Friday, December 23, 2022

My Mattel Pixar Cars Holiday/Christmas Diecast Collection!

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve everyone! Today I thought it would be fun and festive to show my collection of Disney·Pixar Holiday/Christmas inspired diecasts that have been released over the years by Mattel. These designs started to be released around the 2009/2010 era (based on the book Mater Saves Christmas and the illustrations therein) and have had multiple re-releases over the years since (even as recent as this year and in 2021, seen the photo from Target above).

I have the eight reissues from last year (since I missed them originally; again, see photo above): Mater (aka Whee-Hoo Winter Mater), Reindeer Snowmobile (who had been cancelled for a long time prior, so I was so happy to see that one finally get released), Ramone (blue; aka Wintertime Cruiser), Doc Hudson (aka Decked Out Doc Hudson), Sarge (aka Sarge with Roof Lights), Sally (aka Snow Day Sally), Lightning McQueen (aka Snowplow Lightning McQueen) and Luigi & Guido...

...and then (see below), I grabbed Fuel Tide Cheer Fillmore and Holiday Spirit Sheriff on eBay recently (since they haven't come out for a long time), Christmas Cruiser Ramone (who I was so happy got re-released last year in 2021) and Holiday Hotshot Lightning McQueen (who happily got a re-release this year for 2022).

Alright, with that I still need Reindeer Mater and Santa Car. Those ones haven't bee re-released recently, but I'm crossing my fingers they do. Otherwise I guess I'll just have to fork out the extra money for them and snag them on eBay to complete the collection. I'm also hoping Mattel releases a holiday Lizzy, Flo and Red one day!

By the way, these Christmas/Holiday character designs can also be seen in the books A Very Mater Christmas (see my recent Instagram reel HERE) and A Cars Christmas. The only diecast design here in this collection that haven't seen in any book or media is the blue/snowflake "Wintertime Cruiser" Ramone above that was released last year. That one seems to be completely made up by Mattel.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic and safe rest of your holiday season! I'll be sure to update this post as soon as I get any of the final three Christmas cars I need. 

Merry Christmas TOW all and TOW all a goodnight!

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