Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Bug's Life: 20th Anniversary Plush Collection (Disney Store)

disney store a bug's life plush

Another night, another plush post! Following Coco and Incredibles 2, this is the last group of recent Disney Store plush I've had for a while meaning to review. Released just this past fall, in celebration of the film's 20th anniversary, here we have three adorable A Bug's Life plush featuring Flik, Dot and (my personal favorite character) Heimlich! I was so happy to see Pixar's most underrated film get some recent NEVER see A Bug's Life stuff anymore (well, thanks to BoxLunch Gifts, there has been a bit more these days than usual). I was afraid this anniversary would come and go without any recognition at the Disney Store, but they came through.

I almost didn't pick these up (given that I already have all these characters in plush form from the original 1998 Disney Store mini bean bag collection), but then I figured these were bigger, better/improved and different enough to justify! Plus how could I not support the 20th anniversary of this film. So of course I got them, why did I even question it.

All three of these are part of the Disney Store's "small core plush" category and retail for $14.95 each (but right now they're all on sale for only $10, so hurry!!). Flik is 18'' H (incl. antennae), Dot is 14'' H (incl. antennae) and Heimlich is 10'' H x 13'' L.

disney store a bug's life plush

Magic in the details:
  • Detailed plush sculpting
  • Embroidered features
  • Super soft stuffing
  • Enhanced stitching
  • Beans in belly
  • Polyester / polyethylene pellets
They all look great and have really nice likenesses/detailing. Love Dot's little shiny wings! Solid and well made plush all around as usual.

disney store a bug's life plush

The actual anniversary of the film was on November 25th and I meant to get this post up clear back then. Oops! I even posted the below photo on Instagram prepping for it, but things got real busy. Oh well—at least I'm not quite as late this time as I have been recently. Luckily they're all still in stock online HERE and should also be available at your local Disney Store if you'd like to snag these in person.

What are you thoughts? Did you pick up these cute bugs for your collection? Who's your fave? Shout it all out down below! 

disney store a bug's life plush

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Incredibles 2: Disney Store Plush Collection

disney store incredibles 2 plush

After being over a year late getting my Disney Store Coco plush review up, I didn't want to make the same mistake with the Incredibles 2 plush collection! While these did come out last April (so wow, I am pretty late here as it's almost been a year), I didn't actually receive them until just this past Christmas. I waited for a good sale around the holidays in order to justify grabbing all of them. The best thing is, all of these characters are still currently in stock and easily attainable both in store and online—which is something I couldn't say for the Coco plush.

This isn't going to be a detailed review of each plush here. That would get pretty redundant as they're all very similar and equal in make and overall quality. I'll say that these are ALL really well done—from the mixture of materials used to the stitching/embroidered features to the character likenesses/stylization, this is a solid assortment! I don't think I really have any negatives to share, they're your standard Disney Store plush; so if you're familiar with past plushies from the Disney Store, then you know exactly what to expect here. 

Aside from the little "mini bean bag plush" of Jack-Jack in his diaper, these are all part of the same small/medium core lineup. Their sizes and prices are as follows (click the links to buy):

disney store incredibles 2 plush
And if you haven't purchased these yet (but want to) you'll be thrilled to know they're all currently on sale for only $10 each! So whether you're looking to get just one, the whole set or complete the collection you've already started, you won't want to miss this deal. Hurry—not sure how long it'll last.

disney store incredibles 2 plush

I don't believe an Incredibles plush collection like this was released back in 2004 at the Disney Store, so it's cool the sequel made way for these to get made. As a big fan and collector of Pixar plush, the lack of Incredibles in my plush collection was definitely felt! In a sense I like that it's just the classic characters released (if it wasn't for Edna's outfit, these could all easily be lumped in with toys from the first Incredibles and you'd never know any better), but it would have been cool to see one or two Incredibles 2 specific characters released here as well. What do you think?

