Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Toy Story 4: Pizza Planet Mug with Forky

toy story 4 forky mug


While attending the Toy Story 4 press event in Walt Disney World last month, I stumbled upon this amazing Pizza Planet mug with included Forky stirrer at my resort gift shop! I had to get it as a souvenir to remember my trip by. Since then though, it's actually gotten a wide release at Disney Stores nationwide—as well as! So if you're interested in getting this for your collection, you're in luck as it's very easy to find at this point.

Both the mug and Forky are ceramic and both are dishwasher/microwave safe. Here are some additional details you might want to know:
  • Size of the mug: 4 1/2'' H x 5'' W (at handle) x 3 1/4'' Diameter
  • Holds 12 oz.
  • Size of Forky: 4 3/4'' H x 1 1/2'' W x 1'' D
  • Dimensional lip
  • Contrast handle and interior
toy story 4 forky mug

The Pizza Planet mug is cool enough on its own, but the Forky "figural spoon" (as they call it) that can hang over the side is what seriously sells it! So clever and unique; this was an instant must-buy as soon as I saw it. Not only is the mug practical to drink from, but completely display worthy as well. I'll be adding this to my Toy Story 4 shelf!

toy story 4 forky mug

Here's the full Forky stirrer, complete with rainbow detail on his stick foot! I love his minimal stylization—he looks completely adorable.

toy story 4 forky mug

My only wish is that something like this actually happened in Toy Story 4. I would have loved to see a quick glimpse of Pizza Planet from the outside (even just driving past it during the road trip) or even just Forky hiding in a Pizza Planet cup like this in the trash. From what I remember, it never happens (unless it's a blink and you miss it moment)! Oh well, at least this set is awesome regardless.

Again, you can find this currently at the Disney Parks, your local Disney Store or HERE for $19.95. Get it while you can, and remember, don't let Forky throw himself away! Be sure to share your thoughts down below.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Toy Story 4: Signature Collection Ducky & Bunny Review (from Thinkway Toys)

toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

In late 2009, leading up to the release of Toy Story 3 in theaters, Thinkway Toys had serious Toy Story fans/adult collectors in mind when they launched their "Toy Story Collection" line of full scale replicas (later renamed "Toy Story Signature Collection"). Each toy came complete with a certificate of authenticity, was designed using Pixar's own digital data used for the films and was promised to be the most authentic, movie accurate version of the character out there (which turned out to be more or less true for the most part).

The line ran from the end of 2009-2011 and featured 14 characters from the first three Toy Story films (seen HERE). For a while there, it was a dream come true for Toy Story fans such as myself as we got amazing new versions of characters we hadn't seen for a decade...but of course it didn't last forever and us diehards were super bummed when the assortment didn't continue on. Well, flash forward to eight years later and the Toy Story Signature Collection (TSSC) is back featuring several new characters from Toy Story 4! Collectors rejoice.

Now that Toys R Us is gone, this new wave is now exclusive to Target stores and features Ducky, Bunny, Bo Peep with Sheep and (coming later this year) Duke Caboom! Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, Green Army Men and the Aliens were re-released as well (but are virtually the same as the original releases). Today I'm taking a detailed look at Ducky and Bunny specifically and will explain why I feel these are the best versions of the characters you can buy.

Let's start with Bunny. To me, Thinkway Toys totally nailed it here; it's just undeniably the most movie accurate out of all the Bunny plush out there! His face, his soft plush material, his shape, his size, his's all just spot on to me. And he even has his whiskers, velcro on one hand (to attach to Ducky) AND a plastic hook on his head—three details the Disney Store version failed to get right. Sure, if you really want to get picky and compare this toy to the one in the movie, it's not 100% perfect (but I feel it's the closest we'll get).

toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny
toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

His plastic eyes with the clear, glittery purple irises look amazing (some versions out there have the purple either stitched or painted). These ones are movie accurate, as well as his blue plastic (not plush) nose.

toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

For both Bunny and Ducky, I love the carnival inspired packaging and how the "Star Adventurer" game is featured. Great work on the designs!

toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

Now as far as the talking feature goes, it's loud and clear! His voice is right out of the film and sounds great, not to mention he apparently has over 50 sayings. Just press the button on his chest or squeeze him to make talk. It's amazing how much better his voice sounds when compared to the Disney Store version, which is very muffled and mostly made up of grunts and silly sounds (rather than words and phrases). 

