Saturday, July 3, 2021

Toy Story Evil Dr. Porkchop & Rocky Gibraltar—Mattel 7" Scale Pixar Action Figure Collection

Two exciting figures, one review—Today I'm finally taking a closer look at the new for 2021 Evil Dr. Porkchop and Rocky Gibraltar action figures that were released earlier this year as part of Mattel's ever-expanding Pixar 7" scale figure line! First things first, I have to give another huge thank you and shoutout to my friend hayleytoystory on Instagram for sending these over to me all the way from the UK. Since these two characters are STILL only available in the UK for whatever reason, I really appreciate the help. Hayley picked them up at Smyth’s Toys, but I'm sure they're sold elsewhere there in the UK as well (it doesn't say they're Smyth's exclusives; let me know if you've seen them anywhere else). I honestly thought for the longest time that these two would eventually come to the US and I held out hope all year, but ultimately I didn’t want to risk them selling out or getting even more rare then they already are at this point; so I decided to just pay the extra money and had them shipped to me from overseas. Let me tell you though, it was so worth it! Both of these are amazing figures and probably some of my favorites that Mattel has done so far.
Hamm as Evil Dr. Porkchop is such a fun and unique figure. I love how his sculpt is him sitting upright just as he is at the beginning of Toy Story 3 when he's piloting his spaceship—his pose and facial expression are right out of that moment! He's 6" tall, has a little articulation in his arms, his head can rotate all the way around and his cork can be removed (however, this figure doesn't come with any plastic coins like the 2019 7" scale Hamm did.
Alrighty, moving onto Rocky Gibraltar now! Oh Rocky, how fans have wanted a full scale replica of you for over 25 years and... this still isn't it, but it's the closest we’ve gotten. First things first, Rocky’s posability is awesome. He has all the points of articulation he has in the film—all the working joints are here. We’re talking the ball jointed shoulders, the elbows, the wrists, the waist (can't be spun all the way around), the legs, the knees and his head of course (which also doesn’t turn a full 360 degrees, just side to side). Now as far as his likeness, I’d say it’s SO close to being absolutely 100% perfect. He’s just missing a little red paint above his boots, but other than that his face and overall sculpt is insanely spot on. And again just to be clear, this Rocky is not intended to be a full-scale movie accurately sized replica, so don’t expect that or you might be disappointed. Mattel produced this Rocky to be in scale with their specific line of 7” action figures and he stands just under 7” tall. However, this is—I believe—the biggest Rocky toy out there (it’s certainly bigger than Mattel’s small Rocky figures from years ago), so if you do just want a really good Rocky to fill the hole in your full scale Toy Story collection, this is your best option right now even though it’s technically too small. 

Well I think that about covers it! These are two phenomenal figures and I can’t recommend them enough if you’re able to get your hands on them through help from a friend in the UK, eBay, Amazon, or however you might go about it. And who knows? Maybe these will finally get a stateside release as well. Time will tell. You can see them in even more detail in my video review below, so be sure to give that a watch (like and subscribe too if you enjoy my content ;). 

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you might have down in the comments! 


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