Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Events: Toy Story 4 Books—NOW AVAILABLE!

toy story 4 book release

Heyyyy howdy hey! Can you believe we're just over a month away from finally watching the next Toy Story film? After nearly five years since the initial announcement, it seems pretty unreal. And now that we're that much closer, more merchandise and movie tie-ins continue to POUR out! Following my posts on the Disney Store's merch release and the general toy release, today I'm checking out the Toy Story 4 books release—now available in-store and online as of yesterday (5/07/19)!

It was fun going to Barnes & Noble last night to see everything they had available thus far (as seen in my pic above). I had to document it all here! This isn't everything that has come out of course, but it's what my local store had in stock. Be sure to check out HERE for the full gamut of titles—with still more to come! Standouts for me include the usual (pretty much the same year after year): the "Art of" book, "The Official Guide" (which use to be known as"Essential Guide"), the "Little Golden Book" and the "Movie Storybook". I'm also extremely excited for Toy Box Words to Play By (illustrated by my friend Jerrod Maruyama), Andy's Room and Beyond and Forky in Craft Day. I look forward to reviewing all those and more in the coming weeks and months! Stay tuned.

toy story 4 book release

Note: Remember, if you're avoiding any spoilers or plot points not seen in the trailers, avoid opening these at all cost (mostly the storybook, golden book and novelizations). If you don't care about spoiling the story/ending, go ahead and have fun reading these now. I for one will be waiting until after I see the film so I can go in as fresh as possible. I don't want any twists or turns ruined! We're so close at this point...I can make it. I will say, it's crazy that they release the whole story so far ahead of time though, especially after years of secrecy!

toy story 4 book release

And here's a little glimpse of another section of Barnes & Noble, which had a fun table display set up with additional products.

toy story 4 book release

The toy area also had some additional Toy Story 4 toys since the last time I was there.

toy story 4 book release toy story 4 book release

Lastly, I went to Target tonight and stumbled upon several other books that I hadn't found at Barnes & Noble quite yet—check 'em out! There's the Coloring and Activity book, The Toys Are Back book with sounds, the Read-Along Storybook and CD, the Magic Ink Pictures book and Super Coloring and Sticker Activity Book.

toy story 4 book release

As usual, I gotta know...what are your thoughts on all these new Toy Story 4 books?! Will you be reading them before the film or will you wait until after? Which ones have you purchased/plan to purchase? Let me know in the comments below.

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