Friday, February 21, 2020

Onward: Ian Lightfoot "The Wizard " T-Shirt & Guinevere Cap (BoxLunch)

onward Ian Lightfoot "The Wizard " T-Shirt boxlunch

Fun news— I am now a part of the "BoxLunch Collective" Brand Ambassador Program! What this means is that I'll be regularly repping some of their latest Pixar products here on the blog and on social media; starting with my first campaign here featuring a selection of BoxLunch's exclusive Disney·Pixar Onward inspired clothing items! A huge thanks to BoxLunch for sponsoring this post.

The Ian Lightfoot "The Wizard " T-Shirt is awesome. I love the trading card graphic (I think it's loosely inspired by a Dungeons & Dragons card), but most importantly (to me) it feels and fits GREAT! It's oh so soft and has a slim, non-boxy fit. As you may know, I'm picky when it comes to my tees and this one is a win for me. Retail price is $28.90 (purchase in-store or online HERE).

Guinevere hat boxlunch onward

Next up I was sent this neat baseball cap featuring an embroidered patch of the film's iconic vehicle, the Guinevere van! Color: Black Size: One size fits most Material: 100% cotton. Retail price is $18.90 (purchase in-store or online HERE). Again, it fits great and I can highly recommend it!

pixar onward boxlunch gifts

You know I'll be wearing these next Saturday when I see Onward in theaters! I am SO excited. Let me know if you're pumped for this film as well down in the comments below. What do you think of this sweet merch? Will you be picking any of it up for your collection?

"Come dear brother, our destiny awaits!"

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mattel Pixar Collection—7" Scale Posable Action Figures!

mattel pixar action figures

Following the success of last year's 7" scale Toy Story 4 action figure collection, Mattel has just released an incredible new range of posable figures based on characters from classic Pixar films under their new "PIXAR" banner! These are in the same make, size, style and quality (and feature the same open-blister packaging) as the Toy Story 4 figures from last year that I love so much, so it's amazing to see the line continue here beyond the Toy Story films. This range extends to Onward as well and also to Soul in the upcoming months! You can read all about Mattel's new Global Licensing Agreement with Disney for Pixar Animation Studios announced last year HERE.

I was so thrilled to find these on shelves at Walmart early last month. They totally took my surprise as I had no idea they were coming! Usually I know to look out for upcoming releases like this, but somehow these figures stayed under the radar until I stumbled upon them (seemingly early before anyone else). So far the assortment includes Mike Wazowski with Boo, Sulley, Wall·E with Eve and Mr. Incredible! It was so nostalgic for me to see these characters in-store again after so many years. I haven't seen Monsters Inc. toys at the store (not counting Disney Stores/Parks) since 2001/2002!

Take a closer look at each figure below! Sulley is the biggest at 8" tall (wait till you see him in person), Mr. Incredible is about 7.5" tall, Wall·E & Eve are about 4" tall (I really like how Eve includes a stand) and Mike & Boo are about 4" tall as well. Retail price for each figure is only $9.84—which is fantastic considering the size and quality of them! 

mattel pixar action figures mike wazowski boo

Boo's monster costume hood can be opened up! Mike's eye can also move. All of these figures feature some really nice articulation. The character likenesses/sculpts are 10/10!

mattel pixar action figures mike wazowski boo
mattel pixar action figures mike wazowski boo

mattel pixar action figures monsters inc sulley
mattel pixar action figures monsters inc sulley

mattel pixar action figures wall-e
mattel pixar action figures wall-e

mattel pixar action figures mr. incredible

The Mattel team did an absolutely incredible job with these figures; I cannot say enough good things about them. They look SO good and strike that perfect balance of being appealing to both kids and adult collectors. They're great for play or display!

You can find this collection right now at your nearest Walmart. Hurry while they're still around! I believe there will be more characters introduced later this year, so be sure to follow me on all my social channels to stay updated. Who's your favorite? What other Pixar characters would you like to see made?? Shout out your thoughts down below and any questions you might have.

