Sunday, February 26, 2023

Disney Parks Exclusive Pixar Character Globe (2007)—VIDEO REVIEW!


A Bug's Life "Don't Bug Me" Socks

Alright everyone, I swear this is the last Pixar socks post (for now at least). Here we have a fun pair of socks I was gifted a while back inspired by one of my favorite Pixar films, the criminally underrated A Bug's Life. The sock's design features Flik and the text "Don't Bug Me". 

Now I believe these were an Amazon find back when I got them, but at this point I only see them for sale on THIS site ("Novelty Socks For Less"). Anyway, I know, kind of random but I'm happy to have them in my collection!

Disney Parks Exclusive Toy Story Socks (Andy's Clouds & Pixar Ball)

Welcome back, everyone! Going along with the sock theme of my last post, here's another cool pair of Pixar socks I received a while back as a gift. Unlike the last pairs I showed off here, which were by STANCE, this pair is a Disney Parks product which sold exclusively at Disneyland and Disney World a year or so back (maybe they're even still available). 

The design here—featuring not one, but two Toy Story icons (the Toy Story/Pixar/Luxo ball and Andy's cloud wallpaper)–is just too cool. As you may know, I love ANYTHING with Andy's cloud design and ANYTHING with the Pixar when the two get combined like this? Well, needless to say these were a must have for me and I highly recommend snagging them if you're any kind of Pixar/Toy Story fan. You really can't go wrong here. 

If you're interested in these fun and cozy socks for your collection, there are a couple of eBay listings up currently (you can check them out HERE). Let me know what you think down below! 

Pixar 25th Anniversary STANCE Socks Collection

Released in 2020, in celebration of "Pixar's 25th anniversary" (even though what they technically meant was 25 years of Pixar theatrical films; 1995-2020 beginning with Toy Story of course), here we have this awesome collection of high quality socks from the ever popular company STANCE. There were seven pairs of socks released in this "25th" assortment, all seen below, featuring designs from: Toy Story (green army men), A Bug's Life (Heimlich), Monsters, Inc. (Boo & Sulley), Finding Nemo (Bruce, Marlin & Dory), Wall·E, Up (the Up house) and—last but not least—Luxo Jr. (Pixar logo, the Pixar lamp & the Pixar ball). The Luxo lamp design was an exclusive to a couple boxed sets (like this one I have here as well as one other), but all the other socks were released either in boxed sets or individually. 

Such fantastic designs, right?! I'm not usually a sock guy, but when I received these as a gift one Christmas a couple years back, I was actually pretty pumped. It was a really cool and unexpected surprise. All in all, I can't recommend these enough if you're able to track them down these days. I think any big Pixar fan could appreciate them. 


Let me know what you think down below! Did you pick up any pairs from this collection? What's your favorite of the designs? Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

Monday, February 13, 2023

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