Here's some of what he says:
  • "I want your honest opinion. I look good in green fur, right?" 
  • "Hehe Thanks, pal."
  • "Don't worry! You are your own way."
  • "You haven't seen my friend Ducky have you?"
  • "He's yellow and fluffy, but not as fluffy as me of course."
  • "Ducky and I go back a long way."
  • "Me and him have like this special bond, you know?"
  • "Oh yah! We're the best buddies there are! When we're not fighting."
  • "And sometimes, we don't even know why we argue."
  • "You have a kid?! Like a kid kid?"
  • "No way! Wow!"
  • "You are a very lucky toy."
  • "Have you heard? There's a stealth mission coming up."
toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny
toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

The only main thing I'd say is not the most movie accurate is Bunny's ear length. They should be a bit longer, but that's a small nitpick. Again, I do love that plastic hook detail! Remember this is part of his design, so don't remove it.

toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

Bunny requires/includes 2 AA batteries (the compartment can be found under his foot). I was actually surprised to unbox this to find that he has hard plastic under his feet! This, of course, is also not movie accurate, but I really like it so that he stand and be displayed on his own (something that wouldn't usually be possible with a plush like this). I can see though that it could bother someone who wanted a full plush toy here; if that's the case, there are plenty of other versions out there that don't have these plastic feet. 

Lastly, Bunny is 16" tall, about 10" wide and retails for $59.99. Yes, that's pricey, but that's just the Thinkway Toys TSSC for you. Expect high prices; these are deluxe film replicas after all and are extremely well made!

toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

For Ducky, I'm going to echo a lot of what I said about Bunny. He's just about perfect! He's soft, squishy and looks completely movie accurate. He's made of all the right materials (again, love the sparkly eyes), is the right shape, the right colors and the correct size. 

toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny
toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

I love the fluffy hair atop Ducky's head. So well done and looks straight out of the film! As mentioned earlier, Ducky also has velcro on his hand to attach to Bunny.

 toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

Just a reminder, both Bunny and Ducky come with certificates of authenticity—just like the original TSSC characters did! These can be found inside the base of the boxes. Don't forget them if you're going to be throwing this packaging away.  

Speaking of the packaging, I have to give it another shout out. Once again, great designs! Really captures the fun of carnival games (and of Toy Story 4 in general).

toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

I was super excited to see that Ducky's legs/feet are soft yet sturdy enough that he can stand on his own too! Only he doesn't have any plastic under is feet, which is nice. His battery pack can be accessed via a velcro pouch underneath him. Like Bunny, he requires 2 AA batteries (included). 

His voice sounds excellent as well— a "quality sound system" if you ask me (; Here are just a few of his "over 50 sayings":
  • "You know what I like about me me? Me!"
  • *beatboxing sounds*
  • "Another exciting day at the carnival!"
  • "Hey buddy! How are you?"
  • "Hm hm...uh huh...sounds good!"
  • "Uh oh, are you alright? What happened?" 
  • "You look kinda different! Did some of your fur rub off?"
  • "Oh interesting! Well it's all good. You still look very nice!"
  • "Hey! Do you have any plans for today?"
  • "Oh ok, sure. Whatever you say."
  • "You and me, we make a great team. Did I already say that? Man!"
  • "Man I love me some balloons!"
  • "Step right up man! Win yourself a prize."
toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

Ducky is about 11" tall and roughly 8.5" wide. He retails for $42.99. Again, pricey, but completely worth it.
toy story 4 thinkway signature collection ducky and bunny

Well everyone, I think those are all of my detailed thoughts surrounding these guys! If I had just one last "criticism", it would be that I wish they included some of their classic quotes from the film. They have so many hilarious and amazing lines and I don't think there is one featured here with either of these guys. So yah, just a bit of a missed opportunity I feel. Also, it would have been cool if they had an interactive feature where they could talk to each other...but really, that's it! Other than that, these are incredible and do not disappoint. I can't recommend them enough!

