Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cars: Hank "Halloween" Murphy

Happy Halloween everyone! Today's post is about a car that just happens to have a name that's very appropriate for today- Hank "Halloween" Murphy from the original Cars!

As shown in the screenshot above, Hank is seen in the flashback sequence (one of my very fave scenes) when Sally tells Mcqueen of the Radiator Springs old days. He is shown driving right past the camera and is very easy to spot if you know who you're looking for. 
This is a great car with a fantastic retro design. He was originally released in the "Race O Rama" series but was re-released this year as part of the 2013 collection.

Other cars (which will be posted soon here as well) from that "Retro" scene include: Brand New Mater, Greta, Edwin Kranks, Milton Calypeer, Derek Decals Dobbs,"Old School" Ramone, Timothy Timezone Truecoat, Mildred Bylane, Miles (a truck similar to Dustin Mellows) and Dustin Mellows. Am I missing any? 
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Toy Story 3: TSC Buttercup

Here is the official Toy Story Collection (TSC) Buttercup replica from wave 3! This is THE Buttercup to get if you haven't already. Thinkway did a fantastic job on this one...getting a plush like this to be totally movie accurate isn't as simple as one might think. 

This is basically one of three Buttercup plush released-the other being the Disney Store and Disney on Ice versions which I'll compare below. 

To me, this is the best Buttercup out there and the most well made of the three-but maybe I'm just biased towards the "Toy Story Collection." It's bigger than the Disney Store one and is for sure better quality. One difference that makes this one more movie accurate (than the ones below), besides the material used and the more accurate size, is the plastic, rather than sown, eyes. 

 Below (image from the Pixar Planet boards and is not my own) are the additional Buttercup plush out there. On the left is the basic Disney Store version and on the right is the glittery Disney on Ice version. Now, I hadn't heard of the Disney on Ice version until I started researching for this post and it's actually not that bad. It may be just a tad too glittery (the feet and horn) for me but I can't tell from the official Pixar rendering of the character if that's actually how it should be.
Image from Pixar Planet

At this point, if you can track any of these three down for your collection that would be great because this character has become really rare. I couldn't even find the TSC one on Ebay or Amazon-my two main sources. I did see the Disney Store one on Amazon for about $30 but that's the only one I've seen.

What are your thoughts? What is the version of Buttercup that you prefer?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cars: Lightning Mcqueen Revoltech Figure

Here is the last figure in my Pixar Revoltech collection (for now)...Lightning Mcqueen! Yet another cool figure with lots of interchangeable parts and even some posability despite him being a car! 

 I love the different poses you can get by adjusting his wheels! It looks just like how he poses in front of the press/cameras in the film.

Mcqueen comes with a finish line base, two sets of eyes, two mouths, and an additional set of wheels that have a pull back and go feature.

There isn't a ton you can do with him since he is pretty limited compared to the other Revoltech figures, but this Mcqueen is still way cool, looks GREAT on display and looks awesome with the other characters:

For posts on the other figures in this collection, check out the "Revoltech Figures" label to the right!

If anyone out there has the Revoltech Wall-e figure that they would like to trade or sell (or knows where to find it for under $100), be sure to let me know! That's the only one I haven't been able to find for a decent price yet and is the coolest of the set.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Night: Pixar Themed!

Tonight was pumpkin carving night with some friends! Me wife and I decided to go all-out Pixar this year, which is actually my first Pixar themed pumpkin to date! Wonder why it took me so long? Well, after much deliberation (so many characters to choose from), we went for the Mike from Monsters Inc. and a Toy Story alien! Sorry Sulley, maybe next year.
Workin at getting all the pumpkin gunk out
Everyone starting their pumpkins!
99.9% completed pumpkin...just needed to add the alien's ears!

 Admittedly, I'm not a very good pumpkin carver... the alien didn't turn out quite the way I hoped. But still, not too bad! Brita's Mike turned out just about perfect! She's got the carving thing down : ) Great job!

Happy Halloween!

Also a big thanks to my good friends, and fellow Pixar fans TJ Wolsos and Brian Hughes for helping me track down those templates!

Toy Story: Squinkies

Hey everyone! Today I'm taking a look at the three sets of Toy Story Squinkies and the Crane Squinkie dispenser! There are three sets (or "series") total and each includes 12 characters.  If you're not familiar with what Squinkies are, they're just very small, rubber characters that you can store in little plastic balls (called bubbles).

Series one is based off of the original Toy Story and includes Baby-Face (from Sid's room), Bo-Peep,  Buzz's Spaceship, 2 Woodys, a Pizza Planet alien, Buzz Lightyear, Lenny, a green army man, Hamm, Rex, and"The Big One" rocket.

From Series two (Toy Story 2), you get Wheezy, another Pizza Planet alien, Buzz in a cone, Woody, Emperor Zurg, Buzz, Bullseye, the Prospector, Jessie, "Glitter" Wheezy and a Star Command spaceship. 

From Series three (Toy Story 3), you get Stretch, Buttercup, Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Sparks, Trixie, Lotso, Dolly, Big Baby, Chunk and Peas in a Pod. 