Shout out your thoughts down below! Do you have a favorite? Anyone else you wish got made? I'll be excited to hear your thoughts. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Coco: Disney Store Plush Collection Review

disney store coco plush toys

Alright everyone, don't judge too harshly here. I'm only a year and four months late with this review! I've planned on getting these plush up here ever since I purchased them in October 2017 and then again last May for Cinco de Mayo (I even got an Instagram post up for it). Not sure why it kept getting pushed back, but here it is! My review of the Disney Store/ range of Coco inspired medium core plush.

This colorful collection of five soft characters includes Miguel, Hector, Dante, Dante (Alejibre) and Pepita! Each plush originally retailed for $19.95.

Let's start with Miguel. He's about 18.5" tall, has a good likeness and is made from a nice variety of soft, quality materials. His iconic red hoodie has decorative drawstrings, a real working zipper and can be fully removed to reveal his white undershirt. Transform Miguel's face to his land of the dead disguise by pulling up his hood/fabric skeleton face flap!

disney store coco plush toys miguel
disney store coco plush toys miguel

Both Dante plush look fantastic, have wonderful embroidered details and both really capture the character from the film. Both are about 15"-16" tall; regular Dante is in a sitting pose and alejibre Dante is standing on all fours. You can't go wrong with getting either of these, but there's really something to say about the alejibre one! The vibrant colors and details in the pattern are outstanding (not to mention those wings and bright blue tongue). There's a reason why the Disney Store decided to bring back only this one recently out of all of these!

disney store coco plush toys dante

The Hector plush is very cute. They did a really nice job stylizing him and making a skeleton appealing for kids to play and cuddle with (which sounds weird in concept, but I think it works here). He stands at 18" tall and is also made with a great selection of soft/quality fabrics.

disney store coco plush toys hector

The Pepita plush looks amazing—almost gargoyle-esque in her stance! She's very soft with bright colored fabric and embroidered details. This one may be the coolest and most striking, which is probably why she's also the rarest of these five plush. Pepita measures about 12.5" tall.

disney store coco plush toys pepita

There you go! I'm so happy that these are finally documented and reviewed here on the blog. As mentioned, these aren't available to purchase anymore unfortunately (aside from alejibre Dante which made a comeback, BUY HERE or in store), but you can pick them up on eBay (if you don't mind paying high prices) by using THIS direct link to current listings. Sellers also have them listed on Amazon, but again, prices are very high.

Let me know all your thoughts down below? Did you grab these at the time of their release? Do you have a favorite? 

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Toy Story: Nighttime Routine Rewards Chart

toy story disney store nighttime routine rewards chart

Hey howdy hey everyone! A few months back, the Disney Store/ released this cute Toy Story inspired Nighttime Routine Reward Chart. While my wife and I don't have any kids quite yet, I had to grab this and put it away for the future. I've thought a nighttime rewards chart type tradition would be fun to do someday (it's something I never did as a little kid) and what better one to have than one that's Toy Story themed! I couldn't help myself.

This chart is 19'' H x 14'' W and features seven spaces in a column on the left (for each day of the week) and six spaces in a row at the top (for each part of the nighttime routine). The nighttime routine labels fit in little clear plastic envelopes there at the top and you can arrange them in any order according to how you do things in your home. There's Woody's hat to represent getting dressed, a tub for taking a bath, a toy box of aliens for cleaning up toys, a toothbrush/paste for brushing teeth, books for reading a bedtime story and a pillow for going to sleep. There's even six blank labels you can customize with a marker if you'd like to add you own in.

toy story disney store nighttime routine rewards chart

Everything about this is extremely cute; all the artwork is so well done and stylized to really captivate kids. It comes with an erasable marker, a large rectangular space at the bottom for writing any notes and 42 resealable clear cling stickers featuring aliens, stars, hats, and rockets (seven of each design) to mark achievements. Recommended age is 3+; original retail price was $19.95.

Unfortunately this item has sold out online, but there are a couple currently on eBay HERE if you're interested. 

toy story disney store nighttime routine rewards chart
toy story disney store nighttime routine rewards chart
toy story disney store nighttime routine rewards chart

While I understand that it's not good to completely rely on reward charts like this (you want kids to learn good habits/behavior, responsibility and helping others—not just for stickers or tangible prizes), I think there is a time and a place for this type of thing and I think it adds a little fun and magic to everyday "boring" routines. Once the whole chart fills up, it'll be fun to plan some kind of fun small reward/outing (say a trip to get ice cream or maybe a little toy they were wanting).

