Friday, November 16, 2018

Pixar Tin Wind-Up Collection (By Schylling)

pixar tin wind-ups

If you've followed along here for some time, you might know that I'm very fond of both traditional tin toys AND classic wind-up naturally, you have an instant "must have" for me as soon as you combine those elements and add Pixar to the mix. Check out this amazing collection of Pixar Tin Win-Ups created by Schylling Toys!

I actually got this full assortment last Christmas (wow–almost an entire year ago), so I don't know why it's taken me this long to do this post. Time just moves too fast! Regardless, I've been so excited to share these with you and happy that I'm finally getting around to posting my review of them. I've mentioned this before here, but ever since I was little, my parents would get me an old fashioned tin toy or two every Christmas. It became a tradition that still lives on today! Last year I picked out these to fulfill that tradition. This marked the first time I ever got any tin toys that also combined my love for Pixar. It was the perfect choice!

As of right now, there are eight detailed Pixar characters in this collection (all measuring 4" tall): Sulley (yes, they spelled his name wrong on the package), Zurg, Lotso, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Hank/Dory, Mr. Incredible and Dash. These are all part of Schylling's "BeBots" series of high quality wind-ups (which also includes Star Wars characters and more).

The best part of these is their overall designs. The artist (whoever that is, wish I could give props here) did an outstanding job on each and every one of these. They're all stylized in such a visually appealing way. Striking, vibrant and adorable. So unique! I love 'em.

pixar tin wind-ups

Usually for my reviews, I would unbox the items and take detailed loose pictures as well. In this case though, I love the packaging (and how they're displayed in the boxes) so much, that I wanted to keep them mint for now. I'm usually one to display my items loose, but these are just too good as they are. They look fantastic atop my Pixar bookshelf! The character art on the back of the boxes (as well as the backdrop art within the boxes) is just too cool. Huge fan.

We picked these up on ShopDisney last year (not there anymore), but they're also all available on Amazon for around $12. If you're interested in adding these to your collection, you can order any or all of them below by using the affiliate links provided. I also wanted to note that there is a Limited Edition D23 Expo 2017 Exclusive 2-Pack (featuring this same Buzz and Woody) out there as well (seen HERE).

Did you purchase these (or plan to)? Which one is your favorite? I think they're all great, but I do have to say that the Hank/Dory one is probably the most cleverly designed. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pixar Holiday Gift Wrap 2018 (From Five Below)

pixar christmas wrapping paper

If you have the dollar store called "Five Below" close by to you (a couple of them just opened near us here in CT) you might want to head there ASAP. Check out this FANTASTIC Pixar holiday gift wrap I just picked up there tonight for only $3! I love this minimalistic stylized art. In fact, these designs seem to stem from the same artist that did the graphics featured on my fave Pixar beach towel I picked up from Kolh's a couple years ago (seen HERE). Some of the characters are even exactly the same, with some great new additions thrown in as well. I wish I knew who it was! This art always seems to show up on obscure products from random stores, but heck, it's cool enough that I'd actually like a print of this hanging up on my wall honestly.

Love the colors, the Christmasy "brown paper" look and all little subtle winter/holiday touches (like the stars and snowflakes). Characters representing Pixar's first 10 films (Toy Story through Up) are all here—well except Cars. For some reason that one got excluded. I especially love the Remy and Heimlich designs, since those movies are often left out, but they ALL look amazing,

pixar christmas wrapping paper

I can't go without bringing up all the other little details that fill out the rest of the paper as well, like Wall·E's tread marks, a school of fish/coral (from Finding Nemo), a sock/door station/company icon  (from Monsters Inc.) a balloon (from Up), cheese (from Ratatouille), the bottom of Woody's boot (from Toy Story), a super hero mask (from The Incredibles) and so on. It's all just too good to be torn apart when opening gifts! ;)

If you're looking for the perfect Pixar Christmas wrapping paper, look no further than your local Five Below. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and if you'll be picking this up this season! I might just have to go back and get another roll for next year...

