Sunday, October 14, 2018


Hi everyone! So if you've been following my site for some time now, you've probably noticed a shift lately as I've been posting less and less. I use to take great pride in the fact that I would never miss posting a blog post daily, even if I was away or sick. However, life has changed a bit over the past two months or so and I've been busier than ever. The reason being (and it's a good thing) that I now have a full time career (YAY!) on top of still working at the Disney Store on the weekends and my dad's family business at nights.

Speaking of the Disney Store, a couple days ago I hit my three year anniversary as a Disney Store Cast Member. It's something that's bittersweet to me since I'll actually be leaving the Disney Store very soon (November 4th being my last day). As much as I'd like to stay there, I need some time at home to relax, be with family and continue my passion here with this site. Otherwise (especially with the busyness of the holiday season coming up) I would have zero time to myself. All in all, I have had the most fun and life changing experience there and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm grateful that, though short, my dream of working for the Walt Disney Company was fulfilled in a small way.

I'm also grateful that my wife and I are able to fit in one last Disney World trip (with those sweet Cast Member perks I'll miss so much)! We leave tomorrow for a week (we'll be staying at the All Star Movies Resort), so blog posts will completely be on hold until I return.

Pretty soon, I'll have nights and weekends open again and I hope to continue running my blog here as normal. Until then, it might be a little lite on the posts. Thank you for your patience and sticking with me!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Pixar Collection: 20 Ounce Mini Crock Three Pack Review

Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

Just over two years ago, I reviewed the epic Pixar inspired 7 quart oval slow cooker (seen HERE)—which is still one of my favorite practicable Pixar items to date and something we use often in our kitchen. Now as if the slow cooker wasn't already enough, you know I also had to get this set of three corresponding 20 ounce mini crocks (or "dippers") featuring a Toy Story Alien, Remy from Ratatouille and Jack-Jack from The Incredibles! I've loved the signature stylized character graphics used in this collection since the designs first debuted on products back at the 2015 D23 Expo

Though this set was released early this year, I didn't receive it until my birthday in May. So yes, this review has been a long time coming, but luckily it's something that's still available.  

Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

These mini crock pots are the perfect size for appetizers such as dips, tiny meatballs or even chocolate/cheese fondue. If you're throwing any kind of Disney/Pixar themed party (you know what I'm about to say), then these are a must have! And for only $32.95, the price is certainly right.

Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

  • Each dipper: 40 watts
  • Steel / plastic / ceramic / glass / heating elements
  • Each dipper holds 20 ounces
  • Each dipper: 6 3/10'' W x 7 1/4'' H x 5 3/4'' D
  • Removable ceramic inserts with tempered glass lids

  • Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

    Here they are unboxed! They sure look extra great in person and the quality/sturdiness of these is something you'll notice right away. Love the vibrant colors too! 

    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

    And just like with the Pixar Slow Cooker, the best part with these is the Luxo/Toy Story ball handle! That's just the perfect detail for us Pixar mega fans. Super slick looking. 

    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

    You won't want to miss out on these. If you're interested in adding this set to your collection (and/or your Disney Pixar themed kitchen), visit THIS DIRECT Link to ShopDisney. The 7 quart slow cooker is also still available HERE and there is one last component to this collection that I've yet to snag...the Pixar Popcorn Popper! Check that out if you haven't seen it already.

    Let me know your thoughts on this Pixar Collection kitchen assortment down in the comments and make sure you're following along right here for daily updates! 

    Thursday, October 4, 2018

    Giveaway! Win a $25 Disney Gift Card

    To 25K and BEYOND! In celebration of reaching the 25K followers milestone on Instagram, and as a big thank you for all the support and encouragement over the years, I'm hosting a very special giveaway. Follow the instructions below and you could win a tangible $25 Disney Gift Card (the Buzz design seen above)— sent straight to your home! This card can be used at the Disney Store, or any of the US Disney Parks.

    Entering the giveaway is just 3 simple steps:
    1.) Be sure to be following me on Instagram @danthepixarfan

    2.) Like the giveaway post 

    3.) Tag 2 Disney/Pixar friends in the comments and let them know why you enjoy my page! Additional tags will receive additional entries.


    That's it! One lucky winner will receive the gift card in the mail within 5-7 business days after the giveaway is closed. 

ENDS 10/09 at 10pm EST. 
Winner will be chosen at random and announced on 10/10. Winner will be reached out via Instagram DM for their shipping info. 

