Thursday, February 9, 2023

Mattel Toy Story Buddy Packs Pull & Go RC

This Mattel Toy Story Buddy Pack Pull & Go RC vehicle was one of the last items I needed to wrap up my collection of Toy Story Buddy Pack toys, which I've been collecting since 2010! I picked up the other three Pull & Go vehicles back in day (check out my original blog post HERE), but for some reason I skipped this RC (with exclusive sitting Woody holding RC's remote). Over the years, this one (out of all the Pull & Go vehicles) has gotten the most rare/expensive, so I've had difficulty finding one for any reasonable price. All in all, I ended up paying $50 for it on eBay recently—still expensive I know— but a better price than I had seen previously. Ultimately, I just had to finally go for it after all these years and I have no regrets. I'm so happy to have it at long last! 

As some of you might know, since I have talked about it briefly on my channel, I do plan on creating a full YouTube video soon featuring my entire Buddy Pack collection. In my mind, I couldn't not have this one showcased (especially when I have all the other Buddy Pack vehicles), so that was admittedly motivation to purchase this as well. Look for that in the near future! 

Let me know your thoughts on Mattel's Toy Story Buddy Pack collection down below. Are you a fan?

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