Monday, November 12, 2018

Monsters University: Disney Parks "PNK" Baseball Cap

disney parks monsters university pnk hat

Inspired by the PNK (Python Nu Kappa) sorority as seen in Pixar's Monsters University, here we have this official Disney Parks exclusive baseball hat for women! This was released this past January at the parks and, along with the OK (Oozma Kappa) cap which I reviewed back in March (seen HERE). It was fun to be able to grab the Oozma one for myself and this one for my wife, so that we could wear something corresponding (which doesn't happen too often) during our trip to Disney World last month. Plan achieved!

Here are some of the magical details you can expect:
  • "PNK" plush applique (the three letters on the front are soft and fuzzy)
  • Structured front panel 
  • Mesh back panels with embroidered athletic stripes 
  • Curved  brim
  • Adjustable strap back
disney parks monsters university pnk hat

The front and bill are 100% cotton and the mesh sides and back are polyester. Since it's adjustable, it will fit most adults. My wife really liked how it felt and fit! I think it looks great as well and really captures the spirit of MU.

You don't have to be a sorority girl to get this hat, just one at heart. If you're fun, spunky and vicious (just like the Python Nu Kappa sisters), then this is the hat for you! Whether you're hitting the gym, studying on campus, competing in the scare games or vacationing at Disney, this is the perfect way to cap off a subtle Monsters University ensemble. Pick it up during your next Disney Parks trip or online HERE before it's gone! Retail is $21.99

Be sure to let me know your thoughts and any questions you might have in the comments below.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Toy Story: Funko "POP!" Rides Pizza Planet Truck Review

toy story funko rides pizza planet truck review

"Come on man, hurry up! Um like, the pizzas are gettin' cold here!"
-Pizza Planet deliver guy, Toy Story

Released just last month (October 5th) exclusively at New York Comic Con AND BoxLunch Gifts, here we have the amazing Toy Story Funko "POP!" Rides Pizza Planet Truck! As a collector and fan of Funko and just about everything and anything Pizza Planet related, this was one of those dream releases for me. Such a fun surprise that came seemingly out of nowhere! Until the official announcement was made at the end of September, I had heard no whisperings that this was even being produced. As soon as I saw the reveal though, I knew right away that I would need this for my collection.

Late in the evening on October 4th, I sat anxiously at my computer waiting for the truck to go live on the BoxLunch website (since it was to drop at midnight, making it officially released on the 5th). As it got closer to 12 AM, I began refreshing my browser until the link finally popped up (which actually happened a few minutes early around 11:55 PM). From there things were totally nuts—you know how crazy us POP! collectors are, all trying to get new releases like this at the same time. I tried clicking on the link and the homepage would freeze. I refreshed again and again. As soon as I finally got to the order page, the site would crash and I'd have to start over. For a good 10 minutes, while holding my breath (and getting quite frustrated honestly), I clicked and refreshed like a spaz until I finally completed the order (which went through around 12:11 AM, roughly 17 minutes after all this started). 

PHEW! I was so happy to receive an order confirmation a few moments later. It was sold out right about then as well, so I sure did cut it close. I knew this thing would go in a matter of minutes, so it's a good thing I didn't waste any seconds trying to snag it.

toy story funko rides pizza planet truck review

Alright now with that little story out of the way, let's check this thing out in more detail! Simply put, I love it. The box is clean and vibrant (pretty standard Funko Rides style box, but real sweet looking nonetheless) with a nice large window showing off the vinyl vehicle itself. A sticker on the front of the package denotes that this is a "Funko 2018 Fall Convention Exclusive Limited Edition" (also number 52 in the Funko Rides line).

toy story funko rides pizza planet truck review
toy story funko rides pizza planet truck review

The original retail price was $40.00 (plus $4.99 shipping). In my opinion, that was WAY too steep (it should have been a $19.99 price point at most), but I was willing to pay whatever I needed to for this beauty. I knew if I didn't pay that, I would only have to pay scalpers even more on eBay.

toy story funko rides pizza planet truck review

Here it is unboxed and in all its glory! So iconic. Everything here looks fantastic. It's lightweight yet feels solid, has a perfect paint app (great little mud splat touches and weathering) and has all the details you'd expect from the Pizza Planet Truck (including the signature rocket on top, the YO on the back and the film accurate RES1536 license plate). The creators at Funko certainly get points for their attention to detail and their flawless stylization.

toy story funko rides pizza planet truck review

The best detail though, no doubt, is the TINY Funko "POP!" Buzz Lightyear (about inch tall) in the truck attached to the steering wheel (inspired by when the toys drive the truck to the airport in Toy Story 2)! So adorable. I can't even.