Happy collecting!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Cars 3: Kurt with Bug Teeth

Cars 3 Kurt with Bug Teeth review

What's going on guys? I'm back to document another newly released Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast from Mattel... released just this past month, here we have Kurt with Bug Teeth! This single is part of the brand new 2020 "Funny Flashback" sub-series. It's so cool to have a new series category that has never been done before! There's gonna be some more hilarious and unique "Funny Flashback" characters released soon, so stay tuned.

As shown in the screen shot above, Kurt (No. 012; appropriately known by Stirling as "the bug guy") is one of rookie next-gen "trainees" seen at the Rust-eze Racing Center. He is actually one of the only featured trainees with dialog (he's the one that says to Ronald, "You're a cloud!") and the one who gets bugs sprayed in his face by Cruz as part of her treadmill motivation/training session—as depicted here with this diecast. A standard version of Kurt was released last month as well, which I reviewed HERE.

Cars 3 Kurt with Bug Teeth review

This version of Kurt is still pretty easy to find in my area, so you should be able to still find him at your nearest Target or Walmart. If not, no worries! You can purchase him online by searching eBay HERE or Amazon using the direct link below.

Have fun out there and happy hunting! Let me know your thoughts or any questions you might have down in the comments.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Get Your Disney·Pixar Onward Tickets—Fandango Gift Card Giveaway!

It's giveaway time! In celebration of the WOLRD PREMIERE of Disney·Pixar's Onward tonight, I'm giving away a $15 Fandango Gift Card to THREE lucky winners to help them on their quest to secure tickets to the film (which are now on sale)!! A huge thanks to my friends over at BoxLunch Gifts for making this possible. Enter on Instagram— here's how:
1) Be sure to be following me on Instagram @danthepixarfan and @BoxLunchGifts
2) Like this post
3) Tag a friend who’s excited to see ONWARD! (multiple friends will count as multiple entries, please no fake, celebrity or spam accounts as they will not be counted)
4) Though not necessary, if you share this post on your page and/or story with my handle tagged, I will screenshot it and that will also count as an additional entry + improve your chances


ENDS FRIDAY 2/21 at 10:00 pm EST. The three winners will be chosen at random and announced within 24 hours. Open to U.S. residents only. BEST OF LUCK, YOUR DESTINY AWAITS! 🙌🏻

Monday, February 17, 2020

Cars: Sally (2018 Movie Accurate Version)

Cars Sally (2018 Movie Accurate Version) diecast

Disney·Pixar "Cars Week" may be over, but my Mattel 1:55 scale diecast collection continues! I know this isn't a very exciting post, but I had to document this one here regardless. Tonight I'm taking a look at the 2018 version of Sally, which is Mattel's most movie accurate version yet (outside of the precision series)! There have been a lot of Sally diecast releases since 2006, but this is for sure the best one as it fixes several issues that were present for over a decade.

Again to be clear, this isn't just a mere re-release. This is literally a brand new version of Sally with:
  • A new expression (both eyes and mouth)
  • A more screen accurate paint job (lighter shade of blue)
  • FINALLY more realistic looking headlights (instead of the plain grey plastic)
  • FINALLY the screen accurate black outline around the windshield (never added until now)
For me, there were enough differences and improvements made with this new sculpt for me to justify getting it (even though I probably have more than enough Sally diecasts). These same improvements were made to the 2018 version of Sally with Tattoo as well (seen HERE).

Cars Sally (2018 Movie Accurate Version) diecast

This version of Sally also comes with a fun little Cozy Cone Motel "Bonus Collector Card" accessory.

Unfortunately you won't find this one on store shelves at this point, but if you're still looking to add this edition of Sally to your Cars collection, your best bet is checking out current eBay listings HERE.

Happy hunting!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Pixar Movie Marathon Coming to Boston, MA— With Advanced 'Onward' Screening (Feb. 29th)!

Pixar Movie Marathon Coming to Boston, MA— With Advanced 'Onward' Screening

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I have joined forces with Showcase Cinemas and will be Co-Hosting their epic Onward Pixar Movie Marathon at the Showcase Cinema de Lux Legacy Place location in Boston, MA (Leap Day, February 29th 2020)!! 