Anyway, I think that about wraps up my thoughts! I'll be excited to see this in action one day and to see if a system like this works for our family/child. Did you pick one of these up? Has your family ever used rewards charts before and how'd it go? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Monsters Inc: "We Scare Because..." Art Print by Dave Perillo

dave perillo pixar disney monsters inc art

Here we have a Monsters Inc. inspired print that's so screamtastic, it's scary! Titled "We Scare Because...", this stunning 14" x 18" art piece by Disney/pop culture illustrator Dave Perillo is currently available at Disney Parks for $39.99. I was thrilled when I stumbled upon it this past October during our latest trip to Walt Disney World! I picked this up at the Merchant of Venus gift shop in Tomorrowland, but I believe it's also available at the Wonderground Gallery in Disney Springs as well.

This deluxe matted print is perfect for framing. I picked up a simple black frame today at Michael's (40% off) and popped it right in. It's currently hanging proudly on my office wall as the newest addition to my Pixar art gallery! This same image is also available as a 5" x 7" postcard as well, for those wanting this in a smaller size. Retail for the postcard is $4.99.

dave perillo pixar disney monsters inc art

All your fave characters are here: Mike, Sulley, Boo, Celia, Roz, Waternoose, Randall, George Sanderson, Fungus and even Needleman and Smitty (man, those two just don't get enough love; it's awesome Dave included them on here). I just love everything about this. It's great for adult fans like myself, but this would also look adorable in a Monsters Inc. kid's room!

Dave Perillo has been a favorite of mine for years (check out when we first met HERE). I'm just completely drawn to his style, which is very specific to him. I can recognize one of Dave's pieces from a mile away. I love his minimal character designs and use of muted/unique color schemes—and I gotta say, it works SO well here with this piece. I  really wish I had more of Dave's art, but I've only been able to get my hands on a couple other prints (like the NYCC Wall·E & Eve ones and the issue of Birth.Movies.Death he did the cover art for). As seen below, in 2018 he even did some designs based on several Pixar short films! I REALLY need those. Like a lot.

dave perillo pixar short film art

You can check out Dave's portfolio (as well as all the upcoming conventions he'll be attending) on his blog Montygog. If you like what you see, be sure to hit him up on Instagram and Twitter as well.

That's about it! I'd love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to comment down below. Do you have any Dave Perillo pieces you're proud to have? Who's your favorite Disney artist?

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Toy Story Pizza Planet Aliens PJs (BoxLunch)

boxlunch toy story alien pizza planet pajamas

OoooOOOoooooOO...check out these spacetacular Toy Story Pizza Planet Alien sleep pants from BoxLunch Gifts! Every year on Christmas eve (lifelong tradition) my grandparents give all us grandkids a fresh new pair of PJs to wear into Christmas morning—oh the magic. This past year, similarly to the Pizza Planet ones I chose in 2017, I decided to go the Pixar route again and received this super fun pair featuring everyone's favorite three eyed aliens! 

I love the subtle details, like the little Pizza Planet logo at the waist, the "OHHHHHHH" on the draw strings and the tiny stars—not to mention the cute little designs of the aliens themselves. You know I'm a sucker for all things Pizza Planet!

boxlunch toy story alien pizza planet pajamas

These pajamas are soft and comfortable (cotton/poly mix), though maybe not quite as soft as the 2017 pair I got (plus those came in a cool pizza box). These are great though and I've worn them a ton since Christmas! These retailed for around $29 at BoxLunch and have unfortunately since sold out in all sizes online. Keep a watchful eye though as they very well could come back.

