Sunday, October 14, 2018


Hi everyone! So if you've been following my site for some time now, you've probably noticed a shift lately as I've been posting less and less. I use to take great pride in the fact that I would never miss posting a blog post daily, even if I was away or sick. However, life has changed a bit over the past two months or so and I've been busier than ever. The reason being (and it's a good thing) that I now have a full time career (YAY!) on top of still working at the Disney Store on the weekends and my dad's family business at nights.

Speaking of the Disney Store, a couple days ago I hit my three year anniversary as a Disney Store Cast Member. It's something that's bittersweet to me since I'll actually be leaving the Disney Store very soon (November 4th being my last day). As much as I'd like to stay there, I need some time at home to relax, be with family and continue my passion here with this site. Otherwise (especially with the busyness of the holiday season coming up) I would have zero time to myself. All in all, I have had the most fun and life changing experience there and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm grateful that, though short, my dream of working for the Walt Disney Company was fulfilled in a small way.

I'm also grateful that my wife and I are able to fit in one last Disney World trip (with those sweet Cast Member perks I'll miss so much)! We leave tomorrow for a week (we'll be staying at the All Star Movies Resort), so blog posts will completely be on hold until I return.

Pretty soon, I'll have nights and weekends open again and I hope to continue running my blog here as normal. Until then, it might be a little lite on the posts. Thank you for your patience and sticking with me!

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