Sunday, February 19, 2017

Toy Story 2: Disney Store 30th Anniversary Pin (Jessie & Bullseye)

toy story disney store 30th anniversary pin jessie bullseye

If you didn't know this already, this year marks the Disney Store's 30th anniversary! To celebrate this milestone, the Disney Store has a bunch of exclusive merch lined up— including 30 never before released limited edition pins commemorating Disney (mostly animated) feature films from 1988 through 2017. They are being released every Saturday for 10 weeks straight; the dates ranging January 28th through April 1st (as seen in the graphic below).

The pins come in sets of three for $19.99. Each pin represents a different movie which corresponds to a specific year (the pin sets are being released in [movie] chronological order). With that said, yesterday was the release of the week four pin set which includes Hercules (1997), Mulan (1998) and Toy Story 2 (1999). Today I'm taking a closer look at the Toy Story 2 pin, featuring Bullseye and Jessie, which I was able to get my hands on!

Disclosure: I didn't actually fork out for the full pin set just to get this one pin. One of my generous managers at the Disney Store I work at actually bought the set for herself, but didn't have any need for this Jessie one. Because she knows my love for Pixar, she gifted it to me! It was an extremely kind gesture and very much appreciated.

toy story disney store 30th anniversary pin jessie bullseye

On the back it you'll spot the "Disney Store Genuine Original Authentic" logo, the "Official Pin Trading 2017" logo, text reading "30th Anniversary" and the artist's signature (who is, in this case, Monty Maldovan). Of course the traditional Mickey Mouse icon pinbacks are included as well.

This is actually a really fantastic pin that I wouldn't have otherwise got. I really love the sparkly glitter accents behind the characters which, by the way, looks so much cooler in person! My photo unfortunately doesn't do it justice. I'm thrilled to have this as part of my small Pixar pin collection.

This whole set completely sold out yesterday (in stores and online), however eBay sellers have already begun listing it. Check out current listings right HERE if you're looking to add this pin/set to YOUR collection! 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Monsters University: Disney Store Archie the Scare Pig (Mini Bean Bag Plush)

disney store monsters university archie pig mascot plush

Today's the beginning of my detailed look at the entire 2013 Monsters University mini bean bag plush collection from the Disney Store...starting now with Archie the Scare Pig! Over the next couple weeks, I'll be showing you guys all the awesome fraternity, sorority and other mini MU plush that were released around the debut of the film. Note: if you missed my "medium core" Oozma Kappa plush post from back in November, check it out HERE. I also reviewed the medium Mrs. Squibbles plush HERE.

In the film, Archie was originally [rival school] Fear Tech's mascot; that is until Sulley stole it and made it MU's own (with the help of Mike, who got no cred I might add). I've always been a fan of this hilarious side character. Though he doesn't get more than a few brief moments of screen time, his completely goofy look and little pigs sounds never fail to crack me up. This plush was a must have for me!

disney store monsters university archie pig mascot plush

Here are some of the details—
  • He's super soft 
  • Is 7" long and about 5" tall 
  • Has embroidered Features 
  • Nice character likeness/movie accurate details
  • Mini bean pellets inside 
  • Original retail of $9.95 
There you go! That's this guy in a nutshell. If you wanna pick this one up for your collection, be sure to check out this direct link to current eBay listings or Amazon using the link below.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Toy Story: Mattel "Mini" Figures with Vehicles (Train, Spaceship, Pizza Planet Truck & RC)

mattel toy story minis vehicles mini figures

The adorable Toy Story "Minis" collection continues with these brand spankin' new vehicle sets from Mattel! If you haven't checked out my previous posts on this popular series, be sure to catch up HERE (for the 10-pack), HERE (for the blind packs Series 1) and HERE (for the blind packs Series 3).

Each of these Toy Story inspired vehicles include one exclusive figure. We have the Western Train with [pointing finger] Woody, Spaceship with [aiming laser] Buzz Lightyear, Pizza Planet Truck with [new design] Alien and RC with [remote control] Woody. I was able to find all four at Toys R Us earlier this week for $5.99 a piece.

mattel toy story minis vehicles mini figures

When they say mini, they mean mini. There are very small figures that stand just over an inch tall, are made of hard plastic and have very limited articulation (as in most of their heads and turn, but that's about it). Their vehicles are also very tiny (at around 3" in size) and feature rolling wheels.

