Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cars 2: Fighting Face Mater

Cars 2 Fighting Face Mater

Just when you thought there weren't anymore Mater variations possible, today I'm taking a look at the Mattel Cars 2 1:55 scale diecast of Fighting Face Mater! He was released a few months back (right before the transition into Cars 3) and is part of 2017 "London Chase" sub-series (#1/11). This is essentially the "You the Bomb Mater", but with a brand new, never before released facial expression.

As shown in the screenshot above, Mater appears this way at the end of Cars 2 during the street fight in London against the lemons. Mater uses his "Carate" skills to take out the thugs!

Cars 2 Fighting Face Mater mattel diecast

Though I wasn't clamoring for another version of Mater (since I have a galzillion of them), I do think variations like this are kind of fun to get for scene/diorama building. I'm also very impressed with how spot on they got his expression—especially since it's based on a look that's on screen for literally a tiny fraction of second.

Cars 2 Fighting Face Mater mattel diecast

This one was hard for me to come by in my area, so I had to resort to the second hand market recently. At this point it's very unlikely you'll find this Mater in stores, so I'd check eBay using this direct link to current listings (that's what I did) or Amazon using the link below. Since this Mater isn't in high demand, even though he's rare, his prices are pretty reasonable (right round $8).

Have fun and happy hunting! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Were you able to find this Mater in stores? Which one is your all time favorite Mater diecast from Mattel?

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