Saturday, October 18, 2014

Toy Story of Terror: PEZ Cat

Here we have a very exciting brand new 2014 PEZ release..."PEZ Cat" as seen in Pixar's landmark television holiday special, Toy Story of Terror! In the film, she is one of the toys held captive by the Motel's greedy manager, Ron.

This PEZ is a limited edition and a Toy R Us exclusive, which makes this a relatively hard to find character. She was released just a couple of weeks ago, on October 6th. As soon as I saw her, I was ecstatic, since I had no idea of her release (but had hoped for one since last year when I saw the film).

It's always a thrill when a "real life" version of a toy seen in any of the Toy Story films or shorts makes its way onto store shelves. I'm really hoping to see some more of the gang made from Toy Story of Terror, such as a full size Combat Carl, the Lego Bunny, Old Timer, the Pocketeer and others.

Of course I had to fill it with the "film accurate" pink PEZ!

And yes, I couldn't resist reenacting this classic moment...

There we have it...another memorable Toy Story character immortalized in plastic! I couldn't be happier with this release. If you'd like to add PEZ Cat to your collection, be sure to check your local Toy R Us. Here is the UPC number, if you'd like to call ahead to make sure they have any in stock before you make the drive: 073621090309

If you're having trouble finding this is stores, you can always head to eBay using the link below:
Toy Story of Terror: PEZ Cat

Toy Story of Terror was directed by the great Angus MacLane and can now be purchased on DVD and Blu-Ray. Find it in stores or on Amazon HERE! Additionally if you're a fan of PEZ, be sure to check out my other Pixar related PEZ dispensers HERE.

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