Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pixar Holiday Gift Wrap 2018 (From Five Below)

pixar christmas wrapping paper

If you have the dollar store called "Five Below" close by to you (a couple of them just opened near us here in CT) you might want to head there ASAP. Check out this FANTASTIC Pixar holiday gift wrap I just picked up there tonight for only $3! I love this minimalistic stylized art. In fact, these designs seem to stem from the same artist that did the graphics featured on my fave Pixar beach towel I picked up from Kolh's a couple years ago (seen HERE). Some of the characters are even exactly the same, with some great new additions thrown in as well. I wish I knew who it was! This art always seems to show up on obscure products from random stores, but heck, it's cool enough that I'd actually like a print of this hanging up on my wall honestly.

Love the colors, the Christmasy "brown paper" look and all little subtle winter/holiday touches (like the stars and snowflakes). Characters representing Pixar's first 10 films (Toy Story through Up) are all here—well except Cars. For some reason that one got excluded. I especially love the Remy and Heimlich designs, since those movies are often left out, but they ALL look amazing,

pixar christmas wrapping paper

I can't go without bringing up all the other little details that fill out the rest of the paper as well, like Wall·E's tread marks, a school of fish/coral (from Finding Nemo), a sock/door station/company icon  (from Monsters Inc.) a balloon (from Up), cheese (from Ratatouille), the bottom of Woody's boot (from Toy Story), a super hero mask (from The Incredibles) and so on. It's all just too good to be torn apart when opening gifts! ;)

If you're looking for the perfect Pixar Christmas wrapping paper, look no further than your local Five Below. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and if you'll be picking this up this season! I might just have to go back and get another roll for next year...

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