Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Toy Story Mattel Buddy Packs Collection PAGE UPDATE—Running Buzz Lightyear Added!

toy story buddy pack running buzz lightyear

Well this was a surprise! Most of you won't find this as exciting as me, but I'm still thrilled to share this. After all these years, I stumbled upon a Buzz Lightyear variation that I had no idea about—Running Buzz Lightyear! I don't know how I managed to miss him, but I'm so glad I stumbled upon his image while doing some research recently as I try to complete my collection here. Luckily there was one on eBay for $20 that I snatched right up!

Sure, his pose isn't too different when compared to all the other Buddy Pack versions of Buzz out there, but it's certainly it's own unique sculpt and not a repack. This Buzz is inspired by Toy Story 2 when Buzz is running through the airport baggage system to rescue Woody. Given that the back of the package mentions the "Butte" sticker that Buzz has stuck on his rear during that moment, I fully expected this figure to have that. Sadly, I was disappointed (that would have been brilliant)! No Butte sticker here, but I'm happy to have him regardless since I've been determined to find every last Toy Story Buddy Pack figure out there.

To make sure my original "Toy Story Buddy Packs Complete Guide" post is as comprehensive as possible, I've added this info there as well with more photos. Check it out HERE and be sure to share your thoughts down below!

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