Sunday, February 26, 2023

Disney Parks Exclusive Toy Story Socks (Andy's Clouds & Pixar Ball)

Welcome back, everyone! Going along with the sock theme of my last post, here's another cool pair of Pixar socks I received a while back as a gift. Unlike the last pairs I showed off here, which were by STANCE, this pair is a Disney Parks product which sold exclusively at Disneyland and Disney World a year or so back (maybe they're even still available). 

The design here—featuring not one, but two Toy Story icons (the Toy Story/Pixar/Luxo ball and Andy's cloud wallpaper)–is just too cool. As you may know, I love ANYTHING with Andy's cloud design and ANYTHING with the Pixar when the two get combined like this? Well, needless to say these were a must have for me and I highly recommend snagging them if you're any kind of Pixar/Toy Story fan. You really can't go wrong here. 

If you're interested in these fun and cozy socks for your collection, there are a couple of eBay listings up currently (you can check them out HERE). Let me know what you think down below! 

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