It should be noted that there are no opening doors/windows (so no, tiny Buzz cannot be removed) and no rolling wheels. This is mainly a display piece for older collectors.

toy story funko rides pizza planet truck review

Take a look at some of the other angles below! Measurements are about 7.5" long x 4.5" wide x 5" tall. 

toy story funko rides pizza planet truck review
toy story funko rides pizza planet truck review
toy story funko rides pizza planet truck reviewtoy story funko rides pizza planet truck review

Luckily prices on eBay have not completely sky rocketed (currently selling around $50-$60), so be sure to snag one on there if you missed it from NYCC or BoxLunch. You can check out THIS DIRECT LINK to current listings if you're interested. I can't recommend this enough for all you Toy Story fans/collectors out there!

Did you pick this up for your collection? Were you able to snag one the night of release before they sold out? Or perhaps you bought it in store at BoxLunch or at NYCC? Let me know your thoughts and success story down in the comments below! 


Friday, November 2, 2018

Disney Store Coco Skull Mug (ShopDisney)

¡Feliz Día de los Muertos! How could I let this day go by and not celebrate by posting an item from my Coco collection? I recently acquired this brand new skull mug from the Disney Store (and ShopDisney) and thought it would be the perfect thing to review tonight. I've wanted a Coco inspired mug in my collection since last year, but wasn't really fond of the initial one released (seen HERE). This one I knew I really liked right when I saw it! Love the stylized sugar skull screen art, all the vibrant signature Coco colors and the film's iconic logo (complete with guitars) on the back.

This sturdy ceramic mug is 4 1/2'' H x 3'' Diameter (5'' W at handle) in size, holds 14 oz. and is dishwasher/microwave safe. Retail price is $16.95.

disney pixar coco skull mug
disney pixar coco skull mug

I can totally recommend this mug to any Coco fan! You can't go wrong here. Have you picked up this mug for your Disney/Pixar mug collection? Or maybe you plan to? Let me know all your thoughts down in the comments!

Get it while you can in store or online HERE.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Events: Pixar Themed Pumpkin Carving (2018)

disney pixar incredibles pumpkin carving

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday full of all sorts of tricks and treats. Per tradition, tonight I'm posting the Pixar themed pumpkin I carved this year...of course being the Incredibles "i" icon that I mentioned I'd be doing in my post from a few days ago! See my full post leading up to this one (all about the FREE Incredibles 2 template set that you can download, featuring this one and the whole Parr family) HERE. There I also link to all of our previous Pixar themed pumpkins we've done since 2013.

Usually my wife Brita carves one every year as well, but unfortunately she couldn't find the time to make one happen this year due to her work schedule. Bummer! She's really good at it too. Anyway, here are my pics documenting the process this time around from start to completion. It was tons of fun carving with all my family at my sister's last night. They hosted a fun and festive get together. 

disney pixar incredibles pumpkin carvingdisney pixar incredibles pumpkin carving
disney pixar incredibles pumpkin carving
disney pixar incredibles pumpkin carving
disney pixar incredibles pumpkin carving
disney pixar incredibles pumpkin carving
disney pixar incredibles pumpkin carving

What do you think?? I'm not a very good carver (this is about as complex as I can go), but I'm proud to say this one turned out pretty incredible. Just as I envisioned!

disney pixar incredibles pumpkin carving

And as usual, I also have to share our Halloween costumes from tonight! I am the "Ghost Host" from the Haunted Mansion (as seen HERE) and Brita is Host I suppose ;) We had so much fun! Haunted Mansion is one of our all time favorites.

disney haunted mansion ghost host halloween costume

Let me know you thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share your Disney·Pixar themed pumpkins as well! I would love to see your creations.

See ya in November! 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Pixar Slap Bracelet (Disney Parks)

pixar slap bracelet disney world

Slap (or snap) bracelets bring out the child in everyone right? Especially for us who grew up in the 80's and 90's, they certainly have that nostalgia factor. Plus there's admittedly something so satisfying about feeling the snapping and hearing the clicking when extending them into place; not to mention the main event, the ever so classic slap around the wrist! Simple fun.