These are Target exclusives and can still be found there at the store (I had to ask a worker at mine to get them from the back for me though, so definitely ask if you don't see them on the shelves; distribution has been a bit wonky). You can also still get them online (HERE for Bunny; HERE for Ducky).

thinkway toys ducky and bunny signature collection
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What are your thoughts? Have you picked these up for your collection? Do you feel these are the best versions of the characters you can buy? I'd love to hear what you think! And stay tuned as I'll be reviewing the rest of the Toy Story 4 Signature Collection characters right here soon.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Incredibles 2: Hallmark Decoupage Ornaments (from Target)

incredibles 2 hallmark target decoupage ornaments

Back in the fall of 2013, Hallmark began releasing some adorably stylized "shatterproof" decoupage Christmas ornaments for kids at stores like Target, Walmart and [at the time] Toys R Us. Characters from all sorts of different properties were represented, but the majority were characters from Disney/Pixar/Star Wars/ Marvel films. The line proved to be super popular and has returned, as well as expanded, every year since! It's always so fun, come around November, when Target puts out their Christmas stuff and I get to see which new characters have been developed. Who will it be this year? I'm really hoping for some more Toy Story faces. 

Anyway, right now I'm gonna take a look back at the Pixar characters released last year for Incredibles 2...Edna Mode and Violet! I never got around to reviewing these (whoops), so I figured "Christmas in July" was the perfect time to do so at this point. Less than 5 months now until Christmas, which is crazy! 

Both of these are darling and I was excited to see both these characters made, especially Edna! Love that character. They look great and fit perfectly with all the other characters released over the years. I was surprised though that Mr. Incredible or Elastigirl weren't made, they would have been perfect in this style too! 

Take a closer look down below...

incredibles 2 hallmark target decoupage ornaments

incredibles 2 hallmark target decoupage ornaments

Again, I really love the designs and figure they'll be perfect for a separate, smaller Christmas tree in our kids' bedroom someday! They're all very lightweight too, which is nice. Each one is about 4" in size and retails for $7.

The only ones I'm missing now from past years (before I started collecting them) are Mater from Cars, Sulley (regular Monsters Inc. version) and Joy, Sadness, Disgust & Anger from Inside Out. I still hope to track them down somehow. If you're looking to add any of these to your collection, be sure to check eBay and Amazon as I saw many of them on there recently. And as usual, make sure to leave any comments or questions you might have down in the comments!

See my previous posts on all of them shown below, HERE.

pixar hallmark target decoupage ornaments

Side Note- As a massive Star Wars fan, I've also been collecting all of those characters from this line. Check them out HERE and HERE as featured on my Star Wars collection Instagram page.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Toy Story 4 Toddler Tee (from Target)

toy story 4 toddler tee target

With Toy Story 4 in theaters, there's of course a TON of Toy Story baby/toddler/kids clothes in stores right now. Target especially has some really cute stuff! While I can't get all of it (I would if I could ;), once in a while I can't resist picking up a particular this one here! And for just $7.99, how could I not? I like how 90's it feels—it looks like something I could have worn as a kid when the original film came out. I found the colored text Toy Story logo unique and the screen art of the characters super cute. Love the mix of old and new friends!

I got this for our baby boy who's due in December. 18M was the last size they had in stock, so I snagged that one, but it's also available in 12M, 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T. You find it still in stores or online HERE. Material is a 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester blend, which feels soft and cozy.

toy story 4 toddler tee target

Anyway, I just wanted to share this real quick in case any parents on here are interested as well! Let me know any comments or questions you might have below. Thanks for dropping in!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Toy Story & Incredibles 2 Novelty Shades Review (by Sun-Staches)

disney sun-staches toy story

Sun-Staches, known for their fun and transformative costume/novelty shades, has sent me an awesome selection of some of their most relevant ones to share with all you (a BIG thanks to them)! Here we have Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Incredible and Dash sunglasses—perfect for birthday parties, vacations (the beach, poolside, etc.) or really any outdoor summer imaginative play. One size fits most, which means adults can join in on the fun as well!

