Sunday, November 29, 2020

Onward Plush Collection (by Mattel)

Hey all! I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving weekend. Tonight I just wanted to document and share my brief thoughts on the Mattel Onward plush collection that was released early this year! I received these for my birthday back in May and have been meaning to get to this post ever since. I sure wish I wasn't so behind on many of my posts, but man have things been busy around here. 

These were some of the first Onward products to hit shelves clear back in January and their cuteness stood out to me immediately. As soon as I saw the film and loved it, I was like, ok I'm gonna need those Mattel plush now. I actually favored these ones over the Disney Stores ones since 1.) they're smaller/more compact for storage 2.) they're less expensive and 3.) I really love the more overly cartoony/stylized designs! They're just too cute and super soft to cuddle.


This assortment includes five characters: Ian Lightfoot, Barley Lightfoot, Manticore (tavern mascot), a trash unicorn and Dewdrop the sprite. I do wish they had included Wilden Lightfoot (dad), but it's no big deal. They're between 9"-10" tall and each retailed for $9.99. These were originally available at Target, but I'm sure most stores are sold out at this point. Luckily Amazon still has most them (minus Dewdrop; unfortunately she seems sold out everywhere) in stock and I'll include the links to buy below! If you're interested in adding these plush to your Onward collection, I'd go ahead and snag them before they're gone. 

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and be sure to check back weekly for more from my ever expanding Pixar collection! 


Monday, November 23, 2020

Toy Story Hot Wheels Premium Diecasts—RC Car & Pizza Planet Truck

Last summer, Mattel released these really cool Hot Wheels "Premium" Toy Story 1:64 scale diecast vehicles for adult collectors—RC Car and the Pizza Planet Truck! As excited as I was to grab them for my collection though, they just never hit stores in my area for whatever reason. That is until just last month (over a year late) when I finally found them at my local Walmart! Good timing too, since I was literally about to break down and buy them on eBay.

From the packaging/presentation to the diecast themselves, I could not be happier with these and I love how they were created with collectors in mind. They're perfect little detailed replicas! I purchased both diecasts at Walmart for $4.47 each.

Take a closer look at both vehicles out of the packaging below! They may be very small (a little under 3" in size), but they pack so much attention to detail—especially the Pizza Planet Truck. I'm not even kidding when I say no detail was missed.



Below you can see how I ended up displaying them! They were just the touch I needed to complete the look of one of my Toy Story shelves.

Be on the lookout at your nearest Walmart if you're looking to add either of these Hot Wheels cars to your Toy Story collection. If you'd rather just order them online, you can check out current eBay listings HERE or Amazon using the affiliate links I've included. Be sure to leave your thoughts and/or any question you might have down in the comment section! I'd love to hear what you guys think.


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Coco: Glow-In-The-Dark 6" Pepita Funko POP! REVIEW (BoxLunch Exclusive)

In celebration of Disney·Pixar's Coco's third anniversary (tomorrow—11/22), tonight I'm taking a quick look at the brand new 6" glow-in-the-dark Pepita Funko "POP!", a BoxLunch Exclusive! How epic is this? This is such a welcome addition to the line and I know she'll look perfect displayed next to the rest of my Coco Funko POP collection (seen HERE).

This POP is available right now at your local BoxLunch Gifts store or on their website HERE for $22.90. You won't want to miss this one. Take a closer look at this vibrant spirit guide by checking out my detailed in-box and loose photos down below!

Pepita has definitely been a favorite character of mine to photograph over the last couple years; I don't know what it is! I have several other toys of her and she's been incredibly photogenic every time I do a shoot—no matter what the product. This Funko POP proved to be no different. Just look how gorgeous! Her sculpt is perfect overall and she's a really decent size (a little bit larger than your standard Funko POP figure). She's totally worth the higher price tag.

And of course the awesome glow feature is just the icing on the cake. Wow!

