Friday, October 14, 2022

Mattel Toy Story Buddy Packs— Canyon Adventure AND Barbie & Ken Vacation Gift Packs

I'm so happy to have finally added the Two-Eyed Alien [with eye patch] Toy Story Buddy Pack figure (as part of the "Canyon Adventure Gift Pack") AND the "Barbie & Ken Vacation Gift Pack" which features several exclusive Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation inspired Buddy Pack figures (Hawaii Barbie, Tropical Ken, Waikiki Woody and Beachy Buzz Lightyear) to my collection! I've been trying to track these few figures down for a long, long time for a decent price and was finally able to score them on eBay recently. Super exciting! I'm that much closer to completing my Mattel Toy Story Buddy Packs collection.
How fantastic right? As a long time, avid collector of Mattel Toy Story Buddy Packs, it's super satisfying to have a few of last figures I needed to complete my collection. There are only a handful of ones I need to track down now!

To see the rest of my Toy Story Buddy Pack collection, be sure to visit my comprehensive "Complete Guide" post HERE and be sure to check out my video review of these two gift packs below.

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