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Toy Story Buddy Packs from Mattel Complete Guide (UPDATED)

The Toy Story "Buddy Pack" collection from Mattel has been one of my favorite lines to collect over the last few years. These came in 2010 with the release of Toy Story 3 and new ones have been released periodically up until last year. I knew I would be collecting them as soon as I saw them back when they were released. I've loved "chunky" or "buddy" style" little kid versions of figures ever since Hasbro released their Star Wars "Galactic Heroes" collection back in 2001 (If you're familiar with those, you kind of know what style I'm talking about). I'm excited to give these to my kids someday! (Update 7/30/20: I now have a son who is just about 8 months old and he's already loving these!!)

These are really fun. I especially love them because of the vast array of characters in this collection, many of which have never been available to collect in any other way (like Snake, Robot, Hockey Puck, Shark, Mr. Spell and  Bookworm, to name a few).

There are also a bunch of super awesome playsets, vehicles and gift sets that go along with this collection of figures, which I also love! If you haven't seen my additional posts from this collection, visit the links below before moving on:

All caught up? Now let's get to checking out each of the actual Buddy Packs!

The first few here, we have:
  • Slinky
  • Rocky
  • Grapnel/Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear
  • Rex
  • Yodeling Jessie and the [3] Crazy Critters
  • Zurg
  • Lenny
  • Toy Box Woody 
  • Shark 
Note: The way the figures are packaged, which was the only thing about them that made these a little frustrating to collect, is that you have to get several repeats of characters to get some of the ones you don't have. So below I'll just be listing each character once, despite them showing up again).  

Below we have:
  • Action Hero Buzz Lightyear
  • Zurg's Robot
  • Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear
  • Robot
  • Snake
  • Quick-Draw Sheriff  Woody
  • Etch A Sketch (with Buzz drawing)
  • Big Arm Woody
  • Wheezy
  • Action Sheriff Woody
  • The Prospector
  • Bo Peep 
  • Sheriff Woody 

Continued below there's a couple more packaged ones and some that I bought loose:
  • Hockey Puck
  • Mr. Spell
  • Scud (an exclusive to the Pop-Open Playworld Playset)
  • Bo Peep's Sheep
  • Hamm
  • Bad Mood Chunk 
  • Action Buzz Lightyear (different from the "Action Hero Buzz Lightyear" above) 
  • Pizza Planet Aliens

The last Buddy Packs seen below are from the next year, hence the change to the packaging design. There's:
  • Dolly
  • Waving Woody
  • Flying Buzz Lightyear
  • RC
  • Trixie
  • Kite Woody (Sunnyside hang-glider)
  • Blaster Zurg
  • Astronaut Barbie 
  • The Bookworm

The next few include: 
  • Protector Buzz Lightyear 
  • Good Mood Chunk
  • Ken
  • Great Shape Barbie
  • Twitch
  • Hero Buzz Lightyear
  • Chuckles
  • Hat Tip Woody 
  • Green Army Men [2] 

Continued below there's:
  • Spanish Buzz Lightyear
  • Jessie
  • Chatter Telephone
  • Stretch 
  • Lotso
  • Bullseye 

And last but not least, we have: 
  • Communicator Buzz Lightyear
  • Big Baby
  • Peas in a Pod
  • Walking Woody
  • Hero Woody
  • Buttercup
  • Laser Buzz Lightyear
  • Sparks (I happen to have the "exclusive deco" Walmart version which is a shinier paint, but there's a standard version too)
  • Mr. Pricklepants 

And then we have this pack, which I just got! It's a Target exclusive gift set called "Sid's Room." I got it because it's the only way Baby Face and Rocket Buzz Lightyear were ever released and I'm really excited to finally have these as part of the collection! How cool would it be to have Buddy versions of the rest of Sid's mutant toys?

UPDATE 4/08/15-
Etch A Sketch with Al in chicken suite drawing has been added to my collection! A big thanks to my wife Brita who was got this for me for this past Easter.

UPDATE 7/30/20-
After all these years, I finally added Evil Dr. Porkchop to my collection! This one has been a long time coming. It took ages, but I found one on eBay recently for a great price. Super pumped about it! "That's Mr. Evil Dr. Porkchop to you."

UPDATE 8/12/20-
Well this was a surprise! After all these years, I stumbled upon a Buzz Lightyear variation that I had no idea about—Running Buzz Lightyear! I don't know how I managed to miss him, but I'm so glad I stumbled upon his image while doing some research recently as I try to complete my collection here. Luckily there was one on eBay for $20 that I snatched right up!

Sure, his pose isn't too different when compared to all the other Buddy Pack versions of Buzz out there, but it's certainly it's own unique sculpt and not a repack. This Buzz (as stated on the back of the package) is inspired by Toy Story 2 when Buzz is running through the airport baggage system to rescue Woody. Given that the back of the package mentions the "Butte" sticker that Buzz has stuck on his rear during that moment, I fully expected this figure to have that. Sadly, I was disappointed (that would have been brilliant)! No Butte sticker here, but I'm happy to have him regardless since I've been determined to find every last Toy Story Buddy Pack figure out there.

toy story buddy pack running buzz lightyear
toy story buddy pack running buzz lightyear
toy story buddy pack running buzz lightyear

So there we have it! As far as the ones I've collected, there are roughly 70 unique Toy Story characters/poses from these packs, plus the others from additional sets mentioned/linked at the top of this post.

mattel toy story buddy pack figures complete
My entire Toy Story Buddy Pack figure collection as of 8/02/20

Believe it or not, there are still several out there that I don't have (a few of them exclusive to gift packs and most are just subtle variants of existing characters), including:
  • Beachy Buzz Lightyear, Waikiki Woody, Tropical Ken, Hawaii  Barbie and Luau Hamm from The Hawaiian Vacation Sets
  • Two-Eyed Alien (with eye patch)
  • Mean Lotso
  • Flocked Bullseye
  • Glitter Stretch
  • Fuzzy Lotso 
  • Shiny Buttercup 
  • Glow-in-the-dark RC
  • Buttercup with Fuzzy Body
*all images below were collected from Google search and are not my own. As an avid "completist",  I may need to track the rest down to finish my collection! Let me know if you know of any that I've missed here.
Hawaiian Vacation toy story buddy pack
Hawaiian Vacation toy story buddy pack

I can't stress it enough, this really is an awesome collection that you need to track down if you haven't already (as you can see, there are lots of gift packs with multiple characters out there to help you get jump-started with collecting these). Again, I just love how almost every single main toy/main background toy from the Toy Story films is represented from Andy's room, Bonnie's room and Sunnyside.

The only main characters missing from this collection that I wish Mattel would have made are: "The Monkey" from Sunnyside, Mr. Mike, the Troikas, Roly Poly clown, Troll, barrel of monkeys, the rest of Sid's mutant toys and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head (not included in this collection because of rights issues, so I've heard).

One final note. Interestingly, I found this unreleased "Tour Guide Barbie" image on the back of one of the Buddy Pack packages For whatever reason, she was canceled. Wonder why? 

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