Anyone else out there get these as well? Do you have a favorite pair of Pixar jammies? Let me know your thoughts down below!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pixar Character Blocks Woven Tapestry Throw (ShopDisney)

pixar throw blanket

Ready for the best Pixar blanket currently out there? Check out this "Pixar Character Blocks Woven Tapestry Throw" from ShopDisney! Each Pixar film of the golden era (which I consider 1995-2010; or Toy Story to Toy Story 3) is represented here by at least one to three characters—except for Cars (not sure why that one got left out). These stylized designs are still some of my all time favorites, which date back to 2014 when some of them debuted on THIS Disney Store t-shirt (still one of my fave shirts). These designs were also featured on several giant walls on the show floor of the 2015 D23 Expo (see them in my post HERE; scroll about half way down). I really wonder who the artist is.

This high quality throw measures 60'' H x 48'' W and retails for $39.95 HERE on I absolutely love the overall look and the decorative fringes around all the edges. Don't expect a soft, cozy, or warm blanket with this though. Sure you can curl up with this on the couch if you'd like, but I'd say it's more decorative (could even be used as a rug or hung on the wall; I personally drape mine over my office computer chair which looks great). Also don't expect it to be as bright and colorful as it appears on the ShopDisney listing. The colors are much more muted, as seen in my photo (which isn't a bad thing, I actually think it's really cool that way). 

pixar throw blanket

If you'd like this same design as a brighter, softer blanket, they actually have one at BoxLunch HERE. I prefer the one I have here, but that's just my taste. 

What are you thoughts? Have you picked this up or plan to? Which is your favorite character design of the 16 featured on here (mine has to be that chubby happy Mike Wazowski)? Let me know down in the comments below!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Monsters Inc: Sulley Tiny Big Feet Plush

sulley tiny big feet plush

Released just a few months back at the Disney Store and, here we have Sulley as part of their new adorable "Tiny Big Feet" collection! This series of micro plushies also includes Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Dumbo, Thumper, Pooh, Eeyore, Stitch and Marie; each one being about 3 3/4" tall. Retail is $5.95.

Given that I have other small plush versions of Sulley (from Tsum Tsums to Itty Bittys, etc.), I honestly wasn't going to grab this one at first. But given its sheer shameless cuteness and that it was only a few bucks, I decided I couldn't resist! I ended up asking for this as a stocking stuffer from my in-laws anyway, so that worked out pretty perfectly.

sulley tiny big feet plush

I'm putting this away for my little ones to enjoy one day, hoping that they'll end up loving Monsters Inc. as much as me. It's perfect for young kids, from baby to toddler! It's also just a cute little desk item for collectors/older kids as well.

sulley tiny big feet plush

This plush is soft and squeezable with some nice embroidered details. You can't go wrong here, so go ahead and grab him while you can if you want a tiny little fuzzy monster friend in your collection! You can still find him at your local Disney Store or on HERE.

And stay tuned next month as THREE new Tiny Big Feet plush will be released on February 23rd— this time based on Toy Story characters (Buzz, Woody and Rex)! Who else would you like to see get this treatment? Sound off your thoughts down below.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Pixar Socks in Pixar Ball Ornaments (Holiday 2018)

disney store pixar ball ornament socks

Just this past holiday season, the Disney Store (and released an excellent series of six Pixar inspired adult crew socks—all brilliantly packaged in Luxo ball ornaments! These were on every Pixar fan's "must have" list for Christmas, I'm sure, and made for perfect stocking stuffers (which is exactly how I got mine).

The two pairs I decided to go for are the ones I felt were the more masculine (or neutral) designs: The Toy Story cloud pair (based on Andy's iconic wall pattern) and the Monsters University "MU" pair (which totally captures the college/letterman feel). The other four designs that were released were based on Coco, Up, The Incredibles (specifically Edna) and Inside Out (see them all HERE).

Each Pixar ball ornament is clear plastic with a satin ribbon for hanging. They open easily in half to remove the socks and snap right back together. Original retail was $9.95, but they did eventually go on sale as well.

Check out ones I got in more detail!