What are your thoughts? Have you picked this up for your Coco/Funko POP collection or do you plan to? Again, I can't recommend it enough! Shout out any comments or questions you may have down below and be sure to stay tuned right here for more from my personal Pixar collection every week.

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Onward: Willowdale College Pullover Hoodie (ShopDisney)

Here's another long overdue post I've been meaning to get to since February—this amazing Disney·Pixar Onward inspired Willowdale College pullover fleece hoodie from the Disney Store, an exact replica of the one Ian Lightfoot wears in the film! This was given to me by my friends over at Showcase Cinemas (back when I helped host the Pixar movie marathon event), so a huge thanks to them. It was such a cool surprise, especially since I had been eyeing this to buy for myself regardless. 

Unfortunately this hoodie has since sold out, but if you're able to track it down somehow, I highly recommend it. When my wife put it on to model it for my photos here (thank you for the help, Brita!), she exclaimed to me how soft and cozy it was. Then I had to try it on to feel it for myself—and she was right! This is one comfy sweatshirt. I'm very impressed with the quality; so much that I've been wearing it pretty much consistently all week.

Original retail price was $39.99. Here are some more official details taken directly from ShopDisney:
  • 'Lightfoot'' embroidered on front
  • Lined hood
  • Drawstring tie with metal grommets
  • Ribbed cuffs and hem
  • 60% cotton / 40% polyester

Did you pick this one up for your collection? What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear it down below!

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Monday, November 16, 2020

Cars: Sage VanDerSpin (Gask-Its)


Hello Disney·Pixar Cars fans and welcome back to the blog! For tonight's Mattel Cars 1:55 scale diecast review, I'm taking a look at the 2020 release of Sage VanDerSpin (No. 80)—the Gask-Its sponsored stock car racer who appeared in the original Cars (as seen in the screen shot above). "Now hold up now" is what you may be thinking..."this car's name is Rex Revler right"? Wrong. Mattel actually made a pretty big error here and released Sage VanDerSpin under the name Rex Revler, the Gask-Its sponsored racer from Cars 3 (and even used Rex's image on the cardback). Now sure, the two characters look very similar, but something like this shouldn't have gotten passed quality control at Mattel. 

I'm just so glad I noticed this mistake, because I realized [only recently] that I never got Sage VanDerSpin originally and needed to add him to my collection! I honestly thought I had all the Piston Cup Racers from the original Cars, yet here we are. It was perfect timing that Sage happened to be re-released this year and that I was able to find him right away, regardless of the packaging error.

Note: I also recently reviewed the Cars 3 next-gen Gask-Its racer, Dan Carcia (full blog post HERE). 

You may still be able to find this one at Target or Walmart, so be sure to check there if you're looking to add Sage VanDerSpin to your collection. I actually just found him at Target a couple days ago! If you'd rather just pick him up online, check out current eBay listings HERE or Amazon using the link below. 

Good luck on the hunt!


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Toy Story 4: Bo Beep with Cape—Mattel's 7" Action Figure Collection

Last year when Bo Peep was released as part of Mattel's award winning Toy Story 4 7" action figure collection, I always wished the figure included her cape and wondered why that detail was left out (Bo does wear it the majority of the film). Sure, the "True Talkers" version of Bo came with her cape, but I consider those figures separate from this line even though they are pretty much the same scale (in fact, I never even collected the "True Talkers" talking figures). All is right now, however, because Mattel has released Bo Peep again in new the "PIXAR" 2020 packaging—and this time her cape is included! The figure itself is the exact same figure that has been released previously, but I obviously couldn't pass this one up. 

Outside of the newly included cape accessory (which is removable, by the way), there's honestly nothing much else to report on here. I gotta say though—I love it! I've never spotted this one in stores, so I actually ended up snagging it on If you're an avid collector of this line and want to add this version of Bo Peep to your collection, be sure to make your purchase right HERE on Walmart's website. The current price is $7.86.

