Friday, March 29, 2019

Monsters University: Disney Parks Young Mike Wazowski Plush

disney parks mike wazowski plush

ROOOAAARRR! Tonight I'm taking a look at this Monster University Mike Wazowski plush, sold now exclusively at Disney Parks! I found this guy while I was visiting Walt Disney World last October and couldn't say no to picking it up. Mike is one of my favorite Pixar characters and this has to be one of the cutest plush versions of him to date!

Now that I'm reading more into this, I can't tell if this is suppose to be little Mike from the beginning of Monsters University or if it's just a cute/stylized version of the character in general. On the Shop Disney Parks app, he's called simply "Big Feet Mike Wazowski", nothing about him being the young version or from MU. Either way though, his cuteness is certainly inspired by little Mike from MU— even down to the crooked smile (though no braces). Regardless, this plush is extremely adorable (love the sparkly eye) and incredibly extra soft! Young fans will absolutely enjoy cuddling this monster.

His size is 13" tall (from bottom of feet to top of horns) x 8" wide (about 19" if you count the arm span). Retail is $26.99.

disney parks mike wazowski plush

I purchased this at the "Merchant of Venus" shop in the Magic Kingdom (Tomorrowland), but I saw him all over the place. If you're going to Disney World soon, you can view all the locations this plush is currently in stock at by using the Shop Disney Parks app. Note: I'm not sure if this is also available at the Disneyland parks. Anyone know this?

For all you fans of Monsters Inc./University, I can't recommend this enough! Have you picked this up for your Disney/Pixar plush collection? Shout out your thoughts down below.

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