Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mini Toy Story / Luxo Jr. Ball (Pixar Studio Store Exclusive)

mini pixar toy story ball

Back in 2015, I posted a guide to all the different versions of the iconic Pixar/Luxo Jr./Toy Story ball that have been available to purchase over the years. View that post HERE if you missed it! Today I'm checking out yet another version that I acquired more recently during my trip to Pixar this past fall. Check out this mini version of the ball (only about 10" diameter), available now exclusively at the Pixar Studio Store!

This was also given out to a few select guests at this past year's 2017 D23 Expo (which I wasn't able to attend this time around) near the Pixar booth during random times. Shout it out if you one of the lucky guests who obtained one there!

mini pixar toy story ball

As you can see, this little guy is a pretty adorable size that fits right in the palm of my hand. A perfect shelf display piece! And I love how shiny it is (just like it should be). In my opinion, you can't have too many Pixar balls floating around. ;)

mini pixar toy story ball

I believe this was around $5 or $6 there at the Studio Store. Not bad at all! Keep an eye out for this one (and the bigger, more movie accurate version—which I posted on HERE), if you're ever able to shop there. Both were available when I visited!

If you really want this one now and are willing to pay a steeper price, someone is selling a couple on eBay currently for $50. Check out THIS DIRECT LINK if you're interested.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and stay tuned for more from my personal collection of Pixar toys and collectibles!

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