When I saw this Pixar inspired slap bracelet during our trip to Disney World a couple weeks back, I couldn't resist it. Given that it's small, inexpensive, cutely designed and PIXAR, all my boxes were checked. Sold! As seen in my pics below, I purchased this in the Beverly Sunset shop (which currently has an entirely Pixar themed overlay) at Hollywood Studios for $6.99. I'm sure they're available elsewhere as well, but I just don't know where. And as far as Disneyland, has anyone seen these sold anywhere there?

pixar slap bracelet disney world

Sulley, Boo, Mike, Woody, Jessie, Buzz and the Pixar ball are all here! Toy Story and Monsters Inc. are my two favorite Pixar films, so this is a great assortment of characters for me. I don't know who designed the little faces, but they're adorable. I'd like to see them used on other products as well. Love the minimal stylization!

pixar slap bracelet disney world

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments! Have you picked one of these up? How many times have you slapped it on your wrist? ;) Let me know and be sure to check back here daily for even more from my ever expanding Pixar collection!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Toy Story: "A Toy Will Follow You Home" Haunted Mansion Mashup Pin (Disney Parks)

toy story haunted mansion pin

BEWARE OF HITCHHIKING TOYS! Are you a fan of Toy Story? And what about the Haunted Mansion? If so, then I have the mashup of the year for you. Check out this Toy Story / Haunted Mansion inspired pin— released at Disney World and Disneyland just last month!

You all know I love Toy Story (that's just stating the obvious at this point), but did you know the Haunted Mansion is one of my all time Disney attractions due to its rich history and storytelling? Well needless to say, this mashup is SO ME and there was no way I could resist it. It's such a creative and cute idea; something I never would have thought of, but it totally works.

During our trip to WDW last week, I originally saw the design on a mug (seen below, which also has a Pirates of the Caribbean mashup on the other side of it), but I honestly wasn't so keen on the idea of getting another mug (I have so many at this point and space was limited flying home). I really wanted the design in my collection though. Imagine my excitement when I found out it was also on a pin! Perfect. Tiny and affordable (retail is $9.99, silver category) and I still get to take home the design. Plus I always like to come home from a Disney trip with at least one pin that stands out to me, but none were really grabbing my attention until this one. Also it's Halloween time, so it was a super festive one to get.   

toy story haunted mansion mug

Now they need to release the Pirates of the Caribbean design as a pin! Another one of my all time favorite attractions.

This is, of course, an official Disney Parks pin trading release with the traditional Mickey backing. I picked it up at Pin Traders in Disney Springs, but you can also find it all over the parks as well (it's even currently in the Orlando airport Disney Store; saw it there on our way home). Remember though that it's in the "Theme Parks and Resorts" section, not "Pixar". It took me a while to figure that one out. 

toy story haunted mansion pin

"Beware!" it says with Mr. Potato Head, Woody and a Pizza Planet Alien posing as the ride's iconic  hitchhiking ghosts. "A Toy Will Follow You Home." Totally brilliant!

Additionally, blog reader Matthew just brought it to my attention that there are three number nines in the background. I saw them, but how did I not piece it together? It's a fun little Easter egg referencing the 999 ghosts that live in the mansion. Nice catch Matt!

toy story haunted mansion pin

Have you grabbed this for your collection yet? If you're a fan of these two things like I am, I can't recommend picking this up enough. Such a unique little item. Get it before it's gone! If you won't be visiting any of the Disney Parks any time soon, you can always snag it on eBay HERE using this direct link to current listings. 

Let me know YOUR thoughts down below! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Incredibles 2: Pumpkin Carving Templates (Disney Movie Rewards)

incredibles 2 pumpkin carving template

Hello! We're officially back from our Disney trip and back to the real world. You all know the feeling. On a positive note, that also means that I'm back to my blog posts which I'm thrilled about! I feel like it's been too long. Tonight I just wanted to share something real brief that I felt all you Incredibles fans might be interested in. With Halloween just around the corner (one week from today in fact; how is the month going by so fast?), it's almost time for one of my favorite fall festivities: pumpkin carving! Man do I love this time of year.

