

toy story pizza planet wooden wall art

OK everyone—you're gonna love this. Here we have an amazing piece of officially licensed wooden wall art designed after the iconic Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck rocket! I picked this up a few days ago from the BoxLunch website and it just arrived. I had no idea this even existed until I found it randomly while just browsing the site recently. And the best news of all? It's currently 30% off and costs only $10.43 (regular $14.90).

This is just the thing I needed for above one of my doors in my new Pixar home office. It fits great and adds a fantastic pop of color in that previously empty space. Measurements are 14" L x 8.5" H and it seems to have a nice, sturdy quality to it.

toy story pizza planet wooden wall art

Check it out on my wall below! This is an absolute must have for Toy Story fans. How could I possibly resist this?

toy story pizza planet wooden wall art

Be sure to pick this up on the BoxLunch site HERE while it's still around (it's also possibly in their stores, but I don't have one near me to check). Don't miss out! Let me know your thoughts and/or any questions you might have in the comments below.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Incredibles: Mrs. Incredible Rock Candy Vinyl Collectible by Funko

 Mrs. Incredible Rock Candy Vinyl Collectible by Funko

With their increasingly popular "POP!" line, as well as countless additional product lines to boot, Funko continues to be the lead in the world of vinyl collectibles these days (well, even more than vinyl—since their plush and apparel have been hits as well). Mystery Minis, Dorbz, Pint Size Heroes, Vintage Style Action Figures, Hikari, Blox, Vinyl Idolz, Fabrikations...the list of lines in the Funko family goes on and on. One of their more recent collections (which arrived in the late winter/early spring of this year) is called "Rock Candy."

Rock Candy is a line of 5" stylized vinyl collectibles that primarily focuses on the female characters, both heroes and villains, of pop culture (in fact, the only male characters in this line so far are the recently released Harry Potter and Ron Weasley). I was so thrilled when I saw that a Mrs. Incredible was being made and was even more excited when I found her at Hot Topic yesterday!

 Mrs. Incredible Rock Candy Vinyl Collectible by Funko

I've always really loved the character of Mrs. Incredible and I'm very interested to see where they take her in Incredibles 2 (since I hear she'll have more of a lead role). With that and just the cool looking nature of this figure, I had to get her! She already looks SUPER on my Incredibles themed shelf.

 Mrs. Incredible Rock Candy Vinyl Collectible by Funko

Here she is out of the packaging. Isn't she great? Fantastically stylized, solid paint job and yes—she even comes with a clear display base which is perfect for us adult collectors. That is a huge plus for me.

 Mrs. Incredible Rock Candy Vinyl Collectible by Funko
 Mrs. Incredible Rock Candy Vinyl Collectible by Funko

I'm excited about this addition to my collection, especially since you don't see much merchandise from The Incredibles released these days (that will change in six months of course though). If you're interested in adding her to your collection, check out your local Hot Topic. I've also seen Rock Candy figures at Barnes & Noble, but I haven't seen this one there quite yet. If you'd rather just pick her up online, I'll include an Amazon link below.

Retail is $14.50 (though I caught a store wide sale at Hot Topic and paid $9). Let me know your thoughts!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Toy Story: Jingle Joe Movie Collectible Figure

toy story sid's toys jingle joe

For over 20 years, many of us diehard Toy Story fans and collectors have hoped that we'd someday get full scale replicas of Sid's classic mutant toys. Unfortunately, no luck yet all these years later (and it's not looking too promising anymore)—however there have been a few fun action figures/figurines that have been released and were available a while back.

One such figure is this 2009 Toys R Us exclusive "Movie Collectibles" Jingle Joe! I missed getting this guy when he was originally released, but I was lucky enough to snag him on eBay recently for a really decent price. I had been trying to snatch this one up for years, so I'm absolutely thrilled to finally have him as part of my collection.

Note: This Toy Story "Movie Collectibles" line by Mattel had some amazing (and unique) premium figures. In additional to Jingle Joe here, there was also a fantastic Rocky Gibraltar figure, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, "Bug Face" Buzz Lightyear, "Cereal Dunk" Woody, Hamm and Bo Peep. What a superb lineup right? Great packaging too.

toy story sid's toys jingle joe

In the film, Jingle Joe is seen in Sid's room and is one odd looking dude. If you remember, he's the toy that hilariously turns off Woody's flashlight upon coming out from under the bed. This character design defines mutant—He has a "Combat Carl" head atop of what's essentially Pixar's version of a melody push chime toy and a single Mikey Mouse arm/glove coming out of his side. Like who came up with this?

