Sunday, June 30, 2013

Luxo Jr. : Up Blu Ray Plus Luxo Jr. Working Lamp and Blu Ray Display Stand!

 This is a great item I got as a surprise for my birthday this year! I consider it one of my most prized pieces in my collection. It's a working lamp direct from the classic Pixar short film "Luxo Jr." On the base, it has an area to display your Pixar Blu Ray collection which is a great touch! This is a must have for any Pixar fan for sure. It's from 2009 and now has become very hard to find, but keep checking eBay and Amazon to see if you can nail it for a decent price. Also included is a copy of Up on Blu Ray certificate of authenticity.

Also, check out my Vine account to see me turn on the lamp if you're curious to see it in action. 


  1. I've been looking at this for years wanting it, but this just made me want it even more!

    Checking Amazon, there's a couple for $200, which isn't terrible, considering that it's about $160 with the movie... (that's a better way to look at it, in my opinion.

  2. Once I saw this I was sold. I really wanted it but never thought I'd get it cause of the price. My mom surprised me with it for my bday this year and I was so pumped! She got it on Ebay and yah they're on Amazon for OK prices. Sometimes they'll show up on EBay for like 100 bucks so keep checking!