Sunday, July 26, 2015

Events: Pixar Themed Pumpkin Carving (2013-2014)

This might be totally random (since it's not near Halloween time at all), but I've wanted to document our Pixar themed pumpkin carving nights for a while. Time for a throwback!

In 2013, I decided it would be fun to do some Pixar related designs when we carved our pumpkins for Halloween that year. I found some templates online and I ended choosing the Toy Story alien for my pumpkin and my wife Brita chose Mike Wazowski for hers. Note: I've always been pretty (really) bad at carving pumpkins (no shame), but I have to give Brita props for being really awesome at it. It's definitely a skill she has!

Check 'em out-
pixar pumpkins
pixar pumpkins
pixar pumpkins

In 2014, we decided to continue the Pixar themed pumpkin carving. It was so fun the year before, we figured we'd try our hands at some more characters. This time, I chose Nemo and Brita did an exquisite Dory. She did such a fantastic job!

pixar pumpkins
pixar pumpin carving
pixar pumpkin carving

For this year's pumpkin carving in just a few months, we're thinking about doing Pixar once again for the third year in a row. Our plan (so far) is to do some Inside Out characters, so we'll see if that happens! How cool would a flaming Anger pumpkin look, right? Time will tell...

Thanks for dropping by and be sure to come back daily for more from my personal collection of Pixar merch and memories!

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