You can tell how small this figure is compared to my hand in the pic below. He's approximately 2 1/4" tall and 2 1/2" wide.  He does roll, his head rotates and his arm can move up and down. Unfortunately there are no jingle sounds.

toy story sid's toys jingle joe

Check him out loose!

toy story sid's toys jingle joe
toy story sid's toys jingle joe

Other figures I have based on Sid's mutant toys are the ones in featured in THIS 2001 Hasbro "Sid's Room gift pack" (seen in my Instagram pic below—you can see this one goes with them pretty well) and THIS Toy Story "buddy pack" Baby Face figure as featured in a Target exclusive  "Sid's Room" 5-pack. There was also a 1996 Baby Face action figure, a 2010 remote controlled Baby Face by the Disney Store and a Baby Face included in a hot wheels set. That's basically it! Do you know of any others?

toy story sid's toys figures
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If you're interested in adding Jingle Joe to your collection, eBay is your best bet at this point. Be sure to check out current listings using this direct link and let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Cars 3: Roscoe

cars 3 roscoe
"We always let our guests start right up front." -Roscoe

Today I'm taking a look at another fun Mattel 1:55 scale Cars 3 diecast...and hey, what do you know— it's not Piston Cup racer this time! Here we have Roscoe, a brand new character just released a few weeks back (I found him at Target). It's about time I found something new on store shelves, right?

As shown in the screenshot above (sorry for the bad quality, but I snapped it from the only video I could find of this scene), Roscoe is the host (also known as the "gatekeeper") of the Crazy 8 demolition derby at the Thunder Hollow Speedway. This is a fun and unique character that I'm excited to have and the perfect addition to my collection of demo derby cars.

cars 3 roscoe diecast

He has a great expression and an overall fantastic likeness to the character in the film—not to mention some nice mud detailing! A solid effort from Mattel.

cars 3 roscoe diecast

If you're having a fun time collecting all the super awesome cars from the Cars 3 demolition derby scene, then you won't want to miss Roscoe here. Snag him if you have the chance since he's a bit rare at this point! This release even comes with a sweet mini poster checklist to help you keep track of your collection (seen in a previous post HERE).

If you're having trouble finding Roscoe in stores, be sure to check out current eBay listings HERE or Amazon using the direct link below.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Cars: "Race Around Radiator Springs" Art by Joey Chou

Cars "Race Around Radiator Springs" Art by Joey Chou

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I had a lot of fun visiting Cars Land this past summer and seeing all the new artwork released celebrating its five year anniversary. I purchased most of the prints there (in the 4x5" postcard size), one of them being this "Race Around Radiator Springs" piece by one of my favorite Disney/Pixar artists, Joey Chou!

If you've been following my posts (or social media) for a while, you know how much I've gushed about Chou's work in the past. If you missed my reviews on his previous works, check them out HERE! He's done some amazing Pixar prints based on The Good Dinosaur, Up, Finding Dory and now Cars.

Chou's style is incredibly adorable. It's the perfect balance of minimal designs, bright and soft colors and simple shapes/lines. I couldn't begin to pick a favorite of his, but this one is up there for sure! It just may be his most detailed yet.

Cars "Race Around Radiator Springs" Art by Joey Chou

I love the inclusion of the minimalistic Radiator Springs buildings, Willy's Butte, and the field of tractors. I also really appreciate how the car light flowers, cactuses and mountains fill the foreground and background, giving the art fantastic depth—everything is composed masterfully. Not to mention best friends Mater and McQueen look out of this world cute!

Below is a photo of inside Ramone's House of Body art in Cars Land where I found this print and many more. I've already reviewed most of them (check my "art" label to the right of this page), but there's still a couple more to go which I'm excited about.

Note: This should also be currently available at the Wonderground Gallery shop at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney

cars land house of body art pixar cars

Disney·Pixar Cars fans, you won't want to miss out on this print. Get it while you can! And, if you have the space, it's also available in a bigger matted print size and an even bigger wrapped canvas size (as seen in the pic above). This postcard size is a convenient size (as much as I wanted to go bigger) and affordable at only $4.95.

As usual, I greatly look forward to what's next from Mr. Joey Chou. Hopefully a Pixar Coco piece or something for Incredibles 2? Time will tell! Whatever it might be, consider it purchased. Find out more about Joey Chou and his art on his Tumblr, blog, and Facebook page. If you like what you see, give him a follow on Instagram and Twitter as well!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cars: "Cozy Cone Arrival" Art by Michael Murphy

pixar Cars "Cozy Cone Arrival" Art by Michael Murphy

While visiting Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure this past summer, I was excited to stumble across a bunch of new artwork by various artists—each bringing their own style and giving their own take on the world of Cars. I hadn't seen some of the pieces prior to going, so it was a fun surprise to behold when I walked into the Ramone's House of Body Art shop. One of the prints that stood out to me is this one right here called "Cozy Cone Arrival" by artist Michael Murphy, which I picked up in this affordable 5x7" postcard size for $4.95.

