Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cars 2: Classic Mater LEGO (Set 8201)

lego cars classic mater

In 2011, Lego released their Cars 2 collection featuring loads of cool sets inspired by scenes and characters from the film. Here we have "Classic Mater"—Set 8201! This is a tiny set (great for collectors running out of room like myself) comprised of only 52 pieces; and when built, Mater stands at only 2" tall x 3" long. I love it! It's such a nice quick build and it ended up fitting perfectly on my Cars shelf (since it can really fit just about anywhere). I was able to squeeze it in with my other collectibles seamlessly.

I had fun this past Sunday putting this together, which took only about 10 minutes. Building Legos always brings out the kid in me no matter what! A big thanks to my brother in-law Johnny who surprised me with this for Christmas since he knows I love Pixar. He was able to find it at a consignment shop for a really cheap price. Thanks for being so thoughtful Johnny!

lego cars classic mater

Below are some shots right before I started assembly...

lego cars classic mater

...and here he is completed! He looks great right?

lego cars classic mater lego cars classic mater

A tiny Lightning McQueen was also released to go along with this Mater (Set 8200, seen HERE). While I don't have that one, I did get a bigger version of Lightning—the"Ultimate Build" Set 8484—(seen HERE) back in 2011 for my 21st birthday.

If you want to pick up this little Mater for your collection, check out Amazon using the link below or eBay HERE using this direct link. You can easily find it for as low as $12 these days (original retail price was just $6.99). Be sure to shout out your thoughts down in the comments!

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