Thursday, November 5, 2015

Inside Out: Tsum Tsum Badge Set

inside out tsum tsum buttons

Here we have the brand new Disney Store exclusive Inside Out Tsum Tsum "Badge Set"- set of seven! This set includes three sizes of metal pinback buttons featuring adorable designs of your favorite Inside Out characters (in the signature Tsum Tsum style). Below is the size/character breakdown:
  •  1 3/4'' Diameter Large Pins (Joy and Sadness)
  • 1 1/2'' Diameter Medium Pins (Rainbow Unicorn and Disgust)
  • 1 1/4'' Diameter Small Pins (Fear, Bing Bong and Anger)
Unfamiliar with what a "Tsum Tsum" is? No's a little info! "Tsum Tsums" (meaning "stack stack" in Japanese) are cute, stylized Disney plush that come in a variety of different sizes. Their elongated shapes make them stackable for display (hence the "stack stack"). They originated in Japan (along with a phone app game of the same name) and have since made their way to the US. Now, other Tsum Tsum style merch, such as pin sets (like this one), mugs, dishes, shirts, socks, pencils, etc. are also starting to be released! Tsum Tsum fans rejoice.

To see more of my Pixar Tsum Tsum collection (including the set of Inside Out ones that these badges are based off of), be sure to explore the designated label to the right of this page.

You'll notice that a Rainbow Unicorn plush Tsum Tsum was never actually released; but it's cool we got a Tsum Tsum style rendition of her here with this pin set! I would love to see that character actually made. Could we be seeing a plush of her in the future? Time will tell!

If you're looking to snag this awesome little set for your collection, head to your local Disney Store soon to check for availability. OR, if you prefer to order this online, visit the Disney Store's site HERE to purchase! Regular price is $6.95, but it's currently on sale for just $5. Get it while you can...and for a great price!

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