Wednesday, September 22, 2021

2021 Mattel Pixar Alien Remix Woody & Buzz In Claw Machine Playset REVIEW

Hey everyone! Sorry things have been so quiet here on the blog. I've been putting all my focus and time into my YouTube channel so that I might be able to grow my audience there a bit, so that has meant putting my blog post reviews on the back burner for a while. If only there were more hours in the day! You can still find all the latest and greatest Pixar merch reviews there on my channel in the meantime while I catch up on some of my written reviews here. One of the newer items I've wanted to document here to get my blog posts rolling again is this brand new (yet to be released) 2021 Woody & Buzz in Claw Machine playset from Mattel as part of their ever expanding Pixar Alien Remix collection! A huge thanks to Mattel for sending this my way to review ahead of it's release. I am eternally grateful!

This set (the second Alien Remix playset following the Up/Dug Days inspired Carl & Dug's new home) includes unique NEW variants of Buzz and Woody and, as such, they’re given new numbers (number 42 and 43). And though it’s not specified, and it technically doesn’t matter too much, I’m guessing Woody is number 42 and Buzz is 43. And then obviously the main attraction here is the playset/display piece which is inspired by the iconic crane game design from the original Toy Story as seen in Pizza Planet and even has a rotating claw feature! And shout-out to the packaging team there at Mattel once again since the box and whole presentation here is awesome and really eye catching. Mattel has really been knocking their packaging designs out of the park (see it in more detail in my You Tube review).

So yah, at first glance, these two figures look almost identical to the original Mattel Buzz and Woody REMIX figures from last year, however their facial expressions are slightly different. Other than that though, they do utilize the same basic sculpts as last year’s figures so there aren’t many other differences at all. I do show a comparison in my video review if you're interested in seeing the differences for yourself. 

And now to touch on the most exciting piece in this set, the Pizza Planet Claw Machine itself. Now again, I’ve been calling these "playsets", but really when it comes down to it it’s just a really cool display base/ backdrop. There is that one tiny little feature I mentioned with the claw where you can kind of move it all around and spin it manually (no button to make it spin on its own or anything), but yah I think something like this and the Up house set are geared more toward older kids and collectors who will be more into displaying their remix figures rather than playing with them. Since I am in the collector/displayer category, I just really dig the look of this overall. It’s nothing fancy or too detailed or anything like that, but the iconic design is nicely captured here and I love how it looks on display with all the other Remix figures. These sets do really add a fun new element to the line.
All in all, I'd say even if you’re a Toy Story fan who hasn’t necessarily gotten into collecting all of the Pixar Alien Remix figures, I think any Toy Story collector could just get this set here and appreciate it in their collection given that it captures the classic scene in a fun, fresh and unique way. I still haven’t spotted this at the stores yet, but I do know it will be arriving at Walmart very soon and will retail for the same price as the Up set (which would be around $19.99).

Like usual I’m really excited to hear your thoughts, so go ahead and sound them off in the chat below. You know I love when we can get a conversation going! Have you enjoyed collecting Mattel's Pixar Alien Remix line? What other Pixar inspired "playsets" like this one here would you like to see get made? Be sure to let me know and any other comments/questions you might have.

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