Tuesday, March 15, 2022

D23 Magazine Spring 2022 (Turning Red Edition)—INSIDE LOOK!

Hey everybody, welcome back! With Pixar’s newest feature film Turning Red now on Disney+ as of this past Friday (March 11th), I thought you might wanna check out a quick peek inside this new spring 2022 issue of D23 Magazine featuring this fantastic Turning Red cover and an article inside with some interesting behind the scenes insights.

For those of you not familiar, you get magazines like this in the mail four times a year (so every quarter) by having a D23 membership. If you’re not a member though and would like a copy of this—or really any edition—they’re pretty easy to find on eBay (link HERE).

So yah, we got Panda Mai on the front there and we got her three besties, Miriam, Abby and Priya on the back (in addition to the film’s logo). And since this is the Turning Red edition of D23 magazine after all, we got Mei Lee there as her human self on the contents page in celebration of the film—love that.

The Turning Red article is called "Red Panda Monium" by Bruce C Steele and it essentially just talks about the director’s real life inspirations for the film, a little about the film story and its themes, the voice casting process and how the film aims to be universal and relatable no matter what your specific background or heritage is (similarly to Coco in that sense, which is cited here).

One of my favorite quotes here is by director Domee Shi who says, "People who don’t share Mei’s background will relate to the film just as intensely. People are just drawn to good stories. Themes like growing up and family tie us all together. People can connect with that. Its universal themes are painted with a culturally specific brush." I really like the way she put that, I think Domee really nailed it there. Anyway, there’s some really good stuff in here for anyone who loves behind the scenes content like I do.

As far as what else you'll find in this issue of Disney Twenty-Three, there are articles surrounding Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, the upcoming DisneyNature film Polar bear, the new Disney Jr. show Alice’s Wonderland Bakery, the Kingdom Keepers Adventure novels, the Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser, the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind ride, the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, the Disney Dream academy, the Disney ambassador program, Destination D23 2021 and a Winnie the Pooh character analysis. That's it!

You can check it all out in my video below. Enjoy! Hope you all really enjoyed the film as well. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts down in the comments :)

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