I had never seen anything from or heard anything about this artist before seeing this design, so his unique style really caught my eye. Ultimately he focuses on modern architecture and emphasizes it using bold colors, straight lines and minimal details—and that's exactly what he does here with the iconic Cozy Cone Motel. It's very retro looking, which I really like. It's an interesting style for sure and may not be for everyone, but I thought it would be a worthy addition to Pixar art collection!

Learn more about Michael Murphy on his site "Super Sonic Modern" HERE and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

pixar Cars "Cozy Cone Arrival" Art by Michael Murphy

So what do you think? Have you picked this one up or plan to? Do you have a favorite Disney artist? Shout out your thoughts in the comments below.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cars 3: Tommy Highbanks (Faux Wheel Drive)

Cars 3: Tommy Highbanks

Today I'm jumping right back into my Mattel Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast collection and taking a look at Tommy Highbanks, also known by his sponsor Faux Wheel Drive No. 54! I know, these Piston Cup stock car racers aren't the most exciting of the diecasts (since they're all more or less the same mold), but hey, they must be documented with the rest of my collection. Tommy here is no exception!

As shown in the screen shot above (sorry that it's a blurry image, but I had to resort to one of the Cars 3 trailers), Tommy can be seen whizzing by the camera in several shots at the beginning of the film. Tommy superseded Johnny Blamer, who was the Faux Wheel Drive racer seen in the original Cars. And yes, Tommy and Johnny look almost identical to each other; so much to the point I wish there was a bit more of a contrast in their designs. 

Cars 3 mattel tommy Highbanks Cars 3 mattel tommy Highbanks

However, Tommy does get replaced by "next-gen" racer Herb Cubler in Cars 3—who we'll also be getting as a diecast single later on this year. Now THAT one is different and cool looking. I'm excited for that release. This one is pretty average, but us Cars collector have to get all the Piston Cup racers! They're essential.

Even though Tommy here was released clear back on May 1st (with the initial launch of Cars 3 products), he is still very easy to find on store shelves (If you're in the US, Walmart, Target and Toys R Us are your best bets). If you're looking for this one still and would rather just pick him up online, check out my direct link to Amazon below.

Happy hunting!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Cars 3: Piston Cup Showdown Game

cars 3 piston cup showdown game review

Start your engines! Tonight I'm taking a look at this super fun Cars 3 inspired game from Spin Master called "Piston Cup Showdown." This is essentially a plastic, kid powered racing game version of the classic "Red Light, Green Light" with a simple premise: the first racer to reach the Piston Cup wins!

It's Lightning McQueen VS Jackson Storm. Who will win? After the batteries are inserted (requires 3 AAA, not included), hit the top of the Piston Cup to turn on/begin the game. When the light turns green, each player pumps their "gas pedal" button as fast as they can and the cars will inch forward towards the Piston Cup trophy. Slow down when the light turns yellow and be sure to be stopped before it turns red! If either or both racers are caught pumping after the light turns red, the announcer will tell you to move back to start and that "you don't win the Piston Cup by cheatin'..."

As mentioned, just reach that Piston Cup before the other racer does and you win the game! Pull back the cars to the starting point and play again. It really is that simple, but it's very fun and very effective—even for us grown-ups! Admittedly, my wife and I have played this a few times on our own and even she had a fun time.

cars 3 piston cup showdown game review

Here's everything that comes in the box. There's really only nine pieces and it only takes about two minutes to put together. Once assembled, the entire game/track measures about 22" long.

NOTE: See it in action on YouTube HERE.

cars 3 piston cup showdown game review
cars 3 piston cup showdown game review
cars 3 piston cup showdown game review

This game is fast pace and features lights, sound effects and phrases. The box suggests that it's best for kids ages 5+ and I would agree. My four year old nephew had fun with it when I tested it out with him, but he didn't master the whole concept of stopping when the light turned yellow and didn't want to keep pushing his racer back to start. I could understand his frustration at that age, so I just went with it. It does require some strength to hit that button and to do so rapidly.

I picked this up at Toys R Us for my birthday back in May, but I'm sure you can find it wherever games like this are sold (Target and Walmart perhaps?). If you'd rather just pick it up online, I've included a direct link to Amazon below! Retail is $19.99.

I can highly recommended this for all those Cars 3 fans out there! What do you think? Do you have this game? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monsters University: "MU 1313" Crest T-Shirt (Fifth Sun)

monsters university MU crest tee shirt fifth sun

Check out this roaringly awesome Monsters University men's tee from Fifth Sun! This heathered royal blue tee (fantastic color by the way) features the MU symbol/school crest front and center and even the year the university was "founded"—1313. *Sigh* My alma mater...those were the days. 

