Saturday, October 22, 2016

Toy Story 3: Stretch (Funko Mystery Minis Villains Collection)

funko mystery minis disney villains stretch

Funko Mystery Minis are back with a brand new assortment of characters... this time featuring classic Disney·Pixar villains and their companions/henchman (technically some, like the dalmatian, are their victims). These have just been released and rightfully so, since, with Halloween around the corner, this is the perfect month to celebrate villains after all.

Of course I was just interested in the two Pixar characters included: Lotso and Stretch! Remember these are blind boxes, so you don't know who you're going to get until you open it. I took my chances at Walmart today and was absolutely thrilled to have found Stretch (the purple rubbery octopus henchman seen in Toy Story 3) right off the bat. It may take longer for me to track down Lotso, but I'm determined. Stay tuned. 

funko mystery minis disney villains stretch

There are three case variations out there which I wanted to go into detail about here. The one I have here came from the Walmart exclusive case (you can see all 16 characters who come in this case on the back of the box above). There is also a Hot Topic exclusive case, which replaces Jafar, Iago, Lotso and Stretch with Captain Hook, the Crocodile, Dragon Maleficent and Maleficent's Goon. In the common case (non retail exclusive) those characters are absent and are replaced by Hades, Pain, Shan Yu and Shan Yu's Eagle.

So total, between all cases, you can collect 24 unique Disney villains. Now lets take a look at Stretch in more detail...

funko mystery minis disney villains stretch
funko mystery minis disney villains stretch

Stretch here is a 1/36 character (that means there's only one in every three cases) and looks super awesome overall. Funko is the master of cute stylized figures. I love the semi-translucent plastic she's made from as well as the movie accurate glitter on the inside.

Test your luck by picking up a mystery mini villain at Walmart, Hot Topic (or elsewhere) and maybe you'll get the one you're looking for! Or if you'd rather do the eBay thing, visit this direct link to current listings.

Have fun on the hunt! Share your success in the comments below.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Finding Dory: Halloween Stickers (Disney Store Exclusive + Dress Rehearsal Event Reminder)

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that tomorrow is the Disney Store's second and last Halloween Dress Rehearsal event this season. If you have a Disney Store location near you, be sure to hit it up at 11:00 am for a fun, festive Saturday activity. There at the store they'll have games, crafts, a parade, free giveaways, etc. Plus your little ones can come dressed up in their favorite costume!

Something really cool is that they're giving out treat bags featuring all sorts of fun goodies inside...including the exclusive Halloween themed Finding Dory stickers seen below! They are so cute- it's pretty adorable seeing Destiny as a Witch and Bailey dressed up as a clown.

disney store halloween finding dory stickers

Don't miss out on some magical times tomorrow! Be sure to check it out, snag your free stuff and let me know about your experience in the comments below.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Finding Dory: Speaking Whale Slap Bracelet

finding dory slap bracelet

Today's been a busy day! Though it's getting late here, I still needed to fit in my daily post- so tonight we're going very simple with this cute Finding Dory slap bracelet. This, along with six other designs, was released this past May and was available at Target stores (among others) throughout the summer.

This particular design features Dory speaking whale (with her hilarious signature facial expressions) as well the text "HHOOOOOW AAAAARRREEE YYYOOOOOOUU-UUUU??" I'm sure just about everyone reading this has tried out slap bracelets before, so you know exactly how it works. It's timeless fun!

I'm not sure if any in-store locations carry this at this point, but you can still pick it up on the Hollar site HERE or Amazon using the link below. A big thanks to my friends TJ and Julie (of for sending me this as part of a birthday gift a few months back! It was a really fun and thoughtful little bonus treat.

Note: To see the other styles available in this series, you can check out THIS YouTube video.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Finding Dory: Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set

Finding Dory Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set

Released back in April, and surprisingly still available after all these months, here we have the Disney Store's (online exclusive) Finding Dory limited edition lithograph set! This is a fantastic set of five 12" x 8" prints featuring actual concept art originally created during the production of the film. Only 1500 of these were produced worldwide.

