Sunday, February 20, 2022

Lightyear 2022 Band-Aids— FIRST MERCH!

What’s goin on space rangers?! I know this is a tad bit random, but given that it’s the first bit of actual official Lightyear merchandise available out there, I had to share it with you. So yah! Here we have the brand new Pixar Lightyear inspired Band-Aid bandages that just hit Amazon not too long ago. I’ve actually collected every Pixar Band-Aid release since Toy Story 3, so I have a bunch of them and this is a welcome addition. In fact, I had saved them for one day when I had kids of my own and now that I have a two year old son, he’s actually been enjoying using all the Pixar Band-Aids I have any time he gets a little scrape or scratch. So he was actually really excited for the Lightyear ones when they came in the mail since he’s been watching the trailer on repeat recently. 
I feel these are actually worth buying (even if you're an older fan) since there’s some really neat stylized art on the bandages (seen below) that shows off the main characters; including Buzz, Sox, Zurg, a Zurg bot, Buzz’s recruits and Buzz’s starfighter in more detail. Honestly, I’d actually buy some of this as art as prints if it were available. Surprisingly it’s some of the better looks we’ve gotten at some of these characters and they’re on Band-aids for crying out loud.  

Anyway the box is pretty cool as well. We have a couple super neat renderings of Buzz himself: one where he’s against an outer space backdrop and then the opposite side with kind of the Lightyear version of light speed in the background. And of course the Lightyear logo as well which I really dig.
Check out each of the 16 included designs, which includes the standard variety of larger and smaller sizes. 

Well that’s it everyone! I hope you enjoyed this quick peek at the very first Lightyear tie-in product out there. Hey, and like I said, even if you’re not like eight years old, you might wanna pick these up— not gonna lie, they’re pretty cool! No shame if you wanna grab a box and put one on next time you need a bandage. No judgements from me.

If you’re interested in snagging a box of these, I’ve put the Amazon link below. I picked them up for just $3.27 and free shipping, so not bad at all. What do you all think??

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