About This Blog

pixar collection
The bulk of my Pixar collection (approx. 1200 items) as of March 2016

In late 2012, I became really involved with the online Pixar fan community (mostly thanks to my friends over at These sites became my source for the latest Pixar news and I continued to find several other Disney fan blogs through social media that I enjoyed following. I eventually started thinking, "I could do something like this! But what could I add to the online fandom that hasn't really been done?" It seemed as though Pixar news from the studio was more than covered, so I wanted to go a different route. I figured, "Hey, I have a pretty neat collection...maybe I'll create a blog and social media accounts primarily for Pixar collecting news and to showcase/document my Pixar collectibles!" SO...

I did. On June 30th 2013, I changed my Twitter account to "Dan the Pixar Fan" and created this blog to document my ever growing Pixar collection and to show other Pixar fans some cool, fun and sometimes unique collectibles that they may have never seen or may interest them. Since then, I've expanded quite a bit on social media and continue to update my blog every single day with detailed reviews on new (and sometimes old) items in my collection—so be sure to come back often. All photographs on this blog are by me and I have had a blast learning the ins and outs of product photography. I also periodically document Pixar related events, trips and vacations that I've been lucky enough to experience (such as my dream visit to the actual Pixar Studios, New York Toy Fair, Pixar themed birthday parties, new merchandise releases, the D23 Expos, visits to Walt Disney World/ Disneyland, Pixar in Concert, etc.) as well as Pixar film reviews. Lastly, I love hearing from you, so feel free to comment any thoughts or questions you might have on any particular item or event! I know I have been inspired and helped by other Pixar fans/collectors and hope to do the same.

The blog is mostly organized by using labels, which can be found off to the right side of the page (if you want to find an item from a specific film/category) but you can also find items from the date/month posted by using the archive. In addition, you can search my collection by entering key words in the search bar. Please, take time to explore!