Monday, August 31, 2015

Cars: Benny Brakedrum

benny brakedrum screenshot

From the original Cars, here we have Benny Brakedrum - a brand new, never before released 1:55 scale "Deluxe" diecast from Mattel! Benny is part of the 2015 "Race Fans" sub series (#9/9).

As shown in the screenshot above, this car is another one of those "blink and you miss it" background characters. He is seen near the end of the film at the Los Angeles Speedway (during the race track's establishing shot).

benny brakedrum
benny brakedrum

This is a great car since it's such a unique design that really hasn't been before! He will fit right in with my other "fan" cars and will come in handy to populate dioramas. Be sure to pick this one up if you see it! I found mine at Toy R Us just this past week, but you can also snag it online. Check out the direct link to Amazon below-

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