If you've followed along with my T-shirt reviews, you know how I like them: soft, thin (yet quality) fabric and nicely fitted. Check, check and check! This is a solid tee for me all around. Plus it's the perfect way to show off my MU pride—along with my hat seen in the pic above!

This shirt is currently on sale for only $15.96 (regular $19.95), so get yours asap (RIGHT HERE) if you're interested in this for you Disney/Pixar tee collection! Sale ends 9/25.

Shout out your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this with an MU fan! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pixar Animation Studios Store Stickers

pixar ball animation studios stickers

Tonight I'm taking a look at several AWESOME Pixar stickers that were purchased—and only available at—the famed Pixar Studio Store in Emeryville, CA! In case you didn't know, the Pixar Studio Store is located in the Steve Jobs Building on the Pixar Animation Studios campus and is only open to employees and their families (that's right—sadly it's not open to the public). However, some "strangers from the outside" are welcome to shop the store if they're invited to tour the studio. Inside you'll find a ton of amazing exclusive/limited items. A Pixar fan's dream.

Some of you out there reading this have been lucky enough to visit Pixar and shop there...and that is amazing! To that I say...jealous. I've always wanted to go, but have yet to have that opportunity. One day though! Until then, I'm again grateful for my friends who have sent some really fun items to me from their visits to the store. With that said, another big thanks to my friend [Disney freelance Artist] Jerrod Maruyama who surprised me with these in a recent care package! Super generous.

These stickers are SO cool. They are for sure the quality type of stickers that can be used to decorate a notebook, laptop, desk, car windshield...whatever! I haven't decided where they're going to go, but you know I will soon enough. On my iMac maybe? Either way, I'm so thrilled to have a Luxo ball sticker—plus anything with the basic "Pixar Animation Studios" logo automatically wins in my book. I'm excited to place these around, wherever they might go!

What do you think of these stickers? Do you have a fave? If you've been to the Pixar Studio Store, what was your experience like? Shout out all your thoughts in the comments below.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cars 3: Jack DePost (Tow Cap)

Cars 3: Jack DePost

Hello and welcome once again to another Mattel Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast review! Today I'm taking a look at Jack DePost (or better known by his sponsor, Tow Cap No. 4), yet another Piston Cup racer seen at the beginning of the film. Jack is the successor of Rusty Cornfuel, who was the Tow Cap racer (with the same number) seen in the original Cars. Their designs are different, but ultimately extremely similar.

This diecast was first available at Kmart stores during this year's Kmart Cars 3 event on Saturday, June 17 (that's where I picked him up). This is not a Kmart exclusive however; it was more of what they called a "first to market", as in Kmart was the first to get him, but I believe he's already had a wider release.

Cars 3 mattel Jack DePost
Cars 3 mattel Jack DePost

Currently Jack is only available on a single card like the one I have here, but I'm assuming we'll see him re-released in other multipacks in the future. Be sure to visit your local Target, Kmart, Walmart or Toys R Us if you're still looking to track this one down! He should be pretty easy to find. This is a very basic release (not too much to go into here, hence the short review), but he's essential if you're trying to complete your Piston Cup racer collection.

If you'd rather just grab him online, click on the direct Amazon link below to purchase. Happy hunting!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cars 3: Buck Bearingly (View Zeen)

Cars 3 Buck Bearingly (View Zeen)

Today I'm coming back to my Disney·Pixar Cars 3 collection to give you a brief look at another Mattel 1:55 scale diecast...Buck Bearingly, or better known by his sponsor View Zeen (No. 39)! He was one of the first Cars 3 characters to be released this year back on May 1st.

As shown in the screen shot above, Buck Bearingly is a background Piston Cup racer seen at the beginning of the film—only to be replaced by a "next-gen" rookie soon after. Buck is the successor of Ryan Shields, who was the View Zeen racer (with the same number) seen in the original Cars. Their designs are different, but ultimately extremely similar.

Cars 3 Buck Bearingly (View Zeen) mattel
Cars 3 Buck Bearingly (View Zeen) mattel

Currently Buck is only available on a single card like the one I have here, but I'm assuming we'll see him re-released in other multipacks in the future. As of now, he's still pretty easy to spot in stores, so visit your local Target, Walmart or Toys R Us if you're still looking to track this one down! This is a very basic release (not too much to go into here, hence the short review), but he's essential if you're trying to complete your Piston Cup racer collection.

If you'd rather just grab him online, be sure to use the direct Amazon link below. Happy hunting!