Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Monsters University: Mike Wazowski 3D Print

monsters university mike wazowski 3D print

On Monday, my nephew Jack surprised me with a 3D print he did of Mike Wazowski from Monsters University! I thought that was really cool and thoughtful of him (he's really into 3D printing these days—it's his main hobby) and I just had to document it here on my blog as part of my Pixar collection.

Mike stands at about 3.5" tall. According to my nephew, he printed it using Rapid 3D Model Resin using THIS model. He said he also used an air brush technique to give the model some texture. I'm going to leave this unpainted, as I love the raw/unfinished look to it (plus any paint job I could do would look so awful it would ruin it anyway). Right now it kind of reminds me of a more textured version of a Pixar maquette (a clay model sculpted during a film's pre-production by character design artists/sculptors).

What do you guys think!? This whole 3D printing thing fascinates me; you can make just about anything! It's crazy, the tools kids have access to these days.

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