Sunday, July 19, 2020

Pixar Ball Button from BoxLunch Gifts

Here's just a quick little something I picked up during my visit to BoxLunch Gifts last week—this awesome Pixar ball button! I had finished browsing the store, made my purchases and was on my way out when I spotted this. I had to grab it and get back in line as soon as I saw it because 1.) PIXAR BALL and 2.) it was only $1.99. How could I not?

When I got home I found the perfect spot for the button...doesn't it look great on the strap of my Pixar Playtime backpack?! I'm a fan.

Unfortunately none of the buttons you can find in-store at BoxLunch or Hot Topic are sold online. If you have a BoxLunch near you though, definitely check it out to see if they have this one in stock! There were a lot of cool designs, but this one was the true standout. Be sure to let me know your thoughts down below. Did you pick one of these up for your collection? Where do you display your Disney/Pixar pins and buttons?

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