Can you think of any better way to spend your extra day this year? Join us for this all-day event featuring six classic Pixar films (with select shorts), an advanced screening of Onward and so much more (giveaways, trivia, photo ops, exclusive merchandise, family friendly activities, etc.)... plus a chance to meet me and chat everything Pixar in person! The [over] 12-hour event starts at 9:00 AM; Onward screening will begin at 7:30 PM. View the complete schedule HERE.

Pixar Movie Marathon Coming to Boston, MA— With Advanced 'Onward' Screening

Here's the official press release:
The Marathon ticket includes a special “Onward” gift bag including an exclusive “Onward” blanket, a collectible marathon pin, a Showcase Cinema de Lux reusable beverage tumbler and more! Plus enjoy fun surprise giveaways throughout the marathon!

Marathon guests will be able to order select concessions items and have them delivered to their seats throughout the marathon. A special Onward Pixar Marathon kids menu will be available, and all marathon guests will receive a special Leap Day discount of $2.29 off a concessions combo (valid for combo options 1-8).

To celebrate the Onward Pixar Marathon and Leap Day, Showcase Cinema de Lux Legacy Place will host family-friendly lobby activities from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m..  All cinema guests are welcome to enjoy face painting, a special photo op and more while our DJ plays your favorite songs including the best of Pixar’s soundtracks. 

Pixar Movie Marathon Coming to Boston, MA— With Advanced 'Onward' Screening

Tickets are an amazing value price—$30 for adults and just $20 for children. Join us for the quest of a lifetime! This is sure to be a magical and memorable experience you and your family won’t soon forget. Tickets are now on sale right HERE!  

I should note that only 11 movie theaters nationwide are participating in this Pixar Marathon, so I feel extremely lucky to be near one and to be so involved. Are you in the Boston/New England area? Will you be attending this event? Let me know down in the comments. I hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

It's Disney·Pixar Cars Week! (February 8th-16th)

Disney·Pixar Cars Week (February 8th-16th) mattel

Attention all Disney·Pixar Cars fans! Did you know that this week (February 8th-16th) has been Disney·Pixar "Cars Week"? Ka-Chow— It's true! To help me celebrate some of my favorite Cars characters and movie moments, Mattel was gracious enough to send me some of their latest toys/products! And of course the celebration wouldn't have been complete without watching all three films. No shame to say they're some of my favorites!

Select retailers are even having some great deals on Cars merch this week, like Target's 3 for $10 diecast singles sale and 40% off select Cars items. At Walmart, select Cars items are 25% off. Who doesn't love a good sale?

Disney·Pixar Cars Week (February 8th-16th) mattel

I wanted to share the Cars love this week with two of my nephews who enjoy the Cars franchise *maybe* as much as I do. I couldn't keep all this epicness to myself, so today I stopped by with all these awesome Cars surprises! It was the perfect way to spend a cozy day inside away from the cold and we had an absolute blast opening, assembling and playing with these fantastic new toys. Check out all our playtime adventures down below...

Cars 12" Lightning McQueen Kids' Backpack
Made in the shape of Lightning McQueen, this sweet backpack will have kids racing all the way to school like the Piston Cup champ they are. It's perfect for their favorite books, snacks, toys… and more toys. This colorful Cars backpack is a delight from hood to trunk. Available at Target (online HERE) for $14.99.

Cars 12" Lightning McQueen Kids' Backpack

Cars Piston Cup Race 5-Pack
Check out this brand new "Piston Cup Race" diecast 5-Pack from Mattel! As usual, these are 1:55 scale diecast characters (all have been previously released). This set includes: Wilmar Flattz, Race Official Tom, Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks and the King.

Cars Piston Cup Race 5-PackCars Piston Cup Race 5-Pack

Cars 3 Mini Racers "Derby Racers Series 10-Pack" 
I was extra excited to receive this "Derby Racers Series 10-Pack" set from Mattel's "Mini Racers" line! I collected a bunch of of the Cars 3 minis blind bags a couple years back, so these will make fantastic additions. Best part? It includes an exclusive "First Look" Golden Miss Fritter! I'll include a direct Amazon link at the bottom of this post to purchase. Retail price is $19.99

Cars 3 Mini Racers "Derby Racers Series 10-Pack" Cars 3 Mini Racers "Derby Racers Series 10-Pack"
Cars 3 Mini Racers "Derby Racers Series 10-Pack"

Cars XRS Rocket Racing Super Loop 
This XRS Rocket Racing Super Loop track set delivers extreme Cars competition thrills! I haven't collected any of the XRS series cars/playsets, but now I might have to. This thing is EPIC in size (over 3 feet long) and in fun! The kick-back launcher propels your vehicle at super speed—compete on a straight track or flip the diverter and launch into crazy stunts! My nephews literally couldn't get enough of this one. No kidding when I say it's already provided hours of entertainment. Comes with a 1:55 scale plastic XRS Rocket Racer Lightning McQueen (with spinning flames).

