Saturday, October 28, 2017

Cars 3: Mr. Drippy

Hey Disney·Pixar Cars fans! I'm back today with another Mattel Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast review (sorry with the lack of post yesterday—I just ran out of hours) and today I'm taking a look at the fantastic Mr. Drippy!

Mr. Drippy appears in the Crazy 8 Demolition Derby scene as Thunder Hollow Speedway's official water truck (he's not a contender, just a worker). His sole purpose there seems to be making sure the track stays nice and muddy for a more wet, wild and CRAZY time! He also seems to be a big fan of the demolition derby itself—especially Miss Fritter (who he may have a little crush on). As soon as I get the Blu-Ray, I'll add a screen shot above!

This is yet another great addition to Mattel's Cars 3 diecast lineup. The detail is amazing! They could have added a bit more "mud" (since mud is his job after all), but as far as just the character himself, he's really well done. As usual with these bigger diecast cars, only the front cab is actually metal. The rest of him (water tank and all) is plastic.

Mattel even included his hilarious slogan on the side door: "Need a bath hippy? Call Mr. Drippy!" This reminds me of the first Cars when Sarge tells Fillmore to "take a bath hippy." Could this be a subtle reference to that moment?

This diecast was almost impossible for me to find, but then I finally stumbled upon it a few weeks ago at Kohl's of all places! I've yet to find it at any Walmart, Target or Toys R Us in my area. Either way though, I'm just glad I was able to pick it up!

If you're having trouble finding this character in stores, you can always visit THIS LINK to current eBay listings or check Amazon using the direct link below.

Best of luck out there and happy hunting!

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