Friday, July 3, 2015

Cars 2: M. Fenderickson

Cars 2 M. Fenderickson screenshot

Brand new from Mattel, here we have M. Fenderickson as seen in Cars 2! As usual, this is a 1:55 scale diecast car and is part of the 2015 "Ye Left Turn Inn" sub-series (#3/7).

As shown in the screenshot above, M. Fenderickson can be seen in the British Pub when Grem and Acer come crashing into it. He's not too happy when his drink gets spilled all over him.

Cars 2 M. Fenderickson

If you're an avid Cars fan/collector, you might recognize the look of this guy. He looks almost identical to the 2013 release of Krate Rainson-Wash  (with just a few minor changes). This diecast uses the same mold as him.

Cars 2 M. Fenderickson

I just found this one at Walmart a few days ago, so look for him in stores now! If you'd rather just pick him up online, visit this direct link to eBay or Amazon using the link below. Good luck on the hunt!

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