Let's look a bit closer of these guys out of their packages!

Woody with Train
mattel toy story minis vehicles woody train

This Woody is just a tad different than the previously released standard Woody. This one is pointing his finger and has a more stern expression. His hat is removable. 

mattel toy story minis vehicles woody train

 Alien with Pizza Planet Truck
mattel toy story minis vehicles pizza planet truck alien

This alien is also very similar to the original, but if you compare the two, you'll notice this one is an entirely new sculpt. His eyes, mouth and belt are different and his arms are in a different position.  

mattel toy story minis vehicles pizza planet truck alien

Woody with RC
mattel toy story minis vehicles woody RC

Again, this Woody is all new. Of course the main difference here is that he's holding RC's remote control, but his facial expression also differs from the two other versions. Like usual, his hat is removable.

mattel toy story minis vehicles woody RC

Buzz with Spaceship 
mattel toy story minis vehicles buzz spaceship

This Buzz is, again, brand new. His stance and facial expression (with the one eye closed) are as if he were aiming his laser. Pretty neat! He also has a blue belt, which seems to be the utility belt that the deluded Buzz in Toy Story 2 wore. I'm not sure if that's what they were going for (since his packaging shows Andy's room), but that's my best guess.

mattel toy story minis vehicles buzz spaceship

I was so excited when I finally spotted these at the store on Tuesday. There was only one of each pack, except the Buzz with spaceship (there were three of those). At first I didn't see the train and I was bummed I was going to have to settle for three out of the four, but then I found it laying on the shelf elsewhere behind a few things!

If you or your little ones are into collecting this series, I can't recommend these enough. They look so cute and awesome (not to mention the added play value)! I'm a sucker for anything related to Pizza Planet Truck merch, so that has got to be my favorite. What's yours?

mattel toy story minis vehicles figures

Be sure to check your local Toys R Us today for availability. Best of luck on the hunt!

UPDATE: My detailed YouTube video review is now up as well. Check it out below and feel free to "like" subscribe if you haven't already ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Best Disney Tsum Tsum Display Shelf— At Least For Me!

tsum tsum display shelf circle

The Tsum Tsum craze is stronger than ever. More and more Disney collectors are getting caught up in all the stackable cuteness— and I'm one of them! From plush, to vinyl figures, to blind packs, to clothing, to just about anything you can think of (heck, even lip balm), Tsum Tsum products are everywhere now. That leads many to wonder, "what is the best way to display my Tsum Tsum collection?" (specifically the mini plush). That is a great question with many answers.

There are a lot of awesome Tsum Tsum displays out there (just Google it, you'll see). I've seen some very effective basic ones as well as some extremely creative methods. Cube shelves, book shelves, custom shaped shelves, corner shelves, shadow boxes, nets, cubbies, etc... I've seen them all and they're all great options! Really it comes down to you and the the style/look you're going for.

best tsum tsum display shelf

Over the past couple years I thought a lot about how I personally wanted to display my Tsum collection. Well, I finally got my answer just a few days ago while I was browsing my local Target. I stumbled upon this large mesh metal circle shelf and knew right off the bat that it would make a perfect Tsum display shelf—and I was right! It's like it was made for Tsum Tsums. Come to find out, after searching the web, I'm definitely not the first one to have this idea. But hey, I'm excited to share it with you in case this is new to you as it was to me.

Since I exclusively collect Pixar Tsum Tsums, I only have around 50 currently (though I'm sure that will change big time this year). This shelf can comfortably fit, according to my calculated guess, around 120; so that gives me plenty of room to grow! I cannot wait for this to be filled to the brim. It will look adorably perfect.

The shelf is 25" H x 25" W x 5" D in size. It's very easy to hang (comes with two screws) and retails for $29.99. If this has got you interested, be sure to pick it up at your local Taget store (seems they've been around since last year) or online right HERE!

how should I display my tsum tsum collection

For me and the amount of Tsum Tsums I have/plan on having, this is the definitive way to display my collection. I'm excited to hang it up in my kids' room (or office or playroom...wherever it might end up) someday. Until then.