The first thing I wanted to note is the amazing cover art featured on the front of the folder. It's that same minimal style art that I love and seek after, though I'm not sure who the artist is behind it this time (it seems to be done by the same artist who did the screen art for the disappearing Hank mug). Honestly, just the cover alone was enough to draw me in- I like it that much. I totally wish it were an actual poster.

Finding Dory Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set

The folder that the prints are housed in looks really nice and comes in a clear plastic slip case/folio.

Finding Dory Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set

Lets open it up and check everything out in more detail!

Finding Dory Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set

The five prints are top notch quality. The colors are vibrant and the material they're printed on has a really neat texture to it (it looks/feels almost like the surface of canvas). These are different than any other Disney Store lithographs I've seen.

Finding Dory Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set
Finding Dory Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set
Finding Dory Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set Finding Dory Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set
Finding Dory Disney Store Limited Edition Lithograph Set

If you're a collector/fan of Finding Dory, then you might want to strongly consider picking this set up before it's gone for good! For me, I'm really looking forward to popping these into some frames and hanging them up; they'll look stunning I'm sure.

Purchase this set online HERE for $39.95!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Toy Story: iPhone 6/6s Case (Forever 21 Exclusive)

disney pixar toy story iphone 6 case

A couple weeks back, I was searching around online for any cool new Disney·Pixar iPhone cases (like I do periodically) and stumbled across this one on the Forever 21 website! This is a cute stylized Toy Story themed clear plastic clip case (for use with either the iPhone 6 or 6s) featuring Buzz, Woody and Pizza Planet Alien graphics.

Additionally, there is glitter on the inside of the case that gently floats around (in some kind of liquid) as you tip it from side to side. It's a really a cool case overall! And you can't beat the price, as I got it on sale for just $5.99 (originally only $7.90).

disney pixar toy story iphone 6 case

Honestly, if you're looking for a heavy duty protective case for your iPhone, this one definitely isn't for you. It's a very basic plastic material with little to no grip. The character faces on the outside are essentially stickers and will no doubt peel off sooner than later. However, it was so inexpensive and such a cute design that I just had to go for it! It will be a lot of fun while it lasts.

This sold out very quickly on, but it may still be available at your local in store location. There is another case still on the site as well, featuring the Pizza Planet Aliens, which you might be interested in if you like this one (check it out HERE).

Do you have a favorite Pixar iPhone case? I'd love to know! Shout out any thoughts you might have in the comments below.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Toy Story 2: Woody's Roundup Woody Funko "POP!" (Box Lunch Exclusive)

toy story woody funko pop woody's roundup black and white

Hey everyone! We are back from our weekend getaway. Time for blog posts to resume daily.

This black and white Toy Story 2 "Woody's Roundup" inspired Woody Funko "POP!" was released exclusively [in stores] at Box Lunch Gifts on September 29th (and went up online October 7th). He is one rootin' tootin' awesome figure!

This Woody is the same mold and number (and essentially the same packaging) as the Toy Story 20th Anniversary Funko "POP!" figure from last year (seen HERE), but it's neat to have a new colored variant nonetheless. He's off to save them critters from the burning barn!

toy story woody funko pop woody's roundup black and white

This is a standard sized 3 3/4" vinyl "POP!" figure and retails at Box Lunch for $12.90 (BUY ONLINE HERE). Be sure to order yours soon before he's gone- in the mean time, check him out in more detail below!

toy story woody funko pop woody's roundup black and white
toy story woody funko pop woody's roundup black and white

I absolutely recommend this to any Disney·Pixar/Toy Story fan (especially all my fellow collectors/Funko lovers out there). It's a fun addition to the ever expanding line-up! If anything, and this is just picky, I wish this came in some unique collector's packaging. It's no big deal, but I feel that would have taken this re-paint up a notch.

Which Toy Story characters would you love to see made by Funko? Shout out your dream wish list in the comments below.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wall·E: NYCC 2016 Exclusive Prints (By Artist Dave Perillo)

nycc new york comic con wall-e art prints dave perillo

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you may remember that I'm a huge fan of Disney/pop culture artist Dave Perillo. I've talked about him and his work more times than I can count on here and I'm always looking forward to what's next from him.

