Monday, June 12, 2017

Cars 3: Disney Store Doc Hudson Motor Oil Mug

Cars 3 Disney Store Doc Hudson Motor Oil Mug

"Get ready for what's comin'. More speed, more horsepower...more of everything."

With Cars 3 a mere four days away (three if you count Thursday screenings), naturally it's been on my mind a bit. I can't wait to see this story unfold! With that said, get ready for some Cars 3 blog posts from now until the film (and then beyond that). It's gonna be a summer full of Cars 3 here, that's for sure!

This fantastic Doc Hudson 100% Pure Motor Oil mug is currently on sale at the Disney Store. It arrived with the initial launch of the merchandise back in April and is still available to purchase. It was one of the first Cars 3 products I picked up since I knew right away that this was a must have for me. I love how it captures that retro 50's era garage feel, almost like it was sold at an old gas station on Route 66 back in the day. It looks like something I would have found in my grandad's garage, which makes it feel kind of nostalgic for me!

Cars 3 Disney Store Doc Hudson Motor Oil Mug

I love the retro feel of Radiator Springs and its characters from the first film and this really reminds me of that. With Doc Hudson and all the racing "legends" appearing in Cars 3, I hope I get some of those same feelings back!

The graphic, which reads Doc Hudson Brand 100% Motor Oil—Highly Refined—Long Lasting—Radiator Springs, is the same on both sides of the oil can shaped mug. It's a hefty ceramic material, feels solid/durable and has a nice weight to it. The mug itself is 4 1/4'' H x 3 1/2'' Diameter (4 3/4'' W at handle) in size, holds 12 oz, is machine washable and retails for $14.95.

If you're a fan of Cars, this might be a no-brainer for you to pick up like it was for me. Doc Hudson is one of my favorite characters from the franchise, so of course I'm excited to have him on such a cool mug.

Be sure to snag this at your local Disney Store (or online HERE) soon before it races away! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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