Thursday, January 4, 2018

Coco: Miguel & Dante Water Bottle

disney store coco miguel and dante water bottle

Hola amigos! Today I'm checking out this Miguel & Dante water bottle, another fun item I got for this past Christmas! This started appearing at Disney Parks around mid October (I specifically saw reports of it at the World of Disney store in Disney Springs) and then on during the first week of November. Surprisingly, it was never available at actual Disney Store locations.  

I honestly don't know how much I'll actually drink from this, I just loved the look of it. Got it more for a display piece on a possible future Coco shelf! The bottle/bottom portion of this is stainless steal (BPA free), while the head (which screws off) is plastic. It's pretty tall, measuring 9 1/2'' H  (that's including the lid) x 2 3/4'' Diameter. Holds 18 oz.

Note: According the ShopDisney description, this is not dishwasher safe and is not designed for hot liquids (which is a shame, cause I would have used this more as a hot chocolate thermos). And more obvious (since it's metal), this is also not microwave safe.

disney store coco miguel and dante water bottle

Overall this thing looks pretty awesome! The stylized design of Miguel's painted skeletal face is fantastic and, given that the top is sculpted, the head, hair and hood have a 3D look and feel. It's also neat that the bottle is Miguel's torso and that scrappy Dante screen art inclusion is pretty cute as well.

disney store coco miguel and dante water bottle

Here's a look into the bottle itself—

disney store coco miguel and dante water bottle

You can pick this up on the ShopDisney site currently HERE for $14.95. If you're a fan of Coco and in need of a new water bottle (or maybe you just like the look of it to display, like me), I definitely recommend picking this up before it's gone! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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