On October 5th, Dave revealed [on his Instagram page] two New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2016 exclusive prints featuring Pixar's famed robot couple Wall·E and Eve. Naturally, these were immediate "must haves" for me. Just look at how fantastic they are! Long story short, once NYCC actually started, I was able to convince my Brother Rob (of Herofied Art) to snag them for me while he was there running his own booth (unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the convention this year). A huge thanks to him for hooking me up.  

nycc new york comic con wall-e art prints dave perillo
nycc new york comic con wall-e art prints dave perillo

Dave's instantly recognizable, minimal style is here with these in full force. I absolutely love what he did with the designs and colors! Simply striking. The prints themselves are 6"x 6" in size and were sold for $10 each (and yah, I am so framing these ASAP).

nycc new york comic con wall-e art prints dave perillo
nycc new york comic con wall-e art prints dave perillo

These prints are now extremely rare, since only 50 were made all together. It's so cool to have both of them signed and numbered (40/50)! The "awesome factor" automatically goes up a few notches when any art is limited/exclusive like this.

To see more from Dave Perillo, you can check out his portfolio on his blog Montygog (as well as all the upcoming shows he'll be attending). If you like what you see, be sure to hit him up on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Finding Dory: Funko Mystery Minis PAGE UPDATE

finding dory funko mystery minis becky
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"You trust Becky? Becky's eating a cup!" -Marlin, Finding Dory
Today we have a page update to my Finding Dory Funko Mystery Minis post...Becky (the quirky loon) has been added to my collection! Visit the original write-up HERE for more details.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cars: Mattel "Wheel Action Drivers" Collection PAGE UPDATE

Today's post is a page update to my Cars "Wheel Action Driver" post from earlier this month...Mater has been added! Visit the original write-up HERE for more details.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Finding Dory: Change & Chat Hank

finding dory change and chat hank

Released back in early May by Bandai Toys, here we have their Finding Dory "Change & Chat" Hank! This is a really fun translucent plastic color changing figure featuring lights and 12 phrases from the film. Place Hank on virtually any [solid] color and his head will "camouflage" (more or less) to the color of the surface (and he'll talk)! It's pretty neat- I don't think I've seen this color change technology in a toy before.

  • "No memories, no problems..."  
  • "Time to go!"
  • "Three hearts? What are you talking about? I don't have three hearts." 
  • "Focus!" 
  • [Heavy breathing] "I don't remember coming this way!" 
  • "Great idea." 
  • "Come on, come on, come on..." 
  • "Name's Hank, how sick are you?" 
  • "Here we go!"
  • "Now we're talkin'." 
  • "Uh oh...we better make this quick." 
  • "Hey, hey, hey...but you found me."
finding dory change and chat hank

Hank is about nine inches long and roughly four inches in height. He requires three AAA batteries (included). Not for water use.

finding dory change and chat hank

What's a toy like this without a video demonstration? I know, that's what you want to see. Look for one soon! In the mean time, I can say it works pretty well. I took it out of the package a few minutes ago and was testing it out on different colored surfaces around the house. The colored lights inside Hank aren't quite as vibrant as in the TV commercial, but I was fairly impressed nonetheless with its vast array of colors and how it works overall.

I purchased this on sale at the Disney Store for just around $8. Honestly, I wasn't planning on getting it until I saw that price. For anywhere between that and, say $12, he's totally worth it if your little one is a fan of Hank. The original $30 price tag however? Maybe not so much. That's for you to decide though. Luckily he's also on sale over at Amazon now for just around $10 if you're interested! Direct link below.

Have fun and let me know what you think in the comments below! Thanks so much for dropping by.

Note: You can also find this at Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, etc... (basically wherever Finding Dory toys are sold).