And just FYI, Mattel has also re-released Buzz, Woody, Hamm, Zurg, the Aliens, Duke Caboom and Jessie in the new 2020 PIXAR packaging (in celebration of Toy Story's 25th anniversary). Hamm, Zurg and the Aliens had only previously been released in multi-packs or on Amazon in their exclusive closed-box style packaging, so it was nice to see them on the standard open blister style card. I found them at one of my local grocery stores of all places.

Let me know your thoughts down below!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Toy Story: Alien Decoupage Christmas Tree Ornament (Hallmark)

Back in the fall of 2013, Hallmark began releasing some adorably stylized "shatterproof" decoupage Christmas tree ornaments at stores like Target, Walmart and [at the time] Toys R Us. Characters from all sorts of different properties were represented, but the majority were characters from Disney/Pixar/Star Wars/ Marvel films. The line—geared toward younger kids— proved to be super popular and has returned, as well as expanded, every year since! It's always so fun, come the beginning of November, when Target puts out their Christmas stuff and I get to see which new characters have been developed. This year there was only one new Pixar character, but it's a good one—a Pizza Planet Alien from Toy Story

This is the fifth Toy Story character to be released in this style of ornament. Before this there was Buzz & Woody (original and updated designs) and Jessie & Rex. As usual, it's perfection! I absolutely love this design and it fits in so nicely with all the others.

If you've handled one of these before, then you know these decoupage ornaments are very lightweight, glossy and come ready to hang. This one stands at a little over 3" tall and retails for $7.00. If you're interested in picking this up for your (or your little one's) Christmas tree, be sure to head to your nearest Target soon before they sell out. You can also snag it online HERE if you'd rather just have it shipped to you. I'm saving this (and all the decoupage ornaments) for when we set up Aidan's own little Christmas tree in his room next year! 

Side Note- As a massive Star Wars fan, I've also been collecting all of those characters from this line as well. Check them out HERE and HERE as featured on my Star Wars collection Instagram page. A "Baby Yoda" one from The Mandalorian also just came out, so you know I had to grab that one!

Be sure to view all my previous posts on this ornament collection HERE. The only Pixar ones I'm missing now from past years (before I started collecting them) are Mater from Cars, Sulley (regular Monsters Inc. version) and Joy, Sadness, Disgust & Anger from Inside Out. I still hope to track them down somehow. 

Let me know your thoughts or any questions you might have down below!

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Cars 3: Track Damage Cruz Ramirez

Before I've even finished collecting at the 2020 Mattel Cars diecasts, the first case of 2021 is already showing up—and I was lucky enough to find it today at Walmart! Almost the entire case was made up of re-releases, but I was thrilled about one new release in particular...Track Damage Cruz Ramirez! You know I snatched it up right away.

The first thing you might have noticed is that Mattel has changed up the packaging design for this upcoming year; not drastically, but they have certainly updated the look. The background is no longer a blue desert and they've added a "NEW for 2021" graphic for all the new releases (like this one), but the most notable difference is that the different themes/categories we've grown used to over the years are now gone. Now it just says "METAL" in the top left corner (I guess if there was any confusion over if these toys are metal or plastic?). Overall, I think the new design looks pretty fresh.

Ever since I saw Cars 3, I thought a track damaged Cruz Ramirez would make an awesome diecast and hoped one would get released someday—and I was right! I'm so happy Mattel went ahead and made this scene-specific variant. I do wish they gave her a new, determined expression, but her standard smile is just fine I guess. As shown in the screen shot above, Cruz's side appears damaged this way after Jackson Storm slams her into the wall during the last few moments of the climatic Florida 500 race. 

Be sure to keep a lookout for this track damage Cruz and the rest of the new 2021 diecasts at your local Walmart and Target. I can't wait to see what other new releases 2021 will bring! Let me know if you have any comments or questions down below. 

Happy hunting!