How do you display your Tsum Tsum collection? I'd love to hear, or even better, I'd love to see! Shout it out in the comments below and feel free to share any pics you might have.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Pixar Valentine For You

disney pixar couples love

Happy Valentine's Day 2017 from Dan the Pixar Fan and all the Pixar couples! Hope your day is filled with love (and chocolate). Thank you all for your continued Support!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cars: Artie and Brian Fee Clamp 2-Pack

pixar cars artie and brian fee clamp

Now here's a release I got very late in the game last year...this Disney·Pixar Cars Artie and Brian Fee Clamp 2-pack! This set was available around last May, but it never showed up in my area. In the end I finally had to resort to Amazon (well, my mother in-law did, who got this for me for this past Christmas). As usual, these are 1:55 scale diecast vehicles from Mattel and are part of the 2016 "LA Speedway" sub-series (#10/11 and #11/11).

As shown in the screenshot above, both Artie and Brian are directors for the RSN Racing Network. They can be briefly seen [a couple of times] during the film's final climatic race at the Los Angeles Speedway.

pixar cars artie and brian fee clamp

Though I already have an Artie diecast (seen in my post from years ago HERE), the version I have has lenticular eyes. With that said, it was pretty easy justifying getting another one here with this set, since this version has standard "fixed" eyes (plus the coloring is a tad different, the windows are darker and the mold is now a unibody). Brian Fee Clamp, however, is a brand new never before released character.

Interestingly, Brian Fee is being released AGAIN this year as a 2017 "Deluxe" size single. That was a quick re-release.

Let's take a closer look at these guys...

pixar cars artie and brian fee clamp

Brian Fee Clamp
pixar cars artie and brian fee clamp

Fun Fact: "Brian Fee Clamp" is named after Cars 3 director Brian Fee! Brian has been in the art department at Pixar since work began on the original Cars.

Having trouble finding this 2-pack in your area as well? No worries. You can always check out current eBay listings HERE or Amazon using the direct link below. Have fun on the hunt!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cars 2: Towga Gremlin

cars 2 towga gremlin

Today I'm taking a closer look at Towga Gremlin from Cars 2...yet another 1:55 scale diecast from Mattel! This was one of the last ones I needed from last year (release was around September) and I finally just acquired it. Woo-hoo! He is part of the 2016 "Oil Rig Gettaway" sub-series (#5/8).

As shown in the screen shot above, Towga is one of the Lemons seen trying to kill Finn McMissile at the beginning of the film (right next to Jerome Ramped and Stefan Gremsky). He actually sports the same awesome blow torch and goggles getup as Stefan, who is ultimately pretty much the same diecast sculpt (just a different color scheme).

cars towga gremlin
cars 2 towga gremlin
cars 2 towga gremlin

As an added detail, Towga's goggles lift up! Cool little touch.

cars 2 towga gremlin

This is another awesome looking "Lemon" diecast for scene building. I really like his brown and orange colors, which is different from all the other Lemons released thus far. The rust, scrapes and dirt details here are top notch once again. Nicely done.

If you still need to find this one for your collection, be sure to check out eBay HERE or Amazon using the direct link below. Happy hunting to all my fellow Cars collectors!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cars 2: Alloy Hemberger

pixar disney cars alloy hemberger

From Disney·Pixar's Cars 2 (supposedly), here we have the Mattel 1:55 scale diecast of Alloy Hemberger! Alloy here is one of this year's very first releases and is part of the 2017 "#95 WGP Race Fans" sub-series (#3/8). If this diecast looks familiar to you, it's because he was originally available in a Target four pack as an exclusive pack-in back in 2013 (seen HERE). It just goes to show you; though multi-pack exclusives may be frustrating at the time, if you wait long enough they almost always eventually get re-released as a single. Works for me!