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Events: Toy Story Vans Collection Release

toy story vans collection release

Yeee- haw! After months of anticipation, the officially licensed Toy Story collection from Vans was released this past Friday (October 7). If you're any kind of Disney·Pixar fan, I'm sure you've heard the hype about this already. Everyone has been going nuts about it, with certain styles selling out the day they launched. Though I'm not planning on picking up any of this myself (if anything, maybe a pair of toddler shoes for our future kids), I most definitely wanted to document the release here on the blog. Being involved with the hype is half the fun!

This unique collection first and foremost includes a wide variety of different Toy Story inspired shoes for men, women and children. You'll also find shirts, socks, hats, backpacks and boxers- all featuring some of your favorite characters from Andy's room (look for some inspired by Sid's room as well). All the designs are fantastic, ranging from very simple to a bit more busy. Whatever your flavor, there's something that will meet your taste.

toy story vans collection release
toy story vans collection release

I stopped by the Vans store after work today (conveniently I work at a mall that has one) to snap some pics of the collection. Check it all out below!

toy story vans collection release
toy story vans collection release
toy story vans collection release
toy story vans collection release toy story vans collection release toy story vans collection release

I love that "ANDY" is written on the bottom of some of the shoe styles. Such a phenomenal detail.

toy story vans collection release

Check out the entire collection at HERE! With the line's overwhelming success so far, do you think can we expect to see more in the future (and from other Pixar films)? Time will tell! Stay tuned.

What are your thoughts? Have you picked up anything from this collection (or plan to)? Shout it out in the comments below.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Video Update: Finding Dory Hank Wall-Crawler Toy

In today's video update, I'm featuring the Hank Wall-Crawler toy in action! I'll be adding the video to the original post as well. Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to give the video a "like" and subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE. Much more to come!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Toy Story: Bug Face Buzz Lightyear Movie Collectible Figure

Toy Story Bug Face Buzz Lightyear Collectible Figure

This Toy R Us exclusive Toy Story "Bug Face Buzz Lightyear" was released by Mattel in 2009 as part of their "Movie Collectibles" line of premium action figures. This was a very cool assortment of articulated figures featuring a unique selection of characters housed in "display worthy" collector packaging. For whatever reason though, I never picked them up back in the day and now I'm stuck trying to track them down on eBay (at least the select few that really interest me). This one was a must have.

In addition to Bug Face Buzz here, the line also included a standard Buzz Lightyear, Rocky Gibraltar (which I showed off HERE), Cereal Dunk Woody (seen HERE) a standard Woody, Hamm, Bo Peep and Jingle Joe.

Toy Story Bug Face Buzz Lightyear Collectible Figure
Toy Story Bug Face Buzz Lightyear Collectible Figure

This figure is directly based off the scene in Toy Story when Buzz jumps down into Andy's mom's van after hitching a ride on the outside. "Even though you tried to terminate me", he tells Woody, "revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet."

Man did they get the look right with this one! His grumpy facial expression is taken directly from the film and the splat bug detail is brilliant. The paint job here is top notch as well- I love how they even made sure to "dirty" him up a little bit.

Toy Story Bug Face Buzz Lightyear Collectible Figure

There have been many, many Buzz figures over the last 21 years, but this is the only version out there with a smashed bug on his helmet. That makes this one incredibly unique! I wish they would do more subtle scene specific variations like this (Cereal Dunk Woody is a good example of that as well).

 Lets take a closer look at him out of the package...

Toy Story Bug Face Buzz Lightyear Collectible Figure
Toy Story Bug Face Buzz Lightyear Collectible Figure

Buzz measures about 4" tall, has articulation in his neck, arms, elbows, legs, knees and wrists (basically everywhere minus his ankles) and stands on his own without any balance issues. It's a really fabulous figure overall.

Toy Story Bug Face Buzz Lightyear Collectible Figure

His helmet can be opened...but make sure the air is breathable! ;) I also noticed his hands are curled into fists as well; ready for that classic gas station tussle with Woody. Nice detail once again.

Toy Story Bug Face Buzz Lightyear Collectible Figure

Visit eBay using this direct link to check out current listings. I was able to snag it just last week for around $18. Best of luck on the hunt if you're looking to add this one to your Toy Story collection! Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.