These shades are both hilariously fun (with those super silly designs), but also practical as they have 100% UV protection shatter resistant lenses. Retail price for each pair is $10.99.

disney sun-staches toy story

My nephews are big Toy Story fans, so I was excited to surprise them this week with these pairs to have fun with during our vacation in New Hampshire! We had a blast taking these photos while hanging out by the lake. My nephew Noah especially loves Buzz and was even wearing his Buzz Lightyear swimsuit and rash guard at the time—so these shades really helped complete the ensemble, wouldn't you say?

My favorite detail is the Woody temples, patterned after his classic checkered shirt!

disney sun-staches toy story
disney sun-staches toy story disney sun-staches toy story
disney sun-staches toy story

And here we have my brother in-law Darin and nephew Nathan riding the super fast kayak-mobile. They're ready to save the day in their Mr. Incredible and Dash shades!

disney sun-staches incredibles
disney sun-staches incredibles

You can snag these on the official Sun-Staches website HERE. And while you're browsing, look out for TONS more from other Disney/Pixar properties including Monsters Inc., Inside Out, Finding Dory, Cars, The Lion King, Frozen, Marvel and much more (not to mention lots of designs from non-Disney properties as well).

Be sure to let me know your thoughts down below. Which pair is your favorite? Have you added any Sun-Staches shades to your collection? Do you remember when Sun-Staches were featured on Shark Tank? If you like what you see and want the latest updates, you can follow Sun-Staches on Instagram HERE.

disney sun-staches toy story buzz lightyear
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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Up: "Adventure Is Out There" Beach Towel (ShopDisney)

pixar up disney beach towel

This year Up celebrated its 10th anniversary and, to celebrate, my wife surprised me with this beach towel from ShopDisney for my birthday! "Adventure is out there" has got to be one of Pixar's most iconic quotes to date (not to mention one of my personal favorites) as it's both memorable and meaningful. I love having it printed on a towel now (as well as the equally iconic Carl's house being lifted away by balloons through the clouds) to bring on our many adventures to come! It already has one vacation under its belt since it came with us to New Hampshire this week. It's been perfect for laying out by the lake.

This towel is 100% cotton (soft plush topside; absorbent French terry knit backside) and is  29'' W x 59'' L in size. It's also personalizable up to 10 characters (for an extra $5.95)! Original retail price was $16.95, but it's since gone on sale for just $10. I absolutely love the minimal (yet whimsical), vibrant screen art and all the bright colors. It really captures so much of what I love about the film.

pixar up disney beach towel

Whether you're going on an adventure to the beach, lake, pool or water park (wherever!), this towel is sure to please Up fans young and old alike. Be sure to grab it online HERE before it floats away and let me know all your thoughts down below.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Toy Story: Sheriff Woody Inspired Wallet (by Loungefly)

toy story woody loungefly wallet

Yee-haw, giddy-up partner! Loungefly, a lifestyle brand known for mixing pop culture with quality and creativity, has done it once again with this outstanding Toy Story wallet inspired by the rootinest tootinest cowboy in the wild wild west—Sheriff Woody! A big thank you to Disney·Pixar and Loungefly for this gift. I'm thrilled to share my thoughts and additional details with you.

This is a faux leather zip around wallet with debossed, printed and appliqued details to resemble Woody's iconic outfit. The entire wallet, despite being a mass-produced item, exudes quality and craftsmanship— as usual with any Loungefly product.  The wallet's measurements are W: 8" X H: 4". Retail price is $39.00.