As you can see, I did not include a screen shot of this character in the film like I usually do. That's because many Cars fans speculate that this specific race fan did not actually make the final cut (OR that it's entirely made up by Mattel). I watched the Blu-Ray closely and even took some shots frame by frame and could not find him. Upon more research, I then found out no one has found him. I have looked through countless Cars forums and Wiki pages and everyone is saying basically the same thing: he is nowhere to be found.

pixar disney cars alloy hemberger

Anyway, regardless of whether he's in the film or not, I love this diecast! This color blue is just so awesome. It's so vibrant and unlike any other color we've seen in this collection. Plus additional race fans are always fun to collect for scene building.

I like the additional details here as well. For example, Alloy is obviously a fan of World Grand Prix race car, Max Schnell. His flag sports Max's German colors and race #4 logo. His license plate even says "Go Max." Pretty neat!

Fun Fact: The name "Alloy Hemberger" is a direct reference to Pixar visual effects artist Allen Hemberger (who worked on Cars 2, Brave and Finding Dory).

pixar disney cars alloy hemberger

I found this one back in late December last year, but it's still pretty prevalent at Target stores (I see him almost every time I go, including today).  Best of luck on the hunt if you're still looking to add Alloy to your collection!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Video Update: Finding Dory Swigglefish Waves 2 & 3

Today's post is another long overdue video update...this time featuring waves two and three of the Finding Dory Swigglefish collection from Bandai! I've been meaning to show these in action for months now, though I still seem to be the first one who has covered them on YouTube. Check out the video above and be sure to like and subscribe!

For my original detailed write-ups, visit the original wave two post HERE and the original wave three post HERE.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Video Update: Mattel Ratatouille Action Figure Collection (2007)

Hey everyone! Today's blog post is a video update to yesterday's Mattel Ratatouille action figure collection write-up. I was excited to show you them in action! I've also added this video to the original post HERE, so be sure to check that out if you haven't already. And if you've yet to subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can do that right HERE.

Thanks so much for dropping by—the support means a ton!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ratatouille: Mattel Action Figure Collection (2007)

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures

Today we're throwing it back to 2007 with these French-tastic Disney·Pixar Ratatouille action figures from Mattel! These were part of the original line of toys released just before the film hit theaters nearly 10 years ago (can you believe it?). I recently got these as a Christmas present (thanks to my parents and eBay) since I missed out on the original release all those years ago.

If you follow my blog pretty regularly, you might remember me posting on the Disney Store 2007 Ratatouille figure collection last May. Since I already had those, I wasn't planning on getting these ones (since I thought they were pretty similar). I ended up not being able to resist these though, mainly because of two characters here that weren't released at the Disney Store: Git and Django (not counting the mini Django that came with the Chef Skinner figure).

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures

These figures actually ended up being quite a bit different than the Disney Store ones, so I'm super glad I got them. First of all these are smaller in size; not by a ton, but they're smaller. Secondly, these don't have as much detail or articulation and feel more "plasticky". Lastly these ones don't talk, but they do have some fun action features that the Disney Store ones don't have. Ultimately, both collections are fun for different reasons. The Disney Store figures feel geared more towards older kids/collectors and these Mattel ones are most definitely for younger kids (hence the cheaper feel and added play features). 

Let's take a closer look at the figures below— both in and out of their packages. In this collection we have four awesome characters: Git (the oversized, buff lab rat), Remy, Emile and Django (Remy's father). Each stands at around 4.5" tall.

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures
mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures

Git isn't in the film much, but he's subtly funny and memorable when he's on screen. I had to have him as part of my collection—this might even be my favorite of the four.

Action feature: press the button on his back repeatedly and watch as he lifts the "weights"!

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures git

Remy here is really cute and has a nice likeness to the character. He comes with a removable cheese piece accessory. 

Action feature: Remy is a classic "pull-back" style toy. Roll him back and forth on a hard surface several times to "wind" him up and watch as he scurries away with the cheese! He actually gets rolling really fast.

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures remy

Remy's brother Emile, voiced by Pixar's very own Peter Sohn, is one of my favorite characters in the film...I can't get enough of this guy! This is a pretty cute, very simple figure figure with no articulation. 

Action feature: Load the grape into Emile's mouth and press the button on his back to launch! 
mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures emile

Django here is a very cool figure and might be the most detailed of the bunch. He has a very solid sculpt (I love his fatherly, welcoming stance) and great paint application. He also comes with a neat accessory— an opened sardine can that he can attach to. 

