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New York Toy Fair 2019—Pixar News Roundup!

Hi everyone! This past weekend was one of my favorite annual events, something I look forward to every February...New York Toy Fair! While I'm usually at home getting the updates from my computer, constantly refreshing toy news sites/social media for the latest reveals, this time (for the first time) I actually got to attend! I've been following along with Toy Fair since I was a kid, so it was surreal to be there as part of the press covering the event. Instead of searching the internet for all the Pixar toy updates, I could finally provide the news myself! And that's exactly what I've compiled here.

This event is held each year at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and is only open to the toy trade– meaning toy industry professionals, retailers and press representatives. The 2019 NYTF began last Saturday (Feb. 16th) and ran through yesterday (Feb. 19th). It was a last minute idea of mine to attend and I honestly can't believe I was able to make it happen. I literally had the thought to go on Friday morning when I woke up and then took it from there. I quickly made a business card before leaving for work, applied for press with my credentials and emailed a contact I had to help fast-track my application. Late that night I received my approval email! I took off for the convention early Saturday morning, arrived on time, picked up my badge and began my fun—I mean work. ;) What a whirlwind! 

A big shout out to my friends over at Tubey Toys for sharing their knowledge with me about applying for Toy Fair and for the support/encouragement.   

Below is a summary (by company) of all the latest and greatest Pixar merch I discovered while walking the show floor, some available now and some coming soon/later this year! If you missed my updates on Instagram, you can check out my NYTF2019 saved story (which includes some video updates not seen here).



The company University Games showed off their popular "BePuzzled" line of 3D Crystal Puzzles! Buzz and the trio of aliens are back (rebranded Toy Story 4) and Nemo was on display too. I haven't collected any of these, but I might have to now! Very cool to see in person.


From Monogram, Toy Story figural key ring characters are coming this spring! How adorable is this series? You can definitely expect a review of these as soon as I can get my hands on them. Oh and how awesome is this booth with all their key chains on display?

Golly-bob howdy! Also by Monogram, check out this these outstanding Toy Story Slinky bookends. These are a must, releasing this spring at Box Lunch Gifts!

toy story slinky dog book ends box lunch


Good Smile showed off their amazing new Mike and Sulley Nendoroid figures (released last fall) as well as their upcoming Buzz and Woody figures (which will be released a little later this year)! These things are absolutely incredible.


Spotted this cute & soft foam Buzz spaceship/alien Toy Story chair by Marshmallow Kids Furniture. It will be released this fall and retails for $49.99.


My friends over at Jakks Pacific revealed their Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Star Command Center (this was just a prototype though, this product isn't set to "launch" until fall). They were still working out the kinks, but I think it will end up being pretty neat for kids ages 2-4!

mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019

Check out the latest and upcoming from Mattel featuring Cars and Toy Story 4!  

Pixar Cars
Not too much was shown for Cars, but we did get a peek at a new "Drag Racing" line which includes a track set and six singles to start. Two other playsets were shown as well, the "Race Around Radiator Springs" motorized track set and the "XRS Mud Racing Crash Challenge."

Now onto what everyone's been waiting for...Mattel's main event this year, Toy Story 4 merch! Shelf date is April 22nd. 

mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019

Toy Story "Minis"'
Everyone's favorite Toy Story "Minis" blind bags collection is continuing on with new packaging and brand new characters from Toy Story 4 
mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019
mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019

7" Action Figure Line 
These are in the vein of Mattel's classic line of basic Toy Story poseable action figures, but now a scale bigger! I was surprised how big they actually were once I saw them in person. They look great! 

mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019
mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019
mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019

 7" Scale 4-in-1 Starship Space Command Playset
For use with the 7" figure line above! Comes with a unique glow in the dark Buzz, exclusive to the set.

mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019

 Role Play Toys
Buzz Ultimate Space Amour and Bo Pee's Action Staff!

mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019
mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019

 Hot Wheels
These were originally available in 2010 for the release Toy Story 3, repackaged here for Toy Story 4. Hopefully we see new characters in this lineup as well.

mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019

Fashion Doll Line
Bo Beep and Barbie! I'm especially excited to see Barbie making a comeback (and looking better than ever), since I missed her release at the time of TS3.

mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019

This giant Imaginext set was also shown, known as Buzzbot! Really hoping to see more Imaginext sets soon, based on actual characters and scenes from TS4. Pretty cool though, kids will love it. 

mattel toy story 4 toy fair 2019

That's all that was shown at the Toy Story 4 Mattel booth! Of course this isn't everything that will be released on April 22nd, so look forward to many more exciting reveals in the coming months.

lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019

Now onto the Lego booth, which also featured some really cute upcoming Toy Story 4 sets! These will be available on April 22nd as well. 

Four sets were shown, all of which are part of their simplified 4+ range (previously called "Lego Jr."):

Buzz and Woody’s Carnival Mania
lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019

 RV Vacation 
lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019
lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019

 Who's excited for this adorable Lego Forky!!

lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019
lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019

Carnival Thrill Coaster 
lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019
lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019
lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019

 Woody & RC
lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019
lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019

One new Lego Duplo set was shown as well, however this one is inspired by TS3 and is very similar to a train set already released back in 2010. Very cute regardless, sure to be a big hit with little fans.

lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019lego toy story 4 toy fair 2019

A few Toy Story Funko products were on display, including the already revealed RC & Woody "POP!" Ride, Buzz and Woody Loungefly backpacks and the soon to be released Buzz and Woody "Vynl" Collectibles.


Check out these Cars and Toy Story "D-Stage" Diorama Statues from Beast Kingdom! Both of these are available now.

cars "D-Stage" beast kingdom
Toy Story "D-Stage"

Exquisite Gaming had a really cool new Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear game controller/phone holder as part of their "Cable Guys" line.

toy story cable guys holder

And here's just some really adorable Toy Story wall art I saw while walking around the show floor! It didn't seem to be tied to any specific merchandise, but I thought it was too cute not to document. Not sure who the artist is, but please let me know if you have any insight.

Lastly there were some items I missed (there was a lot of ground to cover), so thanks to fellow attendees Cathy S (@Proudfan92) and Tiffany (@Tubey_Toys) for sharing the below pics with me! Really cute stuff.

From UK based company Orange Tree Toys, look at these insanely cute Toy Story wooden baby toys! I'm really hoping these get released in the US as well.

pixar toy story wooden baby toys pixar toy story wooden baby toys
pixar toy story wooden baby toys
pixar toy story wooden baby toys

Next up, check out these hats featuring Toy Story 4 characters Ducky and Bunny! I'm not sure which company these hats were from, but I did see them while I was there. I tried to take a photo of them and I was stopped! Oh well, here they are anyway thanks to Cathy.

toy story 4 hats toy story 4 hats
toy story 4 hats

I should have gone in the Bandai booth, but didn't think they had anything Pixar this year! I missed out on seeing these—more cute wooden baby toys, this time blocks. These are must haves! Apparently these are already available internationally, but will see a US release date later this year. Thanks for sharing Tubey Toys

pixar toy story baby blocks
pixar monsters inc baby blocks

Again, I should have gone in the TOMY booth because I missed out on these! More baby toys, but this time the soft variety. These toys, under TOMY's Lamaze banner, will be released as soon as March.

That about wraps everything up! I'm so grateful for the time I was able to have there, the items I was able to see, the people I was able to meet and the contacts I was able to make. I was able further my relationships with many companies and get my name out there a bit more, which was very encouraging for me. I'm also grateful for all the representatives that were able to squeeze me in (schedule-wise) for booth tours since all my planning was last minute! Everyone was very accommodating. Next year I'll have things planned out a bit more ahead of time and hopefully even be able to attend more than one day.

I hope you enjoyed this coverage. I would love to hear all your thoughts below! What are your favorite items? What are you looking forward to the most? Have you seen anything from NYTF that is Pixar that I didn't touch on here? Let me know down in the comments!

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