Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Lightyear 7" Scale Action Figures ARE Coming! | Mattel's ALPHA CLASS Series Revealed & Explained

Hey everyone! Today I'm thrilled to finally be able to talk about the new "Alpha Class" Series of Disney·Pixar Lightyear figures coming soon. SO I had seen these images floating around for a while, but I didn’t have enough info to report on them in full, BUT as of the Lightyear toy launch this past Sunday, we now have every detail we need to get us all super pumped thanks to Amazon listings.

So the news you were all hoping to hear is...yes these Alpha Class figures ARE in fact part of Mattel’s 7” scale action figure collection! Back when Mattel’s 5” scale Lightyear collection was announced, I know a lot of you (myself included) were disappointed that the Pixar 7” scale collection that we’ve been collecting for 3 years now seemed to have been over just like that and replaced with the 5” figures. But now we have confirmation that the 7” scale collection is continuing on through this Alpha Class series for Lightyear and is in addition to, not replaced by, the 5” scale figures. So great that we get the best of both worlds.

What’s really cool about the Alpha class figures is that they’re not the basic $10 Pixar 7” figures, but are more in line with Mattel’s more premium style 7” scale figures geared more toward slightly older kids and collectors—very similar to the collector centered Pixar Featured Favorites line I’ve been reviewing on my YouTube channel. And at a retail price of $21.99 each, they’re the exact same price point as the Featured Favorites as well, so I see what they’re doing here (these are basically Featured Favorites for Lightyear in a way). 

Anyway, within this Alpha Class series we have four figures, at least for now. I have no idea if additional characters will be made, but if this is it I’m happy we get at least the films four main characters: Space Ranger Alpha Buzz Lightyear with Sox, Zap Patrol Izzy Hawthorne, Zap Patrol Mo morrison and Zap Patrol Darby Steel.






And how cool and sleek are the window boxes they come in? I love that they're totally designed with us collectors in mind. Wow, amazing work Mattel team. They just keep on bringing it. Each of these figures will have premium detailing, plenty of film inspired accessories, and some incredible articulation (24 points each to be exact which is a pretty insane amount of posability),

Now for anyone here interested in pre-ordering any of these, I’ll drop the Amazon links to all four below. I’ll warn you though, only three are actually available to pre-order right now. Darby Steel isn’t available to pre-order quite yet, but keep on checking using my links below. At least there’s a listing for her up, so that’s a good sign.

Anyway, how happy are you that Mattel is continuing their Pixar 7” scale range with Lightyear after all? If only Mattel had done the Turning Red toys, we would have 7” scale figures for almost every single Pixar film so far. Oh well, maybe we’ll get those in the future but now I’m just happy the line is continuing on with Lightyear. Raise your hand down in the comments if you’re gonna pick these up! You know I did.



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