Tuesday, February 22, 2022

First Mattel Pixar 'Lightyear' 2022 Toy REVEALED!

Hey Pixar fans! If you missed it, I have some breaking toy news for you. Just yesterday, the very first Mattel Pixar Lightyear toy was finally revealed on Good Morning America (original video HERE) and I just had to share all the info with you here on the blog out of excitement even though I already did a video update on this as well (which you can also check out below if you haven't already).

So there’s only one reveal so far (more to come), but it’s still super exciting. Here we have the Lightyear inspired Jetpack Lift Off Buzz Lightyear figure which features retractable wings, sound effects and a "real life vaper trail" which sounds awesome (I can’t wait to see that feature in action). I’m not sure the exact height yet (looks like maybe it’s 10"- 12” tall...or maybe more like 12"-15"? It's hard to tell...) and unfortunately I don’t have pricing or availability details just yet, but stay tuned as I’m sure I’ll be reporting on more news throughout the week. 

What do you guys think?! I think it looks pretty awesome and true to the film, even though it is a little odd seeing a new version of Buzz as a toy that's different than actual toy Buzz from the Toy Story films. As always I’m looking forward to reading all your comments below! 


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