Pick this up at Target (in-store or online HERE) for $19.99. I'll be including a direct Amazon link at the bottom of this post.

Cars XRS Rocket Racing Super Loop
Cars XRS Rocket Racing Super Loop
Cars XRS Rocket Racing Super Loop
Cars XRS Rocket Racing Super Loop
Cars XRS Rocket Racing Super Loop

Cars 3 Rust-Eze Tune-Up Center
With the Rust-eze Tune-Up Center plasyet, kids can get all their diecast cars in race-ready condition in one convenient stop. Ride the lift, gas up at the pump, drive down the ramp and stop by the car wash to put on a sparkling shine for that winners’ circle photo! Kids will love to recreate scenes from the Cars movies and make up their own stories of race prep with this multi-function playset. Connects to the XRS Racing Loop track set above and all other modern Cars play/track sets.

You can also pick this set up at Target for $14.99 (in-store or online HERE). I'll include an Amazon link below for this one as well.

Cars 3 Rust-Eze Tune-Up Center
Cars 3 Rust-Eze Tune-Up Center
Cars 3 Rust-Eze Tune-Up Center
Cars 3 Rust-Eze Tune-Up Center
Cars 3 Rust-Eze Tune-Up Center
Cars 3 Rust-Eze Tune-Up Center

If you're little one is Cars obsessed like we are, then they will LOVE any of these new toys from Mattel! This entire collection is so well-made and so incredibly fun. Consider each item Dan the Pixar Fan (and nephews) tested and approved!

How have you celebrated Cars week? Which is your favorite Cars film? Let me know all your Cars related thoughts down in the comments and don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Happy collecting! Again, a HUGE thanks to Mattel for these super amazing gifts.

Disney·Pixar Cars Week (February 8th-16th) mattel

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day— Brita & Dan's Engagement Story!

Back by popular demand, it's Brita here today with another guest post! Since today is Valentine's Day, I wanted to make this about love. While it's not specifically Pixar, it is Disney related and so I wanted to share the story of how Dan and I got engaged!

Dan and I started dating when we were both 16 (2006) and dated exclusively all through high school. We went to college together (2008) and continued to only date each other. We both knew that we wanted to get married, so we never felt the need to date anyone else. In 2011, I picked out what style engagement ring I wanted and then Dan worked with a jeweler to have it created. In November 2011, we were going on a vacation with his family to Disney World during Thanksgiving break and I had a suspicion Dan would propose during this trip. We had booked most of our meals with his family, but on Friday night, just the two of us were going to have dinner at Les Chefs de France in Epcot. I imagined that he would propose during dessert by having the waiter bring out my engagement ring along with our creme brûlée! 

I arrived late Wednesday night (I wasn’t able to be there for the full week because of school) and then Thursday we had a fabulous day in the Magic Kingdom. We went to dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe and then rushed back to watch the "Wishes!" firework show on the beach of the Polynesian Resort where we were staying. We quickly stopped by our room and I changed into my pajama bottoms to be more comfortable...if only I knew what was coming!

We enjoyed watching the firework show together (since it’s no longer there, in case you haven’t seen it, the whole theme is about wishes coming true). During the finale, Dan said to me “I wish we were married”, but we said that kind of thing to each other often so I didn't think anything of it. I replied, “I wish that too." Then I looked at him and he was on one knee opening a little box as he said “will you make my wish come true? Will you marry me?” Of course I said “yes!!!” and he slid the very sparkly ring on my finger. I was so excited to see it for the first time in person and it was stunning! I was also totally caught off guard since I wasn’t expecting him to propose until Friday night. I love that it wasn’t what I imagined it was even better!

