Saturday, August 27, 2016

Finding Dory: Paint/Coloring Books ("Make a Splash" & "Deep-Sea Dreams")

finding dory coloring books paint

Unfortunately, yesterday was another of those crazy days where I couldn't get to a blog post; so once again, to make it up to you and to keep on track, tonight I'm posting about not one, but two Finding Dory items: the "Make a Splash" paint book and the "Deep-Sea Dreams" coloring book!

These are both very similar in almost every way (to the point where most, if not all, of the illustrations are actually exactly the same). The only real differences are the way the story is worded and that one is a basic coloring book, while the other includes a paint palette and brush. Both books include a bonus digital storybook.

Lets take a look inside!

Finding Dory: Make a Splash (Paint Palette Book)

Finding Dory: Deep-Sea Dreams (An Adventure Coloring Book)

Kids will love coloring/painting their favorite moments from the film! Either one here is a good choice, so it totally just depends on your preference. If you can't decide, you can just pull a me and get them both ;)

Find these wherever Finding Dory books are sold or swim over to Amazon using the direct links below-

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