Sunday, August 30, 2020

Pixar Alien REMIX Tinny Figure (by Mattel) REVIEW

Pixar Alien REMIX tin toy Tinny Figure

Following my review of the Mattel Alien Remix Pizza Planet Driver from last month (FULL POST), here's the latest exclusive Remix character I couldn't resist due to its uniqueness—Tinny from Toy Story 4 (who, of course, was originally the star of Pixar's short film Tin Toy)! I'm still on the fence when it comes to committing to the whole Mattel Alien Remix line (since there are so many of them with possibly more to come in 2021), but I continue to cherry-pick my favorites. This one was a must since 1.) I collect anything Tinny from Tin Toy (look below to see my Tinny collection so far; I love any Pixar short film related merch) and 2.) It's a limited exclusive item (released only at the Disney Parks and Disney Stores/

Update: I committed to the whole line ;) Full blog post HERE.

First things first. For those trying to keep track of them all, let's break things down...  

Pixar Alien REMIX tin toy Tinny Figure

Tinny is number 11 in Mattel's range of Pixar Alien Remix figures (not associated with the Funko POP versions). The list so far in includes:

  • #1- Buzz Lightyear
  • #2- Merida
  • #3- Sulley
  • #4- Miguel 
  • #5- Mr. Incredible 
  • #6- Woody
  • #7-  Remy
  • #8- Boo
  • #9- Edna
  • #10- Anger
Then we have one-off Tinny here, #11

  • #12- Russell 
  • #13- Lotso
  • #14- Heimlich 
  • #15- Bing Bong 
  • #16- Nemo
And then the unnumbered Pizza Planet Truck Driver. So there you have it, 17 Mattel Alien Remix figures in 2020! Now moving on, let's take a look at Alien Tinny out of the package.

Pixar Alien REMIX tin toy Tinny Figure

No surprise here! He's absolute adorable; as cute as any of the other Remix Aliens— though I do have to say, Tinny translated particularly well into this whole "remix" concept. He's just under 4" tall, has a removable "one-man-band" piece (needs to be inserted into Tinny's back upon opening) and retails for for $8.99 (purchase at your local Disney Store, Disney Parks or HERE).

Pixar Alien REMIX tin toy Tinny Figure

What are you thoughts? If you're an avid collector of the Pixar Alien Remix figures, you will not want to miss this one. Or you may even be like me, interested in this due to it being a bit more unique and/or that you're a fan of the short film. Either way, I highly recommend this for your Pixar collection! It's the perfect display piece for kids or adults, especially when presented with all the other Remix figures.

Be sure to share your comments and any questions you might have down below!

pixar tin toy tinny collection
My Tin Toy Collection as of 8/30/20

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