    *Open to US contestants only. Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use.*

    Sunday, September 30, 2018

    Cars 3: Rich Mixon

    cars 3 mattel rich mixon

    I'm back with another Mattel Cars 3 1:55 diecast review and today I'm taking a look at Rich Mixon—the Tank Coat sponsored next-generation racer (No. 36)! Rich replaced the stock car racer Reb Meeker (who I haven't reviewed yet, but is in an 11-Pack I have) for the Florida 500 race at the end of Cars 3.  In the original Cars, Eugene Carbureski was the racer for team Tank Coat.

    You can see Rich Mixon in the screen shot above during the Florida 500 race. He's one you can't miss due to his bright hot pink color scheme! You might recall that he's actually the first racer to be imagined as a tractor by Cruz Ramirez as she remembers how to "sneak through the window."

    cars 3 mattel rich mixon

    Rich was first released back in January of this year, but he proved pretty hard to find in my area and I missed grabbing him in stores initially. Luckily he ended up being included in multiple cases since then and I found him at Target a few weeks back! This one even comes with a bonus collector's card featuring the Tank Coat logo.

    cars 3 mattel rich mixon

    Once again, this is a really cool next-gen racer and it's no wonder why he's on the harder side to find. Kids and collectors gravitate toward his vibrant colors and sleek look! He certainly stands out on store pegs as a neat looking and unique character. Mattel did a fantastic job as usual.

    You can still find Rich Mixon on store shelves, so be sure to check your local Walmart or Target for availability. If you'd rather just order him online, check out my direct link to the current Amazon listing below.

    Let me know YOUR thoughts down in the comments! 

    Friday, September 28, 2018

    Cars 3: Sheldon Shifter

    mattel cars 3 sheldon shifter diecast review

    Hey Disney·Pixar Cars fans! Tonight I'm back with another quick Cars 3 Mattel 1:55 scale diecast review. Released back in February of this year, here we have Sheldon Shifter—the "next-gen" Sputter Stop racer (No. 92)! During the events of the original Cars and the beginning of Cars 3, Murray Clutchburn was the racer sponsored by Sputter Stop until he was replaced by Sheldon here (who has a very different look).

    You can see a pretty clear shot of Sheldon in the pits in the Cars 3 screen cap above.

    mattel cars 3 sheldon shifter diecast review

    We all know the next-generation racers look the coolest and Sheldon's design is no exception! It's no wonder the next-gen characters are always the first to be snagged off the shelves. Kids especially love them. I really dig this one's unique color scheme—reminds me of a chocolate mint candy! 

    mattel cars 3 sheldon shifter diecast review

    Mattel did another great job here as always. Amazing attention to detail! If you still need to add this one to your collection, Sheldon can still be found on the pegs pretty easily; so be sure to check your local Walmart or Target for availability. You can also grab him online using the direct Amazon link below.

    Shout out YOUR thoughts down in the comments! Do you have a favorite Cars 3 racer?

    Monday, September 24, 2018

    Toy Story: Disney Store "Cuddleez" Light-Up Alien Plush

    disney store toy story light up alien plush

    OooooOOOoooOOo... I have to say, this Disney Store exclusive Toy Story Glowing Alien Plush is one of the best things to come from there in a long time! This hit stores back in July and, as soon as I saw it there on the shelf, there was no question about whether I was going to pick it up or not. This is the perfect item to put away for my little Toy Story fans to snuggle with one day and is sure to be a huge hit. I love that it's a cuddle friend and a nightlight!

    This adorable LGM's head lights up (a nice, soft glow) when you squeeze its hand. The plush is all around super duper soft with embroidered features, is about 13'' H (including antenna) x 12'' W x 4'' Diameter in size and retails for $24.95. BUT ACT QUICK and you can pick this up with a BONUS 40% off (which brings it down to a fantastic $14.97). Hurry though, that promotion is sure to end soon. Visit your local Disney Store to take advantage of it or find it on the ShopDisney site HERE

    disney store toy story light up alien plush

    On the back you'll find a small velcro compartment which holds the plush's battery pack. Take that out and turn it from the "TRY ME" mode (in which the light feature only works for a few seconds) to the "ON" mode (the light feature will stay on until you squeeze its hand again, turning it off). You can also disable the light-up feature completely by switching the power pack to the "OFF" position. Three LR44 button cell batteries are required and included.

    This is part of the Disney Store's new "Cuddleez" collection. If you're a Beauty and the Beast fan, you can find a light-up Belle plush in this same style HERE.

    disney store toy story light up alien plush

    Here's the glow feature in action! Totally out of this world cute. I love his uniquely stylized design and that completely simple "U" smile (a look you never see the Toy Story aliens have). There have been multiple Toy Story alien plushies released in the past, but none as cute or as soft as this one.

    disney store toy story light up alien plush

    I am "eternally grateful" for this plush and you will be too! If you or your little one at home is a Toy Story fan, I cannot recommend picking this up enough. This is not to be missed, so be sure to grab it at your local Disney Store or online HERE (remember the current code for 40% off is BONUS40) before the claw snatches all of them up.

    Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! 

    Wednesday, September 19, 2018

    Cars 3: Blind Spot

    pixar cars 3 blind spot mattel

    Start your engines! Tonight I'm back for yet another brief Mattel Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast review. Check out this year's single release of Blind Spot, one of the many awesome demolition derby racers seen in the film! This character was also released last year in a 2-Pack with Pushover, but I was never able to find that set. Good thing both Blind Spot here AND Pushover were re-released in single packs! Now I have them both and my demolition derby cars collection is almost complete.

    As shown in the screen shot above, Blind Spot makes a couple brief appearances during the Crazy 8 demo derby sequence AND later on in the film when the Thunder Hollow cars are seen at a bar watching McQueen's final race on TV. She (yes, this is a female car according the Cars Wiki page) sports the racing number 10.

    pixar cars 3 blind spot mattel

    Once again this is a vibrantly painted and perfectly detailed car. I love the unique hot pink and blue color scheme! You know I've loved collecting all the Thunder Hollow cars. They never disappoint.

    pixar cars 3 blind spot mattel

    Find Blind Spot in stores now (check your local Target and Walmart), or snag her online using the direct Amazon link below. What are your thoughts? Shout them out down in the comments!

    Monday, September 17, 2018

    Toy Story: Woody Journal

    toy story woody journal disney store

    Hey howdy hey and welcome to today's post! This Toy Story Woody journal is exclusive to the Disney Store/ and has been available for the past couple months. I hadn't planned on getting it (just because I have so many journals at this point), but once it went clearance (AND with an extra 40% off + my cast member discount), I couldn't resist. Its original retail prince was $16.95, but I ended up paying only $4.75 for it. Steal of a deal if you ask me!

    Though this journal has since sold out on the ShopDisney website, there's still a chance you can find it at your local Disney Store. At mine, we still have a bunch in the clearance section—so if you're interested, be sure to call yours to see if they still have any in stock!

    Let's take a closer look below and I'll fill you in on all the details...

    toy story woody journal disney store

    This is a faux leather journal with stitched detailing around the edges and etched artwork on the front (Woody and the Toy Story logo), back (Woody's iconic sheriff badge star shape) and side (Andy's name spelled with his signature backwards "N"—as seen on the bottom of Woody's boot). Size is 6 1/2'' H x 5'' W x 1 1/4'' D. It's all done beautifully with an overall rustic/old west feel to it!

    toy story woody journal disney store

    The endpapers are brown and feature minimal designs of different types of cacti. The Toy Story logo appears at the beginning of the book, just before the journal pages.  

    toy story woody journal disney store
    toy story woody journal disney store

    All the pages are lined and each spread includes a Woody's "Andy" boot sketch (left side) and Woody himself (right side).

    toy story woody journal disney store toy story woody journal disney store

    Everything here feels quality made and I can't recommend it enough for all you Toy Story mega fans/collectors out there like me! If you're in the market for a new journal, this might be the perfect one to write down all your thoughts, stories and creative ideas. Now excuse me, I have the sudden urge to go watch Woody's Roundup while eating a bowl of "Cowboy Crunchies."

    What are your thoughts? Did you pick this journal up as well? Let me know down in the comments. Yee-haw!

    Wednesday, September 12, 2018

    Incredibles 2: "Junior Supers" Figure Collection (By Jakks Pacific) WAVE 2

    junior supers incredibles 2 wave 2

    Are you a collector of the Incredibles 2 "Junior Supers" line by Jakks Pacific? Well then, you'll be excited to hear that a new wave with several new characters has just started hitting Target stores across the US! To read my full review of the first wave of Junior Supers, check out my original blog post RIGHT HERE.

    I had no idea these were coming and was totally taken by surprise when I found them at Target a week or so ago. The new packs include Mr. Incredible & Edna Mode (unfortunately the Mr. Incredible figure is a straight repack, so you'll need to get him again in order to get Edna) and Fire Jack-Jack & Raccoon (both brand new figures). Additionally as part of this second wave, Elastigirl & The Underminer now come in a set, as well as gray suite Elastigirl & Dash—but all of those figures are re-releases without anything new. Obviously I only picked up the two sets with the new figures, but I included a photo at the end of this post showing the other two sets there on the pegs for your reference.

