Thursday, October 29, 2020

Cars: Fillmore (w/Organic Fuel & Bumper Sticker)—"Welcome to Radiator Springs"

A couple months ago, I posted about some new Target exclusive Mattel Disney·Pixar Cars diecasts that were released as part of an unexpected (at least to me since they weren't on the official 2020 poster) "Welcome to Radiator Springs" series. At the time, there were six single cars in this little side-series (each of which comes with a brand new/unique bumper sticker and a neat little character specific accessory): Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (with video phone), Blowing Bubbles Mater (with hay bail), Sally with Tattoo (with dinner table), Ramone (with oil can), Doc Hudson (with Piston Cup trophy) and Sheriff (the one one with no accessory). You can see them all HERE. A "Welcome to Radiator Springs 4-Pack" (with Sarge w/traffic cone) was released at that time as well.

Anyway, a week or two ago, I found one more unexpected "Welcome to Radiator Springs" diecast that was not part of the initial assortment—Fillmore with bumper sticker and organic fuel gas can accessory! This was such a surprise since I hadn't heard anything about it. Though I have plenty of Fillmore diecasts in my collection, I don't have any with an organic fuel gas can. So yah, I totally had to get this. There was a "chase" lenticular eyes version of "Fillmore with organic gas cans" released many years ago (seen HERE), but I was never lucky enough to find that one. This gas can accessory is not the same as that old release, but hey, it's something and I love it! This will go great with the Fillmore's Taste-In Precision Series playset

Note: A Luigi and Guido (with tires) 2-Pack has also been released in this second "Welcome to Radiator Springs" wave, alongside this Fillmore and Lizzie (with radio). 

Not sure if the Fillmore is any different than previous releases, but he sure looks fresh, bright and extra vibrant. Any thoughts on that? I'm sure one of my readers has compared this Fillmore to the other previous versions. I'd love to hear any insights you have down in the comment section. 

You can still find this Fillmore and essentially all the "Welcome to Radiator Springs" diecasts at your nearest Target, so be sure to get them while you can! If you'd rather snag this one online, I've included an Amazon affiliate link below. You can also check out current eBay listings HERE.

Good luck on the hunt! Let me know if you have any questions.

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