Saturday, December 10, 2016

Finding Dory: Disney Store Swimming Hank Figure

disney finding dory swimming hank figure

From The Disney Store (also found at Disney Parks from what I've seen online), here we have their exclusive Finding Dory "Swimming Hank" figure! This was released back in early May of this year.

Now I didn't get the entire Disney Store collection of swimming figures (since I opted in for the Zuru RoboFish collection instead, which are similar toys), but I did end up getting a couple of characters that Zuru never of them being Hank here!

A few months back I realized, "wow out of all the Hanks in my collection, none of them actually swim" (though I guess you can barely count the pull string bath toy); so once this Hank went on sale at the Disney Store, it was a done deal for me. The original price was a steep $14.95, but I believe I got this one for around $8.00.

Three AAA batteries are required and included.

disney finding dory swimming hank figure

This is a swimming, water activated toy. But unlike the Zuru Robofish, the figures in this collection talk as well! This Hank speaks nine phrases from the film:
  • "Suck it, bipeds!"
  • "No memories, no problems."
  • "News flash: nobody's fine."
  • "Name's Hank."
  • "I just wanna live in a glass box alone, that's all I want."
  • "If I stay here, I'm gonna get released back to the ocean. And I have extremely unpleasant memories of that place!"  
  • "Goodbye forever!"
  • "Alright, now don't get hysterical."
  • "Um, you were about to give me your tag!"
disney finding dory swimming hank figure

To activate "play mode" (swimming feature), hold down the button on Hank's back for 15 seconds and wait for a beeping sound. Place Hank in the water and watch him swim! Simple as that.

Note: While in play mode, Hank will speak all nine phrases in a row without stopping when taken out of the water (for whatever reason). To revert back to, what I'll call "out of water mode" after water play (so he only says one phrase at a time), hold the button again for 15 seconds until you hear the same beeping sound.

disney finding dory swimming hank figure

Hank is propelled by a little fan underneath him. The movements are basic, but it works! You'll notice he'll move in spurts (he'll move a little bit and then stop, move a little and then stop...just like a real octopus). He's made from/covered in is a sticky, wiggly rubbery material, which adds a little realism both in and out of the water.

disney finding dory swimming hank figure

Though I've been swamped and haven't had the time I thought I would to make product demonstration videos (at least until after the holidays), you can still find other videos of him in action on YouTube (check out one HERE).

If you're looking to pick this one up, this is still available on the Disney Store's website (currently on sale for just $7.99), eBay or Amazon using the direct link below.

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