I also have to mention that as we were leaving the beach, this older couple who saw the proposal called out to us “we’ve been married for 50 yearsmake it last!”

And we will! Dan, I love you to infinity and beyond! I'm so excited that the next time we go to Disney World, it will be Aidan's first trip. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cars 3: Chris Roamin'

Cars 3 Chris Roamin' diecast review

Welcome back Cars fans! Tonight I'm taking a quick look at yet another awesome Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast from Mattel...Chris Roamin, the next-gen Combustr (No. 11)! This single was released a couple years back as part of the 2018 "Next-Gen Piston Cup Racers" sub-series.

As shown in the screen shot above, Chris can be seen before and during the film's climatic Florida 500 race. He replaces the Combustr sponsored racer [stock car] Chip Gearings. Once again, this is one cool looking next-gen racer and Mattel did an excellent job making this diecast as movie accurate as possible.

Cars 3 Chris Roamin' diecast review

Unfortunately you won't find this one on store shelves at this point, but if you're still looking to add Chris Roamin' to your Cars collection, I'll include an Amazon link down below for your convenience. You can also check out current eBay listings HERE. Happy hunting!

And don't forget, it's Disney·Pixar Cars week! All week long (February 8th-16th), select Mattel Cars items are on sale at Target for 40% off— plus a 3 for $10 sale on diecast singles. Look for some of those items right here soon.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Toy Story: "Disney Baby" Soft Book (by Kids Preferred)

toy story disney baby soft book

Howdy, partners! Tonight I'm giving you a detailed look at (with an exclusive peek inside) this absolutely adorable Toy Story inspired "Disney Baby" Soft Book from Kids Preferred. You can imagine how excited I was last year when this was released around the same time baby Aidan was born! You know this went right on my (I mean "his") Christmas list. A big thanks to my mother in-law who included this in his stocking.

This really is the perfect baby book, especially for us Toy Story fans who grew up with the films and now have kids of our own. Getting to introduce my baby boy to these characters is something I've been dreaming of for a long time now and I couldn't imagine a better way to do so until he's old enough to watch the actual movies. Aidan is exactly two months old tomorrow and he's just started to really love and interact with this book!

toy story disney baby soft book

This lightweight, soft fabric book is the perfect size for little hands, measuring just over 5" wide x about 7" tall (that's including the handle).

toy story disney baby soft book

It comes loaded with interactive features and colorful illustrations to help stimulate the senses and keep your baby engaged! First of all, each page crinkles, which makes for great sensory play alone (babies love those sounds as it takes very little effort for them to make the noises happen).

Lift the flap of Andy's toy chest on the front cover to reveal Andy's toys and "Property of Andy" writing! I adore the designs of these characters here and really wish I knew who illustrated this. If you happen to know, please let me know down in the comments. 

toy story disney baby soft book

The bright red handle is not only a textured teether, but doubles as a way to hang this on a car seat or stroller.

See the whole gang on the back of the book below.

toy story disney baby soft book

Let's take a peek inside! The first page features everyone's favorite Cowgirl, Jessie, and some ribbons to touch for some different textures.

The second page includes Rex, Woody, Bullseye and even the iconic Pixar ball! Squeeze the ball to hear it SQUEAK.

toy story disney baby soft book

Buzz Lightyear is on the next page, with a Pizza Planet Alien that can be moved up and down the ribbon! OoooOOoooOo...

And who's that on the last page? It's Bo Peep of course and she's lost her sheep! Can baby help her find them? Lift the flap to reveal a mirror (and BABY) as well as Bo's sheep.

toy story disney baby soft book

My only wish is that this was a page or two longer, but I understand that it would have gotten too heavy and bulky at that point. I just love it so much that I wish it could have kept going! If you're a Toy Story fan with a new baby (or baby on the way), I cannot recommend this book enough. Like I said, Aidan is just starting to really get into it and it melts my heart how excited he gets when we take it out to read and play.

I spotted this at Kohl's recently (and I'm sure it's available at other stores as well), but you can easily just pick it up on Amazon for around $12 (direct link below). Please be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comments and let me know if you have any questions.