Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cars 3: Hydraulic Florida Ramone

Time for another quick Disney·Pixar Cars review! Here we have Hydraulic Florida Ramone, one of the latest 1:55 scale diecast releases from Mattel. This one was released just a month or two ago as part of the 2020 "Florida 500" sub-series and I was thrilled to have found it at Walmart a couple weeks back. 

If this diecast looks familiar, it's probably because the regular version of Florida Ramone was released back in 2018. This new 2020 version has raised hydraulics and an added paint gun on his side—right out of the moment from Cars 3 when Ramone gives Cruz her "95" racer paint job (screen shot above).

If you're looking to add this new Hydraulic Florida Ramone to your collection, you should still be able to track one down at either Walmart or Target. If you'd rather just purchase the diecast online, be sure to check out current listings on eBay or Amazon using the direct affiliate link below. 

Happy hunting! 


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