    Each of these figures is between 1.5" tall (the raccoon being the smallest) and 3" tall (Mr. Incredible being the largest). They all have about five points or more of articulation (ball joints at the shoulders and swivel neck and legs; Mr. Incredible also has rotating wrists).

    Let's take a closer look at each 2-Pack below, in and out of the their packages!

    junior supers incredibles 2 edna
    junior supers incredibles 2 edna junior supers incredibles 2 edna

    junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon
    junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon
    junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon

    I assumed Jack-Jack would be able to sit, but I honestly didn't think he'd be able to stand up on his own. I was proven wrong! All four of these figures stand up surprisingly great without any serious balance issues. From their looks to their stances, these are quality sculpts all around.

    junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon

    As mentioned, below are the other two sets in the wave (the ones completely made up of repacks). Both of the Elastigirls and Dash have already been released in previous 2-packs, while the Underminer had only been available with the Tunneler Playset until now. Too bad any other new characters weren't included in this wave, but I do love the ones we got. Here's to hoping a Wave 3 will be happening soon.

    junior supers incredibles 2 wave 2

    Edna was on my short list of figures I had hoped to be released, so I'm really happy she was made! She is awesome. The fire Jack-Jack and raccoon set has to take the cake for me's just such a fantastic 2-pack and the figures look so great! I especially love the translucent plastic used for Jack-Jack. Honestly though, this whole Junior Supers range is so well done. I adore the stylization.

    Retail for each pack is $6.99. Find them at Target (in the Imaginext isle) or on Amazon using the direct link below! Again, these are quality, fun figures perfect for small hands and imaginative play. If you have a little Incredibles fan at your home, you won't wanna miss out on these ones!

    Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Are you collecting these? Who would you like to see be made if a Wave 3 happens? I'm still holding out hope for the "wannabe supers".... Voyd, Brick, Krushauer, Reflux, He-Lectrix, etc! Lastly, if you missed any of my previous Junior Super posts, check them all out below:

    Friday, September 7, 2018

    Coco: Skullectables Hacienda Playset

    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review

    Hola amigos! Last November, I posted my video review of the Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset by Mattel (which you can view HERE). I recently realized though that I never ended up writing an actual written review, which I had planned to go up the very next day! So here I am almost a year later with my full thoughts on this playset.

    I love the Coco Skullectables line. I had so much fun and have so many memories collecting them last year and it bummed me out when the lineup didn't continue on! A "Series 2" and beyond would have had so much potential with all the fun, colorful and unique characters there are in the film. If you missed my original thoughts on the entire Mattel Skullectables blind bag and 3-Pack figure collection, check out my post from last fall HERE. All caught up? Moving on!

    This playset is a fun and must have addition to your Skullectables collection. Not only is it perfect for play and/or display, but it also makes a nice storage container. Plus it comes with an exclusive translucent marigold colored Miguel figure, so you really can't go wrong here! This was originally available last year at Toys R Us for $19.99, but can now be found on Amazon on sale for only $13. If you never grabbed it, now's a great time.

    First, check out the vibrant packaging before I bust it out! Nice graphics highlighting the different features are on the back.  

    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review
    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review

    Here it is! The design is super neat with some nice details. The outside seems to be loosely based on the mansion of Ernesto de la Cruz in the land of the dead (seen HERE), with some touches inside based on the Sunrise Spectacular amphitheater. There is also something about the inside that reminds me of Ernesto's performance of "Remember Me" from early in the film, so in my mind it's kind of a hybrid of all three locations.

    Its size is 10" tall x 7" wide (about 13" wide when opened up). 

    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review
    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review

    Just lift up the gold toothed skull on the front of the playset to unlock! Then fold out the two sides, fold down the staircase and lift up the guitar for the full effect. Looks awesome, right? On the sides you'll notice "balconies" that act as storage compartments for 12 Skullectables, each with a peg to help the figures stand securely. The figures also look cool displayed on the steps.

    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset reviewCoco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review

    Rotating dance floor! Manually turn the dial for spinning action. Here you can see Hector and Miguel preforming Un Poco Loco. ;)

    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review

    Lift the white tab there on the front ledge to send a character flying out a secret trap door (or trap window?) in the back!

    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review
    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review

    Here's the whole Skullectables collection displayed! Epic. There are many ways to arrange the figures—kids will have fun using their imaginations. Below I attached my original video from last year so that you can see all this in action, as well as a link to purchase on Amazon.

    Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments! Did you pick this up? Which characters did you want to see in this line if the collection hadn't been cancelled?

    Coco Skullectables Hacienda Playset review