Monday, November 2, 2015

The Good Dinosaur: TOMY Mini Figure Collection

tomy the good dinosaur

Last week, I did several posts covering the awesome TOMY line of The Good Dinosaur action figures. Now I wanted to show off their smaller line of collectible stylized mini figures! These adorable mini figures are, what I call, "buddy pack" style and come in 2-Packs for $4.99. They are about 2" in size.

See the five pairs of dinos on the back of the package above! The 10 figures are as follows:
  • Nash & Mary Alice 
  • Arlo & Forrest Woodbush 
  • Bubbha & Bisodon
  • Ramsey & Thunderclap 
  • Butch & Will
 Nash & Mary Alice
tomy nash and mary alice
tomy nash and mary alice

 Bubbha & Bisodon
tomy bisodon and bubbhatomy bisodon and bubbha

OK, so here's the twist. Those are actually the only two 2-Packs that I got... but that's because Toys R Us released two value 6-Packs (both $14.99) featuring the rest of the figures- plus several exclusive characters! The above Bisodon and Mary Alice are not available in the two Toys R Us sets, so that's why I got them separately (even though I had to get repeats of Bubbha and Nash).

Toys R Us Set One ("Butch's Pack") includes:
  • Butch 
  • Ramsey
  • Forrest Woodbush
  • Thunderclap 
  • Lurleane (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Jack (EXCLUSIVE)
Butch's Pack
tomy the good dinosaurtomy the good dinosaur tomy the good dinosaur
toys r us tomy the good dinosaur

 Toys R Us Set Two ("Arlo's Pack") includes:
  • Nash
  • Arlo
  • Bubbha
  • Will
  • Poppa (EXCLUSIVE)
  • Downpour (EXCLUSIVE)
toys r us tomy the good dinosaur
tomy the good dinosaur mini figuresthe good dinosaur mini figures pappa
the good dinosaur mini figures pappa
tomy the good dinosaur

So, in total (between the standard 2-Packs and the Toys Us 6-Packs), this line currently has 14 unique characters! These guys are so cute...I'm totally hoping for more in the future! I can never resist these types of little figures.

Also, as mentioned in the Good Dino action figure line posts, don't expect to see all of these characters in the film. Some of the dinosaurs (such as Mary Alice and Will) are actually characters made up by TOMY. Great designs nonetheless!

You can currently find all these figures at Target and Toys R Us (those are the only two stores I've seen them at). If you're interested in adding these to your collection, be sure to check your locals stores for availability or order them online using the Amazon links below! Highly recommended.

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