Action feature: Once Django is attached to the can, roll him around to see him and his arms wobble about!

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures django
mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures django

Overall, this is a fun, simple line of toys perfect for any young fan of Ratatouille. Heck, even if you're an adult collector such as myself, they make cool display pieces. They look awesome on my Ratatouille shelf currently! And with only four characters total, it makes it easy to track them all down.

mattel 2007 ratatouille action figures

Check out my video below to see them in action!

If you'd like to pick these up for your collection, be sure to check out this direct link to current eBay listings or Amazon using the links below. Amuse-toi bien!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Best of Pixar" Tsum Tsum Collection Review

disney store best of pixar tsum tsum collection

It's the first Tuesday of the Tsum Tsum fans know what that means. It's "Tsum Tsum Tuesday" at the Disney Store! I was incredibly excited to see a few weeks back that this Pixar inspired Tsum Tsum release was on its way. This time around we have not one, but two film's represented in what they're calling the "Best of Pixar Collection": Wall·E and A Bug's Life. SO MUCH YES.

This has got to be one of the cutest Tsum sets ever right? I love the characters they chose here and I absolutely love how they look altogether. The colors mesh perfectly when the characters are stacked and their faces peeking out are just adorable. I'm also thrilled to see A Bug's Life and Wall·E represented again with new merchandise. It seems like they've been getting some love lately!

The six characters included here in this set are Wall·E, Eve, Flik, Princess Dot, Heimlich and Heimlich as a butterfly (absolutely hilarious). To be honest though, I do wish they made this a collection of eight and rounded it out with two more characters from Wall·E. That would have made it feel more balanced here, but that's a nitpick (I guess I'm just greedy). The characters we did get are awesome.

Once again, the creators here went all out with cuteness and fun little details for fans. For example, I love that Wall·E's cockroach friend is standing on his tread— that's my favorite little touch. Other details I wanted to give a shout out to include Eve's plant icon, Dot's cute wings (and freckles) and Heimlich's tiny feet.

These plushies are part of the Tsum Tsum "mini" collection and are only about 3 1/3" in size. Like usual, they're soft with embroidered features and retail for $5.95 each. Let's take a closer look at each one, shall we?

disney store best of pixar tsum tsum wall·e
disney store best of pixar tsum tsum wall·e

disney store best of pixar tsum tsum eve
disney store best of pixar tsum tsum eve

disney store best of pixar tsum tsum flik
disney store best of pixar tsum tsum flik

 Princess Dot
disney store best of pixar tsum tsum dot
disney store best of pixar tsum tsum dot

disney store best of pixar tsum tsum heimlich
disney store best of pixar tsum tsum heimlich

 Heimlich (Butterfly)
disney store best of pixar tsum tsum heimlich
disney store best of pixar tsum tsum heimlich

So far Toy Story (1, 2 & 3), A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Wall·E, Inside Out and Finding Dory  have all been represented in the overall Tsum Tsum plush collection over the years. I cannot WAIT for more. Who could be next? I can totally picture The Incredibles characters in this style as well as a select few characters from Up (Carl, Russel, Dug and Kevin— can't you just see it now?). Of course I'd also love to see Cars Tsum Tsums, which very well could be on their way this year because of Cars 3.

If I had to choose an overall favorite here in this assortment, I'd no doubt have to go with Heimlich. He literally was meant to be a Tsum Tsum, since they're all caterpillar shaped anyway. His face and rosy cheeks are just too cute, not to mention Heimlich has been one of my all time favorite Pixar characters since I was a kid.

You can purchase these right now at your local Disney Store or online (HERE for the Wall·E Tsums and HERE for the A Bug's Life Tsums). Also released today was a medium sized Wall·E Tsum (which you can pick up HERE) as well as a new blind box Tsum Tsum vinyl figure series (Pixar themed— right HERE). Get them as soon as you can...these will sell out quick!

My questions for you: Who is YOUR favorite here and which Pixar characters would YOU like to see in a future Tsum Tsum set? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and thanks so much for dropping by!