Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monsters University: Scare Students

These are the four-six inch figures from Spin Master called "Scare Students!" Terry and Terri, Don Carlton, Art, Oozma hat Mike, OK shirt Sulley and Squishy all came in a Target exclusive Oozma Kappa 6-pack ($59.99). The Don Carlton and Oozma hat Mike Scare Student figures are only available as exclusives in this Target gift pack, but all of the other "students" in the gift set were released in single packs as well.

Interesting though is that the OK shirt Sulley in this Target 6-pack is much larger than the single pack "Scare Student" OK shirt Sulley.

And then of course Johnny Wothington, MU hat Mike and Randy Boggs were all only available as single releases.

UPDATE 11/17/13-Scare Students Randy:
 Man, I've been waiting to get Randy since these Scare Students came out and I have to say this figure did not disappoint! I don't know if it's because I've been so excited to find him for over six months or what, but this may be my favorite of the Scare Students.
Randy completes my Scare Student collection and I'm hoping for more next year! What other students would you like to see in this collection? 

 Randy has such a great design and stands up perfectly too! I was afraid he would be a bit top heavy (Like Johnny) and fall over often.

I love the detail of his half invisible tail. Nice touch! 

And of course we have the long talked about glasses that lift up to reveal his squinty, more sinister eyes. That was a fantastic idea! Whoever thought of that over at Spinmaster gets props.  

And here they are...finally all nine together! Looks so awesome.

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