Monday, July 12, 2021

Toy Story "THE CLAW" Inflatable Pizza Planet Space Crane Ball Pit (Disney Store/ShopDisney)

The claw is his master, the claw decides who will go and who will stay. Check out this crazy cool inflatable Toy Story inspired Pizza Planet "The Claw" Space Crane Ball Pit from the Disney Store (! This was given to us as a gift earlier this year from one of my old Disney Store cast member friends/coworkers and we finally took the time to inflate it recently for my son Aidan to enjoy in his new playroom. He loves the Toy Story aliens and "the claw" scene in the original film, so he was incredibly excited to see this all blown up. 

This thing is pretty huge, measuring at 60" tall x 36" deep x 42" wide. It comes with 100 bright green balls (very lightweight), which may sound like a lot, but really isn't once you put them in the ball pit area. The 100 balls don't even cover the bottom of the rocket, but I expected that. If you want to fill it up to be more of a true ball pit, I'd suggest picking a bunch more up on Amazon. We left it as is right now, since my 18 month old doesn't know any different. He thinks it's awesome! Maybe we'll add more when he's a little older, but for now the amount it comes with works just fine. The original retail price was $49.99, but it ended up getting some pretty deep markdowns in the end.

I used a basic electric pump to blow this up (any one you'd get to pump up a pool float) and it was quick and simple! In the end it look less than 15 minutes. Other than the main rocket (which has several inflation valves), there are five other pieces to inflate and assemble (so six pieces total in the box total): the four fins (that velcro on) and "the claw" hoop to toss the balls through (which also uses velcro to attach). 

Check it out in more detail below! The Toy Story Alien costume sleeper/hat set my son is wearing was also from ShopDisney thanks to another Disney coworker friend of mine, but has since sold out.

Aidan loves the wall of Aliens!

This really is a super neat item and it's been fun seeing Aidan enjoy it so much. I know it didn't originally get the best reviews, but really no complaints from me! It works just as intended, I just feel it could have included maybe 100 more balls just to at least cover the bottom of the bit area. I don't think I would have picked this up on my own (just cause it's so big and we don't have very much space), but it's so great to have as a gift! I'm sure it will be a hit for years to come. 

Unfortunately this isn't available at the Disney Store or ShopDisney anymore, but keep your eyes open online as it may pop on Amazon or eBay every now and then. Let me know your thoughts down below! Did you pick this up for your little one?

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