Saturday, October 2, 2021

Monsters, Inc. Bamboo Fibre Kids Halloween Themed Mealtime Set

Happy October everyone! Can you believe it's that time of year again? To celebrate, I just wanted to quickly share this festive Halloween themed Disney·Pixar Monsters, Inc. inspired Bamboo Fibre Kids Mealtime set I picked up at Marshall's like five or so years ago! I got it for my (then future) little one to enjoy one day and now that time has already come. My son Aidan is almost two years old now, so he's the perfect age for this as he now eats off plates/bowls and can use utensils! Plus he loves Monsters, Inc. AND Halloween, so this is a huge win. 

My wife Brita and I included this in Aidan's "October 1st package" yesterday (a tradition we started where he gets some Halloween presents on the first to enjoy throughout the month), as you can see in the photo down below. So yah, again, this was a long time coming and it's so fun for me that I finally got to share it! I originally purchased this set for $9.99 at Marshall's and I'm so glad I did since I've never seen it return.

Here it is out the packaging so you can see it in better detail! Really cute designs I'd say.

Just as a heads up, someone on Instagram did comment that they had a mealtime set like and the cup broke really easily after it was dropped. I personally haven't had that experience (*gulps*...yet), but I just wanted to let you all know that this could be considered kind of fragile since it's made from bamboo fibre. It IS dishwasher safe but NOT microwave safe.

As mentioned, here's Aidan coming into the room seeing all this Halloween magic for the first time! His reaction was everything we hoped and he was so excited about it all.

Well that's all I have for you today! I just wanted to make sure to document this one here as part of our collection and share it with anyone who might be interested in tracking it down these days. I'd check to see if any are being sold on Amazon and/or eBay.

Let me know your thoughts down below and any questions you might have. Enjoy your spooky season!

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