Toy Story Clouds Socks
disney store pixar ball ornament socks

A fun surprise (what they don't tell you on the tag) is that one of the Toy Story cloud socks has "Andy" written on the bottom in his signature way (like how it's written on the bottom of Woody's boot). This was such a perfect touch!

disney store pixar ball ornament socks

Monsters University MU Socks
disney store pixar ball ornament socks
disney store pixar ball ornament socks

I tried both pairs on and they're soft, comfortable and stylish (well, as far as Disney/Pixar style goes). Love them! I believe these are the first pairs of Pixar inspired socks I've ever had, so that's pretty neat. I'm definitely glad I went for them and I'm excited to wear them with my Pixar outfits to complete my ensembles.

These have since sold out online, but you may still be able to find them at your local Disney Store. If you missed these originally and want to add them to your collection, be sure to check out THIS DIRECT LINK to current eBay listings (there are a few up as of right now). Highly recommend!

Did you pick any of these up? Which design is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts down below.

disney store pixar ball ornament socks
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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Knick Knack: Funko Shop Exclusive Snowman Vinyl Figure

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

Funko seriously killed it last year with so many amazing and unique Pixar releases; from Bao, to the Pizza Planet Truck and now the Knick Knack Snowman (among a bunch others), I'm just so impressed with their variety in 2018 and that they were able to give us hardcore fans some real treats to drool over. I'm also thrilled that characters from Pixar shorts are finally getting the Funko treatment and, now that the floodgates are open, I'm pumped to see which characters are next.

Knick Knack is an iconic Pixar short film (produced and directed by the man himself, John Lasseter), which originally premiered in 1989 at the SIGGRAPH convention in Boston. Most people, however, know it from its theatrical wide debut when it released in front of Finding Nemo in 2003. It's absolutely one of my favorite shorts due to its classic, clever Pixar humor, its groundbreaking animation and the simple visual storytelling. Any Knick Knack merch I can get my hands on is a must for me, this being only my third item after the 2013 ear hat ornament and last year's pin.

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

Just like with the recent Bao figure, this is not considered a Funko "POP!", but rather a "Vinyl Figure". And once again, the packaging is just as special as the figure himself with Funko replicating the character's snow globe environment from the film! It's perfection and I appreciate all the little details put into everything here.

The box is about 7" long x 5" tall x 4" wide and the figure itself is about 4.5" tall (a rough measurement since I'm not going to be taking this one out of the package, at least for the time being). Original retail price was $15.00.

Check him out! How could it get cuter?

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

Another great detail is underneath the box. There's the little exit door just like in the film! They even included the door from the other side (which features the "emergency exit" sign) on the bottom of the inside of the package too— seen on THIS Reddit thread.

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

This is a limited edition (though not sure how many pieces were produced) exclusive which dropped on the last day, December 12th 2018, of Funko's "12 Days of Christmas" event (basically a new limited Funko product was available on their online shop every day from the 1st to the 12th). This was the grand finale to the event and I couldn't have thought of a better choice to end with (though I'm totally biased being the Pixar fan that I am). Some Funko Shop exclusive releases sell out in two minutes or less, but this one took a good eight to ten minutes or so to sell out. It's a good thing too because I got out of a work meeting late and was still able to snag one about eight minutes after it went live on the site. Man was I nervous, but it all worked out!

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

If you missed out, don't you worry. Luckily the price has stayed down on eBay and is typically selling for only about $25 or less. I guess demand isn't too high for this guy, which is surprising! Check out THIS DIRECT LINK to current eBay listings if you'd like to add this unique release to your Pixar collection. I obviously can't recommend it enough!

Were you able to grab one of these? Which Pixar short film character would you like to see Funko tackle next? Shout out all your thoughts down below.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Monsters Inc: Disney Store Blind Box Vinyl Tsum Tsums—Mike & Sulley

disney store pixar blind box tsum tsums

These adorable Monsters Inc. inspired vinyl Tsum Tsums of Mike and Sulley were released February 7th 2017 at the Disney Store and as part of their Tsum Tsum blind box collection. This Pixar series featured these two plus four other standard characters (Buzz, Woody, Dory and Nemo—seen HERE) and two "chasers" (Wall·E and Eve–seen HERE).