Since I started this blog (see my posts from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017), I've had fun doing Pixar inspired Jack-o'-lanterns each Halloween. I knew this year would be no different! I've actually had it in my mind for a while now that I would want to carve the Incredibles "i" icon this year (that or Jack-Jack). Well, just in time, Disney has released (through Disney Movie Rewards) a FREE downloadble package of Incredibles 2 printable carving templates. How cool right? There's Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack and the "i" icon—exactly what I was looking for. It's really neat that they're all based on Eric Tan's designs, which have been used all year long in the film's marketing and merchandise.

Sign up for (or log into) Disney Movie Rewards and redeem this template set of six HERE. The best part, other than that they look awesome, is that it costs 0 DMR points! Just download, print and have an incredible time carving those pumpkins. I'd love to see photos of any Disney/Pixar inspired pumpkins you carve this year too, so be sure to post some pics in the comments below. Look for my finished pumpkin right here this time next week!

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Hi everyone! So if you've been following my site for some time now, you've probably noticed a shift lately as I've been posting less and less. I use to take great pride in the fact that I would never miss posting a blog post daily, even if I was away or sick. However, life has changed a bit over the past two months or so and I've been busier than ever. The reason being (and it's a good thing) that I now have a full time career (YAY!) on top of still working at the Disney Store on the weekends and my dad's family business at nights.

Speaking of the Disney Store, a couple days ago I hit my three year anniversary as a Disney Store Cast Member. It's something that's bittersweet to me since I'll actually be leaving the Disney Store very soon (November 4th being my last day). As much as I'd like to stay there, I need some time at home to relax, be with family and continue my passion here with this site. Otherwise (especially with the busyness of the holiday season coming up) I would have zero time to myself. All in all, I have had the most fun and life changing experience there and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm grateful that, though short, my dream of working for the Walt Disney Company was fulfilled in a small way.

I'm also grateful that my wife and I are able to fit in one last Disney World trip (with those sweet Cast Member perks I'll miss so much)! We leave tomorrow for a week (we'll be staying at the All Star Movies Resort), so blog posts will completely be on hold until I return.

Pretty soon, I'll have nights and weekends open again and I hope to continue running my blog here as normal. Until then, it might be a little lite on the posts. Thank you for your patience and sticking with me!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Pixar Collection: 20 Ounce Mini Crock Three Pack Review

Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

Just over two years ago, I reviewed the epic Pixar inspired 7 quart oval slow cooker (seen HERE)—which is still one of my favorite practicable Pixar items to date and something we use often in our kitchen. Now as if the slow cooker wasn't already enough, you know I also had to get this set of three corresponding 20 ounce mini crocks (or "dippers") featuring a Toy Story Alien, Remy from Ratatouille and Jack-Jack from The Incredibles! I've loved the signature stylized character graphics used in this collection since the designs first debuted on products back at the 2015 D23 Expo

Though this set was released early this year, I didn't receive it until my birthday in May. So yes, this review has been a long time coming, but luckily it's something that's still available.  

Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

These mini crock pots are the perfect size for appetizers such as dips, tiny meatballs or even chocolate/cheese fondue. If you're throwing any kind of Disney/Pixar themed party (you know what I'm about to say), then these are a must have! And for only $32.95, the price is certainly right.

Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

  • Each dipper: 40 watts
  • Steel / plastic / ceramic / glass / heating elements
  • Each dipper holds 20 ounces
  • Each dipper: 6 3/10'' W x 7 1/4'' H x 5 3/4'' D
  • Removable ceramic inserts with tempered glass lids

  • Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

    Here they are unboxed! They sure look extra great in person and the quality/sturdiness of these is something you'll notice right away. Love the vibrant colors too! 

    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

    And just like with the Pixar Slow Cooker, the best part with these is the Luxo/Toy Story ball handle! That's just the perfect detail for us Pixar mega fans. Super slick looking. 

    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review
    Pixar Collection 20 Ounce dippers Mini Crock Three Pack Review

    You won't want to miss out on these. If you're interested in adding this set to your collection (and/or your Disney Pixar themed kitchen), visit THIS DIRECT Link to ShopDisney. The 7 quart slow cooker is also still available HERE and there is one last component to this collection that I've yet to snag...the Pixar Popcorn Popper! Check that out if you haven't seen it already.

    Let me know your thoughts on this Pixar Collection kitchen assortment down in the comments and make sure you're following along right here for daily updates!