 The Crane dispenser is a super fun way to play with your Squinkies and is loosely based off the Pizza Planet Crane game seen in Toy Story. It plays as a classic arcade crane game (only with one is not electronic). You put a few of the Squinkie bubbles (with characters inside of course) and use the crane to pick them up and drop them down the shoot. Use the fake money (or real pennies or dimes work too) to clam your prize! It's a fun way to store your Squinkies as well when not in use. The dispenser comes with 4 Squinkies: 2 aliens, Buzz and Woody.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Toy Story: TSC Mr. Potato Head

Here is Mr. Potato Head from wave two of the Toy Story Collection (TSC) by Thinkway Toys! This is a fantastic replica/toy. Despite the fact that this Potato Head has some big differences from the one in the film, it's still a great addition to your Toy Story collection if you have the chance to get him. 

 As far as the look of the face and parts, this is by far the most movie accurate Potato Head out there. Unfortunately, the only lips/mouth he comes with is more based off when he is "alive" and talking. There are not closed mouth lips based off when he's "just a toy" in the films. 
Other main differences between this version and the movie version:
  •  This Potato head has legs for some reason instead of his feet just being attached underneath. That's the only part I was a little bit disappointed in as it looks a little awkward (and interestingly enough, the original press release image had his feet closer to his body as seen here).
  • He's electronic, voice activated and speaks phrases. 
  • Because he's electronic, he does not have a storage compartment or any other extra accessories except for the first ever "angry eyes" and angry mouth (which are awesome).  
  • His eyes are one piece instead of both separate.

 A fun feature is the pop off parts. When you make a loud noise on interactive mode, he'll get scared and his parts will fly off.

Overall, I recommend this Potato Head even though it has animated talking features and isn't 100% movie accurate. He's far superior to most of the  other Toy Story versions of the character out there. If you missed this post from a while back, here is my original Potato Head from 1995. That one is by far the best non-electronic version out there in my opinion...even better than the most recent ones.

And here's a little video so you can see how this guy works:

This Potato head has become pretty rare to track down online and I can't remember if this was one of the ones that got a re-release at Toy R Us stores. Check yours to see if he's there! I think he retailed for about $45.

There we have it! The Toy Story Collection Mr. Potato head, made right form Pixar's digital data and complete with certificate of authenticity.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pixar Collection: Squinkies

Following the Brave squinkies from earlier this week, here is a Pixar edition of the "Pets 'n Pals" series! Yes, this is part of the girl's line, but I say the squinkies themselves are very much for anyone.

This set of ninr includes: Doug and Kevin from Up (with a basket/ balloons accessory), Nemo and Squirt from Finding Nemo (with a fish tank accessory) and Flik and Dot from A Bug's life (with a seesaw accessory).

This was released only last year but is not available in stores anymore (at least I haven't seen it for quite a while). You can easily find it on eBay and Amazon however for about $ not bad if you're interested!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Monsters Inc: Sulley Revoltech Figure

Here we have the Monsters Inc. Sulley and Boo Revoltech collectible figures! As always with this collection, the figures are very articulated, highly detailed and are not toys. These can break easily if you're not careful and are meant to be displayed by adult collectors. 

 I feel like the main thing that make these figures so fun is how posable they are. I barely even touched all the possible poses you can achieve...even down to adjusting the positions of his eyeballs (seen below)!  

 See, if you wanted to, you can make Sulley look all derp and crazy eyed! 

Sulley comes with two interchangeable faces... One with his normal face and smile and the one above with a big, playful grin. 

Boo has a removable hood and her head can move from side to side but isn't very posable beyond that. Great likeness though!

I've yet to be disappointed in this collection! The only thing I would say about this one is that he's a bit smaller than I expected. He's even shorter than Mr. Incredible, but that's fine. Another great figure from Revoltech.

If you missed the previous Revoltech posts, you can check out Mr. Incredible HERE and the Nemo one HERE. Look for the Lightning Mcqueen post very soon and thanks for stopping by Dan the Pixar Fan!

Slideshow/Event: Disney Fantasy Cruise Honeymoon 2012

In June 2012, my wife Brita and I were married and went on our Disney Cruise honeymoon! It was the time of our lives. Neither of us had been on a Disney Cruise before and it did not disappoint. It was as fun and magical as you'd expect!

As a Pixar fan, I was thrilled to see how much Pixar was represented there on the ship. There were lots of references and items from the films all over! From the Monsters Inc. "Eye Scream" place to the Finding Nemo themed water area...Pixar was everywhere!

Of course, this isn't a slideshow to document the whole trip (that would be hundreds of pictures:). I made this primarily to show all the Pixar stuff around the ship but included a few shots of us just enjoying the time and scenery of the that incredible week.

Watch additional slideshows under the "slideshows" label to the right.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Toy Story: Slinky (Regular and Talking Versions)

For today's blog post, I'm featuring the two versions of Slinky Dog I have from Toy Story! This first version is the basic/original Slinky that was a Toy Story 3 re-release of the original 1995 version. In order to make this more movie accurate (I did it when I was five years old and I did it again when I got this release), I cut off the pull rope on the front of his face and cut the line/rope inside his springs that prevented him from extending further than a foot. I'm sure I'm not the only one who did this, right? 

This Slinky is pretty much as good as it gets, especially since this is really the only non-electronic Toy Story branded one. It's good though and pretty movie accurate! There was never a "Toy Story Collection" definitive version  released.

This Slinky below, is the new electronic talking version released by the Disney Store last year and includes a number of different phrases. As far as the look, it's exactly the same mold and plastic as the one above. The only difference is the electronics: There is an on/off switch right under his collar and the button for sounds is on his back.

For whatever reason, I haven't gotten around to cutting the ropes off this one yet...but I will! 

 And here's a brief video demonstrating the talking feature:

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