From the front to the back, just look at those details! And it doesn't stop there; let's have a look inside...

toy story woody loungefly wallet
toy story woody loungefly wallet

Inside you'll find more storage than you'll even need! There are three large pouches for cash/receipts, one large zipper pouch for coins, a window slot for ID and seven additional slots for cards.

toy story woody loungefly wallet

And again, the details don't even stop there. Look at the fabric that lines each pouch (as well as the ID slot)—Woody/Western inspired minimal prints featuring his signature boot, his bandana and different styles of cactus! Love the neutral, muted colors.

toy story woody loungefly wallet

If you're interested in picking this up to go along with your Toy Story ensemble (perfect for "Disney Bounding"), you can find this on many websites including Loungefly's official online store, Her Universe and Amazon (affiliate link below). I highly, highly recommend it!

NOTE: More of a Buzz Lightyear kind of person? Then check out the Buzz version of this same wallet right HERE. There are many amazing other Toy Story wallets and backpacks by Loungefly as well, so be sure to explore their website for all their amazingly cute designs.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any products from Loungefly and/or any particular favorites? Let me know down in the comments!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Toy Story 4 Figural Bag Clip Mystery Pack Collection (from Monogram Collectibles)

toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Last month, I gave you my detailed review of the adorable Toy Story figural bag clip collection from Monogram Collectibles (which I recommend checking out first HERE if you missed it). Now I'm absolutely thrilled and honored to review their follow-up assortment based on all the brand new characters from Toy Story 4! Another gigantic thank you to Monogram for sending this full case my way to share with all of you. You are going to LOVE these.

I'm so happy Toy Story 4 has gotten its own series. There are so many amazing new characters in the film and they all deserve to shine in Monogram's signature style! For everyone who was worried that no TS4 characters were represented in the last series, this is why. Surprise! Every single one of the new main characters is here and boy are they adorable.

toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

If you're not familiar with what these are, here's a little overview. This is a blind bag (or mystery pack) collection made up of 3D foam, stylized characters (each figure is about 2.5" tall). Monogram has done this for hundreds of characters across all corners of pop culture! Sometimes they are released as keyrings and sometimes (like with this series) they are bag clips.

Anyway, onto this series as there's a lot to dive into! 11 characters to be exact (nine commons and two exclusives Exclusive A and Exclusive B).

toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Below you'll find close up pics of each character: Woody (Holding Forky), Buzz Lightyear (Flying Mode), Bo Peep, Forky, Combat Carl, Duke Caboom, Benson, Gabby Gabby, Giggle McDimples, Bunny (Exclusive A) and Ducky (Exclusive B). There are 24 blind bags included in a full case.

And for anyone interested, here's my full case breakdown (the selection of characters in each case varies):
  • Woody Holding Forky (x2)
  • Buzz Lightyear Flying Mode (x2)
  • Bo Peep (x2)
  • Forky (x3)
  • Combat Carl (x2)
  • Duke Caboom (x2)
  • Benson (x3)
  • Gabby Gabby (x1)
  • Giggle McDimples (x3)
  • Bunny (x2)
  • Ducky (x2) 
Interestingly enough, I got two each of the exclusives in this case! The last case I opened there was only one each of the exclusives, so this was a pleasant surprise. I never would have thought the rarest character in my case would be Gabby Gabby (with only one included)!

Woody (Holding Forky)
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Buzz Lightyear (Flying Mode)
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Bo Peep
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Combat Carl
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Duke Caboom
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Gabby Gabby
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Giggle McDimples
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Bunny (Exclusive A)
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Ducky (Exclusive B)
toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

Here they are all together. Are they not the cutest!? So colorful and so fun. And did you know? There's actually a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive 3-pack being released this month with an exclusive panicked expression Forky (LE 250; $25). Check that out HERE.

toy story 4 figural bag clips monogram

These can mostly be found at stores like Hot Topic and BoxLunch, as well as online shops like Amazon and Entertainment Earth. Retail price ranges anywhere between $4.99 and $6.90 each.

Finally, you can check out my full blind bag opening video below on my YouTube channel! Be sure to give it a watch and a big thumbs up if you enjoy it. Feel free to subscribe while you're there! ;) Which character is your favorite design? Mine might have to be Woody holding Forky or Duke Caboom. Have you picked any of these up yet? If so, who did you get? Can't wait to hear all your thoughts down below.

Thank you again to Monogram Collectibles! If you like what you see, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter for all their latest reveals and updates.