Sunday, October 15, 2017

Coco Merchandise NOW AVAILABLE— Mattel Toys & More!

pixar coco toys in store

It's finally here everyone! The merchandise for Coco has finally hit Toy R Us shelves in my area. Ever since this stuff hit in Mexico late last month, I knew it had to be almost time for the US release. I have gone searching for this almost every day this month and was thrilled today when I found a bunch of it. Not everything—but a good amount nonetheless.

Like I always do, I had to document what the merchandise looks like on store shelves as well as give you a sneak peak at what will end up being many blog posts to come! Most of what you see here (minus the book, art kit and Funkos) is from Mattel. You'll notice "Skullectibles" (mini figures/blind bags), mid-size standard poseable figures, motion/action figures, 12" figures and even a Pepita mask. Like I said, this isn't everything, but it's a decent start! I'll go back tomorrow to see if I can find more and update this post.

pixar coco toys in store
pixar coco toys in store
pixar coco toys in store

What a fantastic range of toys! So colorful and so unique. I cannot wait to dive deeper into all of this and more. Stay tuned and let me know your thoughts below!

UPDATE 10/18/17—
Hola! I'm returning to this post to add a few updates. It seems as though each time I go to my local Toys R Us or visit another Toys R Us elsewhere (there's a few within an hour of me), I find new products. Each store seems to have a different selection of merch (and one store hadn't even put the stuff out yet). It's been a very odd as far as merchandise releases go since it's all been so spread out, but regardless, here are some more toys I stumbled across...

First of all, the next day when I went back to my local Toys R Us, they had put up the official Coco signage! Very cool.

pixar coco toys merchandise toys r us
pixar coco toys mic and stand
pixar coco toys walkie talkies
pixar coco skullectables
pixar coco headphones merchandise
pixar coco toys r us
pixar coco bag
pixar coco stickers
pixar coco sounds book
pixar coco sugar skull painting kit
pixar coco picture fram making kit
pixar coco funko dorbz
pixar coco guitar toys

Here's the awesome Mattel Coco guitar in action! There's so many "cord" combinations you can play and there's even sheet music to learn the film's signature song "Remember Me"—not to mention the sweet lights and opening skull mouth.

And lastly, even though this isn't at Toys R Us, I did want to mention that Kohl's has a bunch of Coco inspired girls shirts and kids clothing. Unfortunately there wasn't anything for men, but check out some of what I spotted at the store below (seen more online HERE).

disney pixar coco girls shirt kohls
disney pixar coco girls shirt kohls
disney pixar coco girls shirt kohls
disney pixar coco girls shirt kohls
disney pixar coco girls shirt kohls

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