I didn't get any of these at the time, but I was gifted Mike and Sulley here as part of my departure present when I left the Disney Store this past fall. My Disney Store family is the best and I miss them a ton! Man did they know me well. This was a fun surprise and I'm so glad I have them now.

disney store pixar blind box tsum tsums

These are made of a hard vinyl material and are about 2.5-3" long (for comparison, not too much smaller than the standard classic size plush Tsum Tsums). Original retail was $12.95 each, similar to a Vinylmation box.

disney store pixar blind box tsum tsums

You can stumble upon these on eBay if you're looking to add these to your Pixar collection! What are you thoughts? Did you collect these blind boxes? Do you miss the good ol' days when Tsum Tsum Tuesdays happened each month? Shout out your comments down below.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wall·E Mousepad (from Zazzle)

disney pixar wall-e mousepad

Hi everyone! Just when I think I'll have the time to get back to my regular blog posts here, life just gets busier and busier. Sorry I haven't been able to get one up since almost a month ago, but I'm thrilled that I found some time tonight to review one of the items I got for Christmas a few weeks back. Check out this Wall·E inspired mousepad from Zazzle!

I was really in need of a new mousepad (they say these things are dust and stain resistent, but definitely not). The Monsters University one (seen HERE) I got back in the summer of 2017 was getting old and scuffed and I wanted my whole computer desk area to start off the new year clean and fresh. This one was the perfect choice for me! There are so many options out there for Pixar themed mousepads, but I wanted something that made sense themeing wise. Wall·E was the obvious choice this time around, not only because computers in general play a big part in the movie, but also since much of the film does have that clean/minimal Apple computer inspired look and feel to it (even the real life Apple startup sound is used for when Wall·E gets recharged ). It just felt right.

The next step was narrowing down all the cute 30+ Wall·E mousepad designs on Zazzle down to one. This one stood out because the art style is right up my alley and I just liked the simplicity of it. So cute! And yes, the "08" seems to be a direct reference to the year Wall·E was released in theaters.

disney pixar wall-e mousepad

All the mousepads are a standard size of 9.25" L x 7.75" W and retail for $12.25. You can grab this one on Zazzle's site HERE if you're interested in this for your computer desk. You can order it as is, OR completely customize it in terms of color, image placement, text, size, etc.

Let me know your thoughts down below and I hope to see you again real soon for another blog post! Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cars: Sarge with Cannon

pixar cars sarge with cannon

Hello Disney·Pixar Cars fans and collectors! Welcome to another Mattel 1:55 scale diecast review. It's been a while since I posted one of these, so it feels good to be documenting my Cars collection again. I have a lot to catch up on from this year (and even some from last year still, which is just crazy) so I hope to be putting these reviews up more regularly. Today I'm taking a look at a release from this past summer (which hit shelves around May/June in Case K), Sarge with Cannon!

Sarge here is a Deluxe sized vehicle from this year's "Radiator Springs" sub-series. What's interesting is that this one was actually suppose to be released clear back in 2010, but it was cancelled! Pretty neat we finally got it all these years later. What makes this diecast oversized/considered Deluxe is not Sarge himself (he's the standard size), but the addition of the cannon accessory.

As shown in the screen shot above, Sarge is seen with this "Guaranteed No Tailgaters" cannon (such a clever gag by the way) in the original Cars film during, what I call,  the"Route 66 montage" (when McQueen begins helping all the businesses out in Radiator Springs). McQueen is seen in Sarge's Surplus Hut wearing night vision goggles, a diecast which was also released years ago (full post HERE).

Cars mattel Sarge with Cannon

Sarge has an entirely new facial expression but, to be honest, this could have been done better. He looks a little confused or dumbfounded. I wish he had more of a stern expression (like the original Sarge diecast) or one that matches his face in the scene more accurately. Not a huge deal at all, just something I noticed.

Cars mattel Sarge with Cannon

The cannon gets attached to the hitch on the back of Sarge and can easily be popped on or off. It's a great accessory and looks exactly as it should. Awesome details.

Cars mattel Sarge with Cannon

You may or may not be able to still find Sarge with Cannon in your area, so definitely visit your local Walmart or Target to check if you're looking to add this one to your collection. You can also find it on Amazon using the direct link below or on eBay HERE.

Happy hunting! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.