Monday, October 24, 2022

Brave: Merida Funko POP! (2017 Version)

Here's a Funko POP! I had been eyeing for a while and I finally grabbed it this past February—the 2017 version of Merida from Brave (Disney POP! #324)! I've had the original for years, but once I was reminded recently of this updated design I didn't have, I had to go for it. While Funko's first attempt at Merida back in 2013 was perfectly acceptable, I'd say this one is a huge improvement! Love the pose. The way the hair and dress are sculpted to look like they're blowing in the wind is pretty epic.

Additionally, yet ANOTHER version came out just this year as a convention exclusive (seen HERE). I'll have to snag that one as well. Which is YOUR favorite Funko POP! Merida?

Honestly one of the main reasons I actually wanted to get this POP was because I had a photo idea from years ago that I really wanted to finally bring to life using this figure based on some unused Brave concept art (from back during the film's development when the story included a snowy forest setting).

 And below is the final result! Very happy with it.

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