Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monsters University: Walmart Exclusive "Monster Minis"

These three sets each include four mini Monsters University characters and are sold exclusively at WalMart...They are just a little bigger then "Squinkies"and made of hard plastic. Unlike the similar "Scare Pairs" / "Fearsome Friends" figures, these do not have any movable features or articulation. These sets sell for $4.99 each.

These sets include four monsters each for a total of 12 figures: Don, Mrs. Squibbles, Mike, George Sanderson, Art, Terry and Terri, Squishy, Sulley, Rosie, Randy, Carla and Johnny.

UPDATE: 11/23/13
Today I got the brand new "Monster Minis" 20 pack with 10 new mini characters never before released!

So what I did was, since I already had most of the minis that came with this pack, I sold the ones seen in the original post above to pay for this. The only characters from the original sets of four that don't come with this new 20 piece set are regular Randy and Rosie-so I didn't sell those.

  Below is each new character:
Chet and Archie

Big Red and Dean Hardscrabble

Brock and Clair

Brynn and Carrie

Invisible Randy and Omar

For some reason, despite having 10 exclusive figures to this set, they only advertise "Invisible Randy" as being "exclusive" on the package. Here he is in detail:

Such a fun group of figures! I definitely recommend this set. It's a little hard to find (it's only at one of my three Walmarts near me) so I would snag it